Three Days of Darkness


There are three days of darkness and then the resurrection of understanding comes! There are three days of trial or tribulation or pain or darkness, and on the fourth day the clouds part, and light breaks into the new dawn of insight, wisdom and understanding.

In the old covenant when Moses had to go up the mountain to find God and get tablets with laws written in stone, God led them with clouds by day. The clouds descending meant stay, the clouds lifting meant go to a new place. When the clouds descend, stay in that place until the presence of God removes the issue, brings Peace. When a symptom arises, stay with it until it resolves. When the cloud descends, don’t move on yet. When pain arises, feel the feelings until the peace descends. When we are unable to understand what is going on, stay in that place until the clouds lift and you can see clearly again.

God’s Presence comes in the clouds! God’s presence comes in the issues of life that obscure like clouds; and reveals the Truth with the Sun of understanding! Stay, when something comes in your life that clouds your vision, confuses, brings up darkness, or painful events of the past. Don’t go, don’t move on; stay there and call Holy Spirit to heal, restore, and make new. When the cloud lifts and understanding comes, then move on in the new day, in the new covenant of oneness!


When the pillar of fire falls in the night (in dark issues and events, sleeplessness), let it burn up what is false, burn up the illusions, burn up root causes of symptoms, burn up the fears, uncertainty, worry and doubts.

When the fire falls in three days of darkness do not fear; cry, release through tears, feel the feelings (don’t run from them or avoid) and continue to press in to God, move towards God, speak the Truth of God, speak the Word of God to yourself, get prayer from others, ask Holy Spirit for guidance, and stay open to resources opening up to you, and messages coming to you in all sorts of disguises and ways. God is already in the clouds and the fires; the solution is already in the problem! Go into it knowing you will break through the cloud to the clear, blue sky if you go in with the conscious awareness of Christ!

Thank God for the new covenant of oneness with him; thank God for the finished work of Christ; thank God for the NHOEN! We walk by faith, not sight, until the spiritual perfection manifests in the physical realm! Remember to give thanks knowing that the Good News has already come and when the day breaks and the cloud lifts, the fire will be gone, and the Clear Light of God will lead you into greater Good through the clouds! Thank God!

Sun above the clouds

In the new covenant, we don’t have to go up the mountain like Moses, because Jesus came down out of God and brought heaven to earth! It is already done! Access to the Tree of Life has already been given if you conquer! “We are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus” Romans 8:37. The wedding feast is already prepared and set on the tables; all we have to do is come to the table and eat!!!! The Spirit and Bride say, Come to the NHOEN! The cloud will guide you by day; the pillar of fire by night. The fire and wind are messenger angels. There is calm in the center eye of the storm. The rain brings the hidden rainbow! Christ comes again WITH the clouds and brings NHOEN and peace!

Moses was a servant of God and the law was written in stone for human beings who lived in duality, eating the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Jesus told us we are no longer servants, but friends! We have to ALLOW Jesus to wash our feet or we can have no part in him. We have to let Jesus serve us or we can have no part in Abba or have perfect oneness with Abba! Jesus is alive forever more to be our High Priest; intercede for us; advocate for us; pray for us; heal us; remind us; teach us; forgive us; restore us; and serve us so we can serve others in his Spirit! It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with right relationship! First we have to seek and wake up to the kingdom of God within and trade our mistakes for Jesus’ righteousness and then all things are given to us! “Seek first the kingdom of God and righteousness and all these things will be given to you” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

lite thru the clouds pic

When the three days of darkness come, on the fourth day you will see the resurrection and ascension of understanding, insight, wisdom, knowledge and awareness! The answer will be revealed! The understanding will be resurrected! The 20/20 vision will be ascended to see what God was doing in the three days of darkness and it was Good and Very Good! “All things work together for good for those who Love God.” The false burns away in the fire of darkness…

God, who is Light without any darkness at all, works in the darkness and we need only to Trust and Rest in the Good News; knowing it is already done! Jesus comes again and again in the clouds, in our personal three days of darkness again and again, in the fires and tribulations of life again and again, in the pain, sorrow and sadness again and again, to resurrect and ascend our understanding and insight to reveal the Good News over and over again, to bring us from the dominion of darkness to the NHOEN alive for ever and ever and ever!


The finished work of Christ is already done, finished, complete! Jesus is alive forever more with the keys of Life! The wedding feast is ready in the NHOEN forevermore: we can only spiritually marry if equally yoked with Jesus!!!! We need to trust the Good News, Rest in the 7th day sabbath of God that is EVERY DAY in Christ Jesus, and know that if you are in the midst of three days of darkness, the ascension of your understanding is coming! The ascension of your awareness is coming! It is already done in Jesus and you can LIVE in Christ Jesus and receive ALL the fullness of God in Christ in God now!!!!

I just went through another three days of darkness and the resurrection of understanding brought me to another ascension of awareness, knowing, and Great Joy!!!! The depths of darkness gives way to heights of relief and Joy and Understanding! Wonderstanding!!!! The Good News is, was and is to come! The darkness gives way to the new dawn!

God’s Presence comes in the clouds when your awareness and understanding is obscured; stay in the place, the feelings, the darkness, the pain, the issue, until the cloud lifts and you can see the Clear Sky again as the clouds part! Rest in the finished work of Christ! It is finished! Whew!


Count it ALL joy when trials, tribulation, or darkness come because God’s Presence comes in the clouds! Christ comes again with the clouds OVER and OVER again!!!! We can COUNT on it!!!! I don’t know when or how or if there is one final Coming? Only the Father knows everything; thank God! We couldn’t take it if we knew everything; we couldn’t bear the whole truth all at once! But what I do know from experience is that we can TRUST GOD! We can REST in CHRIST’s FINISHED WORK! The Sun will come through the clouds!

We can rejoice in trials and tribulations and darkness because we know that after the three days of darkness, understanding will resurrect and our awareness will be ascended with Christ!


It is always darkest right before the dawn! Jesus sends the angel of his Presence in clouds. The Spirit of Christ has already filled heaven, earth and below the earth! God sends his Fire in the night of darkness, in the clouds of day, and burns away the false illusions and leaves the gold shining in us! Jesus comes again and again to us in the clouds of life and soon the Light of Awareness shines again in us! We are ascended with him in the clouds, include and transcend with him, with Christ in all things and areas of life! “Christ is all and in all”

When you think you are dying, what you don’t know is false, is actually dying, so you can be resurrected and ascended into a new level of Awareness and Truth and Life! Don’t shoot the messenger; don’t suppress, numb, drug, avoid, deny, or repress symptoms!

Jesus comes again in the clouds of symptoms and pain and darkness and tribulations to burn the false illusions away with fire, leaving the gold shining in the Sun of righteousness with healing in its wings! Thank you God! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! After three days of darkness I am resurrected and ascended with Christ Jesus once again!!!!!!!

Rest in Christ! Rest in Peace, dying to all that is false or illusion! Trust! Hope dawns in the darkness! Truth reigns in the midst of clouds! Resurrect and ascend with Christ Jesus now and eternally now, over and over and over again! Christ IS, was and is to come! Christ IS NOW here! Christ is in the clouds, in the darkness, in all tribulations, in ALL things! Behold, he comes in the clouds and lifts us to sit in the heavenly places over and over! Thank God!!!!!!!



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Symptoms are messengers with messages to reveal a mess that was swept under the rug. Just because the mess is under a rug, doesn’t mean it is gone; it is only gone from your conscious mind that filters out what you don’t believe or are unable or unwilling to process.

Symptoms can reappear when there are more aspects to a traumatic event or the root cause has not been revealed or addressed. Until you get to the root cause, more symptoms will sprout. If you don’t remove the root, the bitter sprouts will continue to grow and you will eventually get a disease or a chronic condition.

“See to it that no one fail to obtain the grace of God that no ‘root of bitterness’ springs up and cause trouble” Hebrews 12:15


Although they are painful, symptoms are your friend. They tell you that there is something that you are not seeing that is out of order. They cause you distress to bring you back to ease instead of dis-ease. Don’t shoot the messenger; don’t suppress symptoms. Find the root cause!

“Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden and difficult things which you have not known” Jeremiah 33:3

Ice cream is the number one comfort food used in times of distress; but ice cream can never reveal the root cause. The top-selling drug is Abilify which has made $6,885,243,368 up to now. It is used for resistant depression, bipolar depression and psychotic issues. Abilify will never remove the root cause. Drugging symptoms and giving labels will never find the root cause; it just concretizes the emotional, psychological or spiritual disorder into a physical disorder and chronic condition.

“Behold, I will bring to it health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them…restore…rebuild them as they were at first. I will cleanse them” Jer 33:6-11

The root cause of all symptoms is separation from God and usually has traumatic childhood roots or generational inheritance of emotional, psychological or spiritual issues. Separation from God means you do not carry ALL the fullness of God in your body. “Know the Love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with ALL the fullness of God” Ephesians 3:19.

Tyrese Gibson's photo

Tyrese Gibson’s photo


If you have not yet received both the Fire of God and the Holy Spirit of God, which give the literal, felt-experience (not the intellectual knowing) in your body of the new birth as a new creation; ask, knock, seek, until you receive. This is not a once and done thing; you must repeat until all is renewed and Christ is fully formed in your body. What Christ did is once and for all! We go through a process to fully receive the fullness. There is always more…

Knowing God is different from knowing about God. Receiving all the fullness of God in your body is different from knowing of God or saying you are a Christian or spiritual. The new birth is different from the process of sanctification and glorification. Without the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire there is no new birth in which to grow into sanctification and mature into glorification; filling with all the fullness of God and Christ being formed in your body.

“Paul found some disciples. And he said to them, ‘Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?’ And they said, ‘no, we have never even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.’ ” Acts 19:1-7.



“Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” Romans 12:2.

A renewed mind is not a once and done situation, although it is in the realm of possibility with God. For most, it is a continuing process as you take EVERY thought captive to Christ. In 70,000 thoughts per day, how many of these thoughts are from the enemy/accuser/destroyer, how many of your thoughts are from the consensus trance or “hive” mind; how many thoughts are renewed thoughts, and how many of our thoughts are God’s Higher Thoughts? Your beliefs and level of consciousness create your thoughts; your thoughts create your feelings; your feelings are the fuel for your words and actions and state of being. Your spirit, your thoughts, your feelings, your words and your actions all work together to create the atmosphere for satan to create disorder and destruction in your life or God to create order, Life and wholeness!

“When anything is exposed by the Light it becomes visible…awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you Light” Ephesians 5:13

Jacob Baker photo

Jacob Baker photo

Symptoms reveal hidden disorder or dis-ease in the body, mind, heart, soul or spirit. They come to help you turn back to God. The messenger comes to allow you to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the message and guide you so you can return to shalom.

Symptoms reveal another layer is ready to be revealed, or you are ready to let something else go from your past or it is time to make a change or a message you are moving away from God, Truth or Resting in Christ. Symptoms reveal something you didn’t know was in your psyche; something that is ready to be released or healed. Symptoms are your friend! Wholeness/holiness is your birthright when you have received the new birth.

“Behold, I am doing a new thing, can you not perceive it?”


Holy Spirit, reveal the message. Holy Spirit, guide us to the answer. Holy Spirit, help us to move toward God. Holy Spirit, make us one with God again.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock; it any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to her and eat with her, and she with me. She who conquers, I will grant her to sit with me on my throne, as I myself conquered and sat down with my Father on his throne” Revelation 3:20-21

Symptoms come knocking; what will you do?


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Just Love


Make it simple. Just Love. Don’t put it in a religious box; don’t force taking sides. From space there are no lines or borders; from God’s Higher View there is no partiality at all. The egoic mind makes distinctions, judgements, chooses sides, is partial, eats from the tree of good and evil that keeps it from the tree of life. When we choose to put on the Mind of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, we rise above the human-view and the space-view to the spaceless Heavenly View. The Infinite Mind of God is impartial, unconditionally Loving, beyond agape Love, beyond words or thoughts or labels; only Good, Very Good and Excellent to an infinite degree!


Choose to put on Christ Jesus and the armor of Light; stay in intimate relationship with Abba! Father! as a son and bride; and let the Holy Spirit guide us in every situation from the smallest to the largest decision.

Testing, proving and trial will come from the enemy to see if we mean what we say and say what we mean. Our words flow from our heart and prove what our state of being is: is our heart with Christ or is our heart with satan. Temptations from the enemy come to see if we will go back into fear or stay in faith in God; to see if we will look to Holy Spirit to guide or look to the human self for solutions, ways, works, manipulation, control, or earthly wisdom.

Simple, naturally superNatural: Love God and Love one another fulfills the ENTIRE law of God! Just Love!

Sun setting on Isle of Sky, Scotland

“The day shall dawn upon us from on high to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace” Luke 1:78-79

The day has already dawned: Christ came to earth! The day of Christ: the Light dawns in our heart!


“Be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great joy which will come to all the people” Luke 2:10

Go from fear to Love! Receive the Good News. Receive the fullness of Jesus’ Joy! “It will come to ALL people”

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among humans with whom he is pleased!” Luke 2:14

God is pleased with all who turn and return and are willing to receive Christ’s peace that passes all understanding that can keep our hearts and minds supernaturally in Christ, in Love without an opposite, in fullness of Joy, and connected in perfect oneness with God!

Simple! It is already all done for all. Just receive and Love.  Just Love!


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There is no Peace…


There is no Peace apart from Christ Jesus! Those without Christ say, “peace, peace when there is no peace” and “all is well when it is not”. There is no Peace apart from Christ. Christ is not a religion; it is a relationship with the visible, manifest Presence of the Invisible, Unmanifest Source of all Life and being.

Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

  1. Turn, Return, Repent (metanoia meaning change your mind)
  2. Bring the kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven on earth, from your hand to your heart (peace, love and happiness are an inside job that manifest in your life). Christ Jesus places it in your hand and you have to choose or decide to let it in your heart!
  3. Do not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, your body will follow!
  4. Open and receive the Holy Spirit and Fire
  5. Be purified, refined and made white
  6. Be teachable (empty, humble, open to receive)
  7. Listen, be still, hear the still small voice; the Voice of Truth is not in the whirlwind, earthquake or chaos; it is the still, small, gentle Voice of the Spirit
  8. Follow the Voice of Truth, guided by the Spirit of Truth, into all Truth
  9. The Word is the Sword of the Spirit; use it!
  10. Speak aloud the Word of Truth
  11. Become the Word of Truth
  12. Be the Word of Truth, filled with the Holy Spirit, now, here, eternally new, fresh, washed and renewed every morning; receive and bring the Light out to the world; the Light attracts and dissolves darkness!


There is no peace in the world apart from Christ. Lamentations describes human beings and the world without Christ, or before Christ becomes manifest or real in us:

“She weeps bitterly in the night, tears on her cheeks…none to comfort her…finds no resting place; her pursuers have overtaken her in the midst of her distress…all her gates are desolate, her priests groan, her maidens have all been dragged away, and she herself suffers bitterly…none to help her…mocking her downfall…the enemy has stretched his hand over all her precious things…they invade her sanctuary…all her people groan…for these things I weep; my eyes flow with tears…my children are desolate for the enemy has prevailed (without Christ)…they rebelled against his word…I am in distress, my soul is in tumult, my heart is wrung within me, because I have been very rebellious (turned away from God)…I groan…Bring the day thou hast announced…the daughter of Zion is under a cloud!…He has burned like a flaming fire in Jacob, consuming all around…slain the pride…poured out his fury like fire…My eyes are spent with weeping; my soul is in tumult; my heart is poured out like grief because of the destruction of the daughters of my people, because infants and babes faint in the streets of the city…who can restore you?…I have seen affliction…brought into darkness without any light…besieged and enveloped with bitterness and tribulation…walled so I cannot escape; heavy chains are on me…drove arrows of his quiver into my heart…made me desolate…burdened…bitter…my soul is bereft of Peace, I have forgotten what happiness is; so I say, ‘Gone is my glory, and my expectation from the Lord…I call this to mind, and therefore I have no hope” Lamentations 1:1 to 3:21

A soul bereft of peace, forgotten what happiness is and without hope is the voice of the enemy in human beings; the destructive voice of the spirit of error, satan, the devil, the destroyer, the accuser, the liar, the deceiver, the prowling lion that roars and devours and makes human being his prey. This is the spirit of depression, anxiety and suicide.  This is what took Robin William out. This is the spirit that is active in beheading children, raping women, turning men into animals, terrorizing and doing evil. It is not God; it is the antichrist spirit. It hates God and hates human beings, who are made in the image and likeness of God, since Jesus defeated the devil, death and evil and restored us to the Father. There is no Peace apart from Christ Jesus!!!!


William Shakespeare said, “Expectation is the root of all heartache” This is true in the world, without Christ in us; but this is not true with God in the kingdom of God. Expectation apart from God is the root of all heartache. If we rely on human beings or our own self or the world, we will be disappointed, disillusioned, discouraged, depressed, and believe there is no hope. With God, all things are possible. With the Holy Spirit in us, we have the power and authority to transform our life. We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. We work out what God works in! We work out our own salvation with awe and trembling as we fear only God. We fear nothing of the world for Christ in us is greater than anything in the world, including evil. No weapon formed against us can prosper. God’s Love is greater protection and provision than anything of this world! Simple: turn back to God!

“Return to me and I will return to you” “Abide in me and I will abide in you” “Come to me and I will give you rest for your souls” The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” “It is already done!” “Behold, I make all things new!” Say yes!


There is no Peace apart from God. But with Christ, Peace is assured!

“Rejoice, again I say Rejoice. The Lord is at hand. Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving make your request known to God. And the Peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:4-7


“The steadfast Love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies [loving-kindness] never come to an end; they are new every morning…wait quietly for the salvation [shalom, wholeness, healing, completeness] of the Lord…sit alone in silence…return to the Lord…lift your hands and heart to God in heaven…Do not fear!…thou have taken up my cause, O Lord, thou have redeemed my life…thou requite the enemy…he will keep you in exile no longer daughter of Zion…restore us to thyself, O Lord, that we may be restored! Renew our days as of old!” Lamentations 3:22 – 5:22

rainbow with person Alaska

The gate is narrow and few find it, but when you enter the gate you find the wide open Door of Christ that opens to the even wider mountain top: the most high, expansive, infinite plateau of Abba Father. If Christ opens this door in you, it cannot be shut! Only you can open the door to the enemy. Christ shut the door to satan and no one can open it! This Truth allows us to Rest in Christ in God! This is being hidden in Christ with God! This is the two shall become one! This is the Peace that passes all understanding! There is no Peace apart from the ascended Christ in us.

Rainbow purple water:sky

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The Only Answer


It is highly dangerous to watch the negative news, read the paper or allow the real, manipulated images, sound bites and beliefs of the world into your senses WITHOUT the Good News firmly established in your being. It is fearful, mind-numbing, heart-wrenching, soul-polluting to be exposed to harmful, hurtful,  violent, shocking images and words WITHOUT the Spirit and healing balm of the ascended Christ lifting you up and allowing you to speak Life into death and Light into darkness. It is important to speak Hope into despair, speak Love into hate; speak Healing into harm; speak Wisdom into ignorance; speak Peace into conflict; speak Power into powerlessness; speak God into godlessness; speak Holy Spirit to evil spirits; speak Understanding into misunderstanding; speak Knowledge into misrepresentation; speak Wholeness into separation; and speak Connection into division! Word!

It is highly dangerous to listen to the news of the day WITHOUT the dunamis Power and authority of Christ (exousia) in your heart and mind so you don’t take on the fear, angst and helplessness; but lift the world up to the NHOEN by speaking the Truth, standing firm on the Truth and being one with the Spirit of Truth! The spirit of error will dissolve like mist in full Sun! Speak Life and Blessings to all! Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute or try to harm! Bless those who harm you! Hate does not heal hatred; Only Love heals and uplifts! Trust God! Fear ONLY God with awe, wonder, trembling and amazement! Prove it! Do it! “Do you not know that Christ Jesus in within you?”

Those who profit from darkness and war are actively manipulating and deceiving the world by nudging and goading human beings into hating each other, dividing us, trying to start race wars, religious wars, gender wars, sexual wars, political wars, “humanitarian” wars, wars between tribes, wars between nations, wars between cultures, wars between life-styles, and wars/conflict between you and me!

“It is these who set up divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit” Jude 1:19

Devoid of the Spirit of God = division, separation, conflict, fighting, war, scoffers, ungodly

The only answer for the mess is the Message of Jesus, the Good News! He will transform, transfigure, transmute and translate all human beings by sending his Spirit and fire! The Fire removes the division; the Spirit forms Christ in our flesh! The Fire of God removes all that is not God; the Spirit of God puts in all the fullness of God in our body! Only Christ can translate you from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of heaven on earth! Come Holy Spirit; fall upon all flesh now!

Come Fire of God and Spirit of God; fall upon all terrorists, scoffers, doubters, mockers, deniers, war-mongers, and those devoid of the Spirit of God who are causing the conflicts, wars and divisions! Come Holy Spirit!!!! Come Living Water of Life!!!! Come Fire of God!!!! Come Spirit of Truth, fall upon all flesh!!!! Come God of Peace!!!!


“The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one” John 17:22

The Glory that God gave Jesus: to heal, deliver, set free, and make one with God, the ascended Jesus has given US! On the day of your visitation of Christ, the Spirit of God and Fire of God will come to you! Glorify God by receiving the glory of God in your body!!!!!!! The Glory is Light and Power and Joy unspeakable!!!!!!!!!!!! Glorify God in your body; receive the glory of God in your being!!!! Express the glory of God through you to everyone you meet; spread the glory of God everywhere you go! This is the Glory on earth as it is in heaven (NHOEN)! Christ in you, expressed through you! It is Real; it is Powerful; it is Healing and Wholeness; it is oneness with our Father; it is GLORIOUS!!!!!!!

“As he is so are we in the world” 1 John 4:17 This is Love perfected!

Just Rest in the ascended Christ; God will battle; Spirit will transform through you! Trust God! Give everything to God! Rest! Abide! Stand Firm! Do not fear! Do not be afraid! Do not be overwhelmed! Do not believe what you hear, see, or fear! Believe the Message of Jesus! Call into being what does not yet exist yet in the physical realm; it ALREADY exists in the Spiritual Realm! It is done on earth AS IT IS in the heavenly Realm!

“Behold, I make ALL things new…It is done!” Revelation 21:5, 6

Jesus has risen, ascended, and will raise the world and human beings up to the highest vibration possible: the glory of God. The Light of God absorbs us into God and elevates our being to sit in the heavenly places while we live on the earth. Everything is possible WITH God; apart from God we can do nothing! You must be present to win! You must be present here and now to be one! One = Won!!!! Victory!!!!!!!

“Come and See!” “Do not be afraid” Be co-missioned (Matt 28:6-20)! Have the same mind, heart, body, spirit and mission as the ascended Christ: receive God’s glory and glorify God in all things! All power and authority was given Jesus over all heaven and earth and he gives it to you when he gives you his Spirit! All the fullness of the Godhead dwelt bodily in Jesus and we are to follow his example! Come Fire of God and Spirit of God into each human being’s body and life now, in Jesus’ powerful name and nature! God’s Fire burns away only what is not God in us!

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

“Know the Love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” Ephesians 3:19

The ascended Christ Jesus gives us his Glory so we can be one with God as he is! We conquer, ascend with Christ, heal, deliver, set free as he did when we are filled with the Spirit of God! We live at Christ’s highest Vibration! The highest Vibration is the Glory Realm: the NHOEN; the Realm of miracles, signs and wonders! True Love Gives! Glorious!

In the human realm we are separate but equal; in the Glory Realm we are one with God and not equal with God! In the NHOEN, filled with the glory of God that Jesus gives us, we are rightly related to God: one! The two become one! God is Invisible, the Source, the Uncreated Light, Unmanifested Perfection and we are the manifest image and likeness of God: filled with all the fullness of God by the Holy Spirit. Like Jesus, the Spirit of God resurrects our body, lifts our life up to our Father, and descends the Spirit of God into our mind, heart and body to empower, revitalize, energize, regenerate, renew, rebuild, restore and work through us for the glory of God, by the glory of God placed in us! The Creator is always greater than its creations; even Jesus said this! But Jesus also said we could do every thing he did and even greater things because he ascended back to our Father!

The only answer to every problem, issue or challenge is the Spirit of God in our being! Do not conform to the world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Present your body as a living sacrifice. You give your body to the ascended Christ and he fills it with his Life, Spirit, Power, Authority, Fire and agape Love! This is spiritual worship: give your body to be transformed in the Spirit and Fire! Prove in your body what is good, acceptable and perfect: the Will of God for each person on earth!!!!

“We though many, are one body in Christ” Romans 12:4

Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in your body? Do you not know that you are God’s temple and the God’s Spirit dwells in you…for God’s temple is holy and that temple you are. Let no one deceive themselves. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? So glorify God in your body!!!! “We are predestined to be conformed to the image of God’s Son who is the first-born of MANY” ( 1 Cor 3:16, 4:19; Romans 8:29)

“Turn for me to heal you” Acts 28:27 God wants to open your spiritual eyes, ears, heart and perception!!!!

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

Christ in us is the hope of glory. Christ expressed through us to the hurting world is the Glory! The Light of agape Love and Compassion! The Power of the Spirit to transform, not just inform! The Authority to cut through the bull and bring the NHOEN!

Don’t believe the lie! Do not fear! The Spirit and Bride say Come! It is already ready! Eat! Drink! Be satisfied! Be fulfilled! Be filled with the Holy Spirit and the Fire of God!!!! There is a spiritual answer to physical problems; it is the only answer…



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Peace Process

Sunset red:purple reflection

War is violence in the world. Divorce is violence in the home. Violence in the person is separation from God.

The peace process begins in the person with reconnection with the Source of our being, the Source of all life. Get back on the A team! When we acknowledge, accept, agree, align, attune, attend, and allow the Spirit to fill our hearts with agape Love, fill our minds and hearts with absolute Peace, and fill our lives with awesome Joy, we begin the peace process in our body which will ripple out to bring peace to our homes and families and peace to our world! The Peace Process begins within and ripples out to affect the world in bigger and bigger circles! The kingdom of God is at hand and it is up to each of us to bring it from our hand to our heart! Get in the center with the ascended Christ!

The Peace which passes all understanding keeps our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (my CJ!). When we are EQUALLY yoked with Jesus, we receive all that the ascended Christ is, we become ALL that he is: ALL the fullness of God dwelling in our human body. This is the peace process: becoming like Christ by giving our body as a living sacrifice for the Holy Spirit to transfigure and re-form into the image and likeness of God. Stop conforming to the world who deals with conflict and violence with war, hate and judgment. Allow the Spirit of God to transform you by renewing your mind, to PROVE the Will of God, what is GOOD and ACCEPTABLE and PERFECT (Romans 12:1-2)!

Get yoked with Jesus! “Come to Me all who are saddened by world events, horrified by the violence and wars, burdened by the pain and suffering, and heavy-ladened from the stress of life, AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST. Take my yoke upon you and learn from Me…you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke (union) is easy and my burden is LIGHT” Matthew 11:28.

Jesus’ Light is the True Light that enlightens all human beings; the Light that can enter all spots of darkness and the darkness dissolves. Become spot-less with Christ’s Light and you will no longer be contagious spreading spots of darkness; you will become contagious with the Spirit and spread Peace and Joy and Love: the kingdom of God!!!!

There is no REST or PEACE in the world. The kingdom of God is within! You find peace by bringing the Prince of Peace into your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit! This is the ONLY WAY to reconnect with the Source of Peace, the Source of being, the Source of NHOEN Life! Get vertically connected and spread it horizontally to the world: this is the Peace Process! Arise, go through the open door to the NHOEN! Get reconnected! Get restored! Get renewed! Get regenerated! Get yoked with Jesus: the two become one! Get Spirit! Get new Life! Get Peace and spread it all around!!!!

Sunset orange:magenta

Jesus said, “I am the door”

Jesus is the door to peace and you find Jesus within in the kingdom of God in your innermost heart. Arise, go! The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” The table for peace is set in the midst of our enemies. Come and eat with Jesus and you will be raised up to sit in heavenly places and you will find peace in your body then you can go share the Peace with all you encounter.

Jesus was born in the likeness of men so we could be reborn into the likeness of God! When Jesus ascended he said he would lift all humans up to be where he is. Do not be afraid! Do not fear! Do not be dismayed! The same Spirit that raised Jesus will raise you! Let the Holy Spirit raise your vibration into Peace, agape Love, Joy and all the fruits of the Spirit and fruits of righteousness and form Christ in you! This is the Peace Process!

“Therefore, my brethren, whom I love and long for, my joy and crown, STAND FIRM thus in the Lord, my beloved” Phil 4:1

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice… The Lord is at hand. Have NO ANXIETY about anything, but in everything by prayer (reconnection) and supplication (ask) with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:4

Don’t conform to the world! “Finally, brethren, whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, excellent, anything worthy of praise, THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS” Phil 4:8. Transform by the renewal of your mind! This is the peace process!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” “Hear” “Thirst” [for the NHOEN and Perfect Peace], “Desire” and “TAKE” without price (Rev 22:17)! The price has already been paid. The table is set! The wedding feast is ready! Eat! Fill with Peace! It is already done! Just Come!!!!

“Thou doest keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusts in thee…you make smooth the path of the righteous…O Lord, thou wilt ordain peace for us…other lords have ruled over us, but thy name alone we acknowledge…thou hast enlarged all the borders of the land [Israel is expanded to the whole world: heavens, earth and below the earth]…like a woman with child, who writhes and cries out in her pangs, when she is NEAR HER TIME, WE ARE WITH CHILD, we writhe…the dead shall LIVE, our BODIES SHALL RISE…AWAKE and SING for joy! For thy dew is a DEW OF LIGHT…let them lay hold of my protection, let them make peace with me, let them make peace with me…take root… blossom and put forth shoots, and fill the whole world with fruit” Isaiah 26: 2 to 27:6

The peace process begins when each person makes peace with God! Be born anew from above! Become a bride of Christ! Eat the wedding feast! Become pregnant with the divine child/Christ/PEACE; give birth to peace already! Reconnect now! Come for all is ready!



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Roots of the Tree of Life


The Roots of the Tree of Life are here on earth! Jesus is the root, Jesus is the Tree, and Jesus is the branches! Christ is all and in all! The roots are here on earth and if we root with Christ in Love, we have access to the tree and branches. We have access to the leaves for healing. We have access to be grafted on the tree and start multiplying the fruit that is always in season. We have access to the tree of life through washing our garment in the blood of Jesus. We become a tree of life through the Power and Fire of the Holy Spirit who forms Christ in us; forms the tree of life in our body!

“I Jesus send you my angel…I am the root” Rev 22:16

“If the root is holy, so are the branches” Romans 11:16

“As He is so are we in the world” 1 John 4:17

The root is below the earth. The tree is on the earth. The branches are in heaven. Christ is the vine, we are the branches, and God’s Spirit tends the tree; nourishes and protects and provides for the tree. We are pruned occasionally for more healthy growth! As people pick our fruit, more fruit grows! The more we offer our fruit, the more fruit grows!!!!

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil that gives humans curses, diseases, death and vulnerability to the influence of the devil, was itself cursed and died when Jesus died (the fig tree that bore no fruit was cursed and withered as foreshadowing). The Tree of Life resurrected with Jesus and the root stayed here as Christ Jesus ascended back above the highest heavens. When we root and ground in Christ, we grow into a tree of life, our roots under the earth, our trunk on earth and our branches with Christ in the heavenly places!

We are grafted on the Tree of Life that is flowing with the River of the Water of Life from the Throne. Desire it; take it! It is free! It has Christ in the center, cornerstone and capstone; it is a blazing, burning bush that consumes all that is false and leaves Truth unharmed! Only pure gold remains! Only righteousness may enter!  Only trees of life may live in the NHOEN! No dual good/evil or God/human; the two become one excellent tree of life! The I am that I am of the burning bush, grew and matured in stature into the I Am of Christ’s Tree of Life, and we are transformed into a tree of life by the Power of the Holy Spirit and fire!!!!


When we are grafted on the Tree, we become branches seated with Christ in the heavenly places! We are rooted in the Tree of Life below the earth. We are upbuilt in Love on the Tree of Life on earth. We are branches of Christ’s Vine seated in the heavenly places with God! We think, speak and act from heaven to earth! Our mind and heart are in heaven while our body is on earth!

Heaven came to earth in the body of Jesus! The new heavens came to earth with the Holy Spirit and Fire!  Our body becomes the new heavens on earth when we receive the baptism John the Baptist foretold, that only Jesus could provide: the baptism by Holy Spirit and fire! Receive your own personal pentecost! It is free! No cost! Jesus paid it all for all!

The Holy Spirit of God continually feeds and waters us; the Fire of God continually burns away the spirit of error and any impurities so we can live in the NHOEN! God is Love and God loves the world so much that he GIVES! We are responsible for choosing to receive!!!! In the Valley of Decision only we can turn ourself around! Only God’s Spirit can transform us! Love provides and protects every day, in a new, fresh Way! All we have to do is maintain the relationship to God to hold on to what we have attained through Christ: the Tree of Life!

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” Wash your robes, that you may have the right to the tree of life and enter the NHOEN by the gates! Revelation 22:14, 17



Come for all is now ready! Put on the white wedding garment and eat the wedding feast in the NHOEN! Our Beloved is waiting with open arms of Love!!!!

Greenness Waterfalls

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What day is the Day of the Lord? What day is the Day of Christ? That Day???

It is EVERY day! It is always darkest before the dawn. It almost always rains before a rainbow, although I saw a rainbow in the fountain at Bellagio in Las Vegas without the rain! A period of darkness almost always precedes an amazing insight from God!

The spiritual three days of darkness precede the second/third/fourth/fifth/infinity coming of Christ Jesus into our minds and hearts and body! That is how it happens with me! For three days Jesus was unseen, physically dead, but spiritually ALIVE and perfectly one with Abba Daddy! There was great darkness at noon when Jesus died and an earthquake. When darkness rises you can KNOW that the  blazing Light of the ascended Christ is about to burst forth in your awareness! The resurrected Jesus made the men’s hearts burn when they didn’t recognize him or his new form! When they finally ate with him their eyes were opened!

The external, physical temple was destroyed completely; Jesus’ old-Adam body was destroyed, then the ascended Jesus came again and destroyed the physical, external Jewish temple in 70AD. The ark of the covenant will NEVER again be made physically because the temple is human beings who are filled with the Holy Spirit; therefore one with God on earth as it is in heaven!!!!

The external temple was destroyed completely so Jesus could become the Real Temple so we could receive the Holy Spirit to form Christ Jesus in us and the Real Temple could be in our physical body. The two become one: a Jewish rabbi and me is one new creation! A Jewish rabbi and a Lutheran woman become one new man!!!! A Jewish rabbi and a muslim becomes one new creation! A Jew and a gentile become one new creation. A buddhist meditation plus a Jewish rabbi becomes one new creation (this happened to me!). The buddhist, muslim, christian, jewish, hindu man or woman when combined with the Jewish rabbi Jesus  become ONE new creation! Beyond religion! Beyond gender! Beyond nationality! Beyond words! Beyond beliefs! The two become ONE new creation in our ONE God, the Most High, Source of all Life!!!! Abba! Father! My Husband! It is beyond physical relationships to the mother of ALL Relationships!!!!!!! The physical and spiritual become one new creation on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the Day! In that day, today, EVERY day, you will KNOW that Jesus is in his Father and you are in Jesus and Christ is in you: the two become one new creation in the Day of Christ! The day and THE Day become one new Day, every day!!!!

“I Jesus send my angel to you…I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star” Revelation 22:16

EVERY Day is a new day!!!! Everything is NEW every morning! Jesus sends HIS angel to you; don’t worship the angel, worship God! Jesus sends His angel to you; don’t ignore the angel of the Presence of God! We are given the angel to carry out the Word/Will of our Father. When we speak words of Life, Blessing and Encouragement, the angel carries it out in the physical realm. When we carry the exousia and dunamis of the ascended Christ Jesus, we have the keys of the kingdom and we can bind and loose, command and declare! If we do not speak the Word of God: only Good and Very Good without an opposite, speak or think or act negatively, the angel sits on the couch twiddling its thumbs! The angel of God’s Presence can only act on the Word of Life! Don’t have a couch potato angel; give the angel something to do! See darkness; send light. See struggles; send blessings. See illness or death; send Life! Someone cuts you off; send blessings. See someone smoking; send angel to remove addiction and cravings. See conflict; send peace. See relationships floundering; send Love and the ministry of reconciliation. See spots of darkness in the human garment: send the Light of Christ! Have the same Mind as Christ! See darkness, send Light! Soon there would be no more darkness! See an enemy: send Love and Blessings! Soon there would be no more enemies!!!!!!!

Sunset Golden Path reeds

EVERY Day is a NEW ETERNAL NOW, a new day: new EVERY morning! Jesus is the bright morning star: the True Light that enlightens every human being. Jesus sends the bright morning star every morning; receive it! The blazing, fiery, white, hot Light of God absorbs and contains all other colors, dissolves darkness and blinds us to all but God and Goodness! This morning star Light makes everything a clean slate; every day, and new every morning! When this luminous, brilliant, radiant White Light shines on anything, you can’t see anything but God; you are blinded to everything else! You are absorbed into the Light and all becomes one! In this blazing Light of Love there is only one and it is God and it is Good!!!!! No opposites! God is Light without any darkness at all! All is absorbed into one big Light! The two become One!!!!!!!

EVERY day the Root is still here and God can grow a new plant up over you to shelter and protect you; nourish, cherish, provide and care for you and fruit you!!!! Like Jonah, if we have negative thoughts or words or resent or are bitter, the plant withers and dies (Jonah 4:6-11). Jonah’s anger, judgment, criticism, grumbling and complaining killed the new plant. Grumbling and complaining keeps us out of the promised land!

Every day, however, the same root is here on earth to grow a new plant to provide whatever you need for that day. The daily bread comes every day, new, fresh, and you can choose to eat and drink with Jesus or you can eat and drink of the old world and get sick to your stomach, get cravings, addictions, never get satisfied and stay thirsty and hungry. EVERY day the root is there for the tree of Life to grow up through you and branch out and fruit for you and all you encounter! Eat the leaves of the tree of life and be healed EVERY day! It is NEW every day! The ETERNAL tree of Life IS now in the NHOEN and it is renewed EVERY day from the root! All you have to do is eat! Taste and see! Drink the living water and never thirst, but be quenched, satisfied, fulfilled and content! Jesus sends us the angel, the morning star and the Root EVERY day! Always new! Always eternal! Always Now! Always the Day of the Lord!!!! You just have not recognized it; you just did not understand: it is in a form you did not know! Let the Holy Spirit open your eyes to See! Come and See!

Sunset golden island

Jesus is the  offspring of David: he became fully man with the old-Adam perverted, manipulated DNA so he could raise all humans back to the perfect, original DNA of our Source, God, the Most High, Source of all Life!!!!!!! Jesus sends us his angel, his Light, his root, and his perfect DNA to us EVERY DAY, fresh, new, eternal and NOW! Be transformed by the renewal of your mind! Be Re-formed! Be born anew from Above! Receive the Holy Spirit! Be transfigured! Unite with the ascended Christ and be one new creation!!!!

EVERY day, Jesus sends EVERYTHING we need to live in the NHOEN with him and his Father and God. We are the temple that can host the Presence! The external temple is destroyed so we can be the temple! There is a physical realm and a spiritual realm and the two become one Realm: the kingdom of heaven on earth: the NHOEN! There is a physical body and a spiritual body; and the two become one: Christ-like! the image of God! the likeness of God! the sons of God! the brides of the Lamb! Every day is a new day! Every morning all is made new! Every morning a clean slate! Every morning a new dawn, a new eternal Now! Every day is THE Day!

golden path of sunlight

Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let us make humans in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion…over all the earth…So God created humans in his own image, in the image of God he created them: male and female he created them. And God blessed them”

Then human DNA was perverted, subtle lies and deception manipulated, minds darkened, hearts walled and defended, spirits demonized, souls wounded, bodies sickened. The old human Adam body has seven demons.

Revelation 18:4 “Come out of her” Come out of the old world by welcoming the Christ Spirit into your body replacing the seven demons with the seven spirits from the Throne of God!

Revelation 22:16 Jesus sends us his angel, his root (the tree of Life), his DNA (perfect, original, God-Source), and his bright Light to blind us to the old world and absorb us into God, perfectly one!

Revelation 22:17 “The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come’ ” Come to the NHOEN! Today, as every Day, is your wedding day, your birthday, the Day of the Lord, the new dawn, the sun of righteousness rising with healing in its wings, the morning star, the root of the tree of Life, the perfect Christ DNA and his radiant Light; the Day the angel of Jesus’ Presence can begin to work through you to uplift the world!!!!

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

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No Way!


When someone says “no way,” wayne and garth say, “way!” and “excellent” in Wayne’s World

When we say, “there is no way,” God says, “Way!” When we say, “this is good enough,” God says, “I will give you Excellent!” in God’s World!

When there was no way; when the Israelites were between a rock and a hard place; God made a Way! If there is a sea, God will part it. If there is a flood, God will give you a boat. If you drown, God will make it so you can breathe under water! If there is rain, God will send the rainbow. If there is no way, God sends the Way!!!!

What you think is impossible, is Possible with God!!!! Way!!!!!!!


When it is becomes dark, God sends the True Light! When the world is deceived and believing the lies of the enemy, God sends the Truth! God sent Jesus who made a Way for all. Jesus sends us his angel, his spirit, his morning star, his very being to make a home in us and transfigure us into his perfect spirit, mind, heart and body! Way!!!!

What seems like a “dead-end” in your life? What is your challenge? What seems impossible? Where are you saying, “there is no way”?

Give the “no way” to God. It is not our job to ask why or how. Let God reveal the Way! Our job is to thank God for what we cannot yet see! Lift your eyes and give thanks and see it come from the Unmanifest to manifestation!

On my personal Day of Christ, in THAT day, the Holy Spirit came to me on my couch and transfigured me into oneness with our Heavenly Father. I did nothing but experience the darkness and hopelessness and despair, and in the midst of that disillusionment, discouragement and sense of impossibility, I turned to the bible as a last, desperate attempt to not drown in a sea of unhappiness and disappointment. Christ Jesus made a Way for the Holy Spirit to fall as fire in my body to burn the dross, chaff, impurities and lies/deception of the enemy away, get me in a tub of water, breathe me, and lift me up to the Throne of God to be made one with Him again.

holy spirit Angel of Presence

When I came to my normal senses again, my normal consciousness, I was transfigured. Later, Jesus manifested himself to me and said, “Come to Me and I will give you Rest.” He opened a way inside my body to connect earth (my root, sacral and solar plexus) with heaven (an open heart, freed of the chains of the world). The fire that started in my belly ignited and rose until it hit my heart and the explosion removed the chains of the past, opened my heart and placed God and his Lamb on the throne of my heart! NHOEN!

Of my own will, actions, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, I did nothing to deserve this Gift. Of my own authority, I could not make a way where there seemed to be no way out. Of my own doing, I could not attain lasting satisfaction, contentment or fulfillment…

But God made a Way in the wilderness  of humanity in me! But God made a River of Life in the desert of my being. But God made a Way, then sent the Way, to manifest the Way in me!!!! It is NEW every morning! Way!!!!!!!

“Love is perfected in us, so we can have confidence because as He is, so are we” (1 John 4:17). Christ is perfected in us, so we can have confidence that as Christ is, so are we in the world!!!! If we are all in Christ, Christ is all in us! If Christ is all in us, we are surrounded by impenetrable Light, Love and Powerful Protection! Nothing can hurt you if you KNOW the resurrecting/ascending Spirit that was in Jesus is in you! The Day of Christ is the day you wake up to the Truth and become consciously aware of the Truth in you! In THAT DAY, the Day of the Lord, you become consciously aware of the manifestation of the Living, Breathing, Powerful, Spirit of God in your body!

“In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20


The Spirit of God comes to us “in that Day” “the Day of Christ” and makes us perfectly one with Abba Father! In that day, is the DAY that the Holy Spirit comes burning like fire IN YOUR BODY, transfigures you, and lifts you up (ascends you with Jesus) to be one with God. Then Jesus and His Father God can come to you and ask you to “Come” and if you agree they manifest themselves and make their Home in you and you in them in the NHOEN! You no longer have to believe because you KNOW! You have experienced it! You have tasted it! You have seen it! You have experienced it! “Oh taste and see that God is Good” What an understatement!!!! Way!!!!!!!

I am a witness and I have to share my witness. I can no longer stay silent. Jesus was the first witness; the first born from the dead. Saul had a mind-blowing conversion and became a witness as a transfigured Paul. In the type and shadow (the old covenant): Jacob was created; Israel was formed in Jacob. In the Real Here and Now (the new covenant of oneness with God) Jesus died to Adam (the last Adam or old human creation) and was resurrected and ascended as the first-born, begotten Son: the new human creation that is the image of God; the likeness of God; one with God that no one can separate except the free will of each person! I can no longer deny what the Spirit did in me! I can no longer listen to the voice of the world; I must be a witness to the miraculous events that God has orchestrated in my life. “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has the health of the daughter of my people not been restored?” Jeremiah 8:22. Jesus came and restored the daughters of God’s people. “You have heard; now see all this; and WILL YOU NOT DECLARE IT?” Isaiah 48:6 Who will declare what they see and hear? I will. I say “yes” Lord! Fill me, use me! The Holy Spirit is always new and fresh and NOW from moment to moment! Way!!!!


“Go and proclaim these words…’Return’…I will take one from a city and two from a family and bring you to Zion” Jeremiah 3:12-14

“And the angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favor with God” Luke 1:30

“And the angel of the Lord appeared to them…be not afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of a great JOY that will COME to ALL people” Luke 2:9-10

“I Jesus send my angel to you” Revelation 22:16

“With the help of the Spirit of Christ Jesus (my CJ!)” Philippians 1:19

“He made it known by sending his angel” Revelation 1:1


The Day of the Lord came to me so I could transform, transmute and transfigure into oneness with God.

” ‘In that day’…What day? The day when the Holy Ghost has come to me and made me effectually one with my Lord” Oswald Chambers

It is the free Gift that God wants to give to all; all the fullness of God including Grace, Peace, Joy and Power; the open spiritual eyes, ears and heart he wants to give ALL; the One Spirit of Truth he wants to give all! “Behold, the former things have come to pass, and NEW THINGS I now declare” Isa 42:9. “Remember NOT the former things, nor consider things of old. Behold, I am doing a NEW thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not PERCEIVE it? I will make a WAY in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isa 43:19. “From this time forth I make you hear NEW THINGS, hidden things which you have not known. They are created NOW” Isa 48:6-8. Come! Way!!!!

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ” Rev 22:17

When our Father, his Lamb and his Spirit live within our body and we surrender all moment to moment, it is God’s Mind that is active in us, it is God’s Thoughts that think in us, it is God’s Vision that we see, it is God’s Voice that is heard, it is God’s Spirit that flows in and through us; it is God’s Being that lives, moves and has its being in us! We are renewed, transformed and a new creation! We are no longer an Adam-type human; we are a Christ-type new creation! The two become one! Jesus’ prayer comes to manifestation: we become perfectly one with his Father and his God!


The resurrected Jesus says to Mary Magdalene, “Do not hold on to me: Do not hold on to the old covenant type and shadow of Jesus. Do not hold on to the historical man Jesus. Do not hold on to the crucified Jesus. Do not even hold on to the resurrected Jesus, for “I have not yet ascended to my Father and YOUR Father, to my God and YOUR God” John 20:17. But NOW Jesus already has ascended! Do not even hold on to the ascended Jesus! Wait until the ascended Jesus sends his Spirit to transfigure you into the new creation: to be like Christ in the image and likeness of God! Do not hold on to the ascended Christ; become the new creation by allowing Christ to be formed in you by his Spirit!!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“And the Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ “

Only the Father knows when your day of the Lord is; it is beyond the understanding of even the Son. The Father is greater than the Son as Jesus told us. The son receives ALL the fullness of God when ascended with Christ; the bride knows God intimately when the Spirit of God descends to live in her body. The old external temple was destroyed in 70 AD; not a stone remains of the old! The fullness of time has come and now the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come” “Hear” “Thirst” “Desire and TAKE the water of life without price” Rev 22:17. You will NEVER thirst again! The drought is a physical, external manifestation of the inner call to Come and take the Water of Life: the Way through the desert to the Promised Land and Dessert in the NHOEN!!!!!! Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun Rise

Sun Set

Sun Rise

Sun Rise

All I know is I have to witness to the New Sun Rise in the new eternal Now and the veracity of the Word of God, the Sword of the Spirit, that is active, sharp, and can cut through the crap of the world and reveal the unadulterated Truth!!!! The Word makes a Way for the Spirit to come and transfigure you into a bride of God! Come Holy Spirit! Come Transfiguration! Come Sanctification! Come Day of the Lord! Make a Way God!!!! Fire of God, burn away the past; burn a Way! Come Holy Spirit, make Way!!!!!!!


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Both Sides of Clouds!


I’ve looked at life from both sides now….

Clouds can be beautiful, back-lit, dark or menacing, but they always obscure what is behind them. The clear, blue sky is always there and the sun is always shining, yet clouds hide the truth. Clouds obscure; clouds hide what is behind them. Clouds create turbulence if you try to fly through them. Clouds can be interpreted in multitude of ways: some see cute animals, some see sexual images, some see faces of demons, but the Truth is they are merely obscuring or hiding what is really there!

Clouds can bring rain, storms and great destruction AND clouds can bring Christ again: the rainbow fulfilled!

The Word of Life, the Inspired Truth, says that Jesus comes again in the clouds. Jesus the Christ of God can come to you in clouds that are obscuring the Truth; in times when the false has hidden or obscured the Truth of God. In times of pain, despair, discouragement, disillusionment, disease, or times when it seems that God has disappeared and you doubt he ever existed, Truth can be revealed. Jesus comes again in the midst of your enemies: pain, tribulation, despair, or depression, to set a table and allow you to eat and drink with him to see the physical manifestation of him, and be lifted up with him to the heavenly places!

lite thru the clouds pic

As most of you already know, Jesus came again to me in the midst of heavy dark clouds in my life. I was guided to get out my childhood bible that I had never read and God got me still enough so I could  begin to know him! “Be still and know that I am God” I sat on a couch for three days reading and God opened up the Word to me. He was able to get me still enough to be able to come in the clouds, the thought fields of despair and disillusionment and deception, that were all around me. He destroyed the false with fire, resurrected me with water, breathed new life into me, and ascended me with him to the heavenlies! Jesus was able to transform my mind by coming in a cloud! Later, Jesus came in a cloud of meditation when I was still and silent enough to be able to break through the cloud with Jesus’ sunlight. Through the cloud of meditation Jesus was able to transfigure my body and open my heart! The sun of Christ was able to burn through the lies, deceptions and illusions of the world’s consensus trance that had closed my heart. I experienced God in a way that I had never been told; in a way that could not be denied; in a way that I only found through the Living Word of God speaking directly to me with Power through the Holy Spirit.

To know God is eternity here and now; to know God in my body and mind is the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN)!

Jesus said Elijah had already come (John the Baptist) but people did not recognize him. Jesus came, but many of his own people, especially the most “religious” did not recognize him. Jesus comes a second time and most people see only the cloud and reject the Christ who comes in clouds in our lives! The enemy’s greatest deception is to keep human beings looking to religion or a future savior or a future second coming or a future hope and keep them distracted or busy enough to miss the NOW HERE. Keeping human beings focused on the past and future, bringing new clouds to obscure the Truth, and keeping us busy and distracted, keeps most from recognizing the second coming of Christ WITH the clouds, in the midst of the clouds, in the midst of our enemies!


All we have to do is WAKE UP, begin to recognize that Christ comes IN the clouds of life, begin to be still and KNOW, be silent and directly experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit. Begin to seek the kingdom and righteousness and expect with eager anticipation that ALL will be given to you! Wake up and realize that it is already done! Realize that you are already filled! Acknowledge that you are already rich! Be still and know that I am God! In the silence, ask to hear the Voice of Truth! The Holy Spirit will convict your conscience and you will begin to be able to discern the false and the true! You will be able to see from both sides, include and transcend, let God be immanent within you and transcendent beyond you!

Jesus is the root! Jesus is the cornerstone! Jesus is the capstone! Jesus is the new temple; not a single stone of the old remains! Jesus is the tree of Life as the old non-bearing fig tree and curse are dead! Jesus is the new Jerusalem in Israel, the chosen one, and the fulfillment of all the promises and protection of God for the whole world! The three are one; the two: God and you become one new creation! One without opposite! Love without opposite! Light without any darkness at all; no spots of darkness means there is no place in you where there is an absence of God! All God, all the time, in the fullness of time, within you NOW in the NHOEN! Now what else is possible!!!!

The Good News is all we have to do is ask Jesus (all the fullness of God in physical form, the tree of Life, the new Jerusalem, the NHOEN, the fulfillment of the prophetic and the two witnesses: the old and new testaments) to come into our body and WE become all that Jesus is: son of God, bride of the Bridegroom, tree of life, temple of the Holy Spirit, new Jerusalem, Israel, chosen, beloved, favored, blessed, fruit-bearing, whole, one with God, free, righteous and holy! We become ALL that Christ is in the twinkling of an eye; the cloud dissolves leaving ONLY Christ! All we have to do is maintain the relationship and walk it out! All we have to do is prove it to ourselves; test it out; step out in faith when another cloud tries to obscure the Truth again. All we have to do is say the Word, the Sword of the Spirit, when a cloud enters our life again. The Sun burns through all fog, mist or clouds and reveals the clarity of expansive, infinite blue skies once again!


Christ comes again in the MIDST of our menacing clouds! When I fell up the stairs and it appeared that I was bleeding, swollen, bruised, broken and in severe pain, I could have believed the cloud was real. I could have let them call 911 and go to the hospital. Instead, I let Jesus come again in the cloud; I looked to the invisible Christ instead of the visible cloud. I let God call into being what did not yet exist! Over the three-hour period I used the Sword, the Word of God, to command the pain, swelling and brokenness to be gone and bring the wholeness and perfection of Christ’s body to manifestation in my nose! It happened on Thursday because God knew that Friday mornings were testimony day and God would get the glory because all knew it was impossible in the natural. Why was the baby born blind: so God could get the glory when his sight was returned! Why did I fall and break my nose? So God could show that all things are possible with God! God uses our mistakes to show the Power of God! All things work together for good for those who love God!!!! I LOVE God!!!!!!! I Love God because God Loved me first!!!!!!! God pours his Love into our hearts through the Holy Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Heals!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love comes with the clouds!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jesus comes again and again in the clouds and most people are only seeing the cloud and denying Jesus over and over again. Wake up and smell the coffee! Wake up and smell the beautiful fragrance of Christ in the midst of ugliness. Wake up and see the invisible Christ in the midst of apparent enemies. Wake up and allow the glory of God to be revealed in the midst of difficulties. The only reason difficulties come is to prove to you the veracity of the Word; to give you chance after chance to choose the simple, natural, easy, light, Way of Love instead of the old world’s wisdom from satan and his tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The way that seems right to a man leads to destruction. As Dr. Phil says, “how is it working for you?” You can toil, work, strive, effort, use self-help, self-improvement, self-righteousness, and labor; or you can take the yoke of Jesus by coming to him and receive Rest, Peace, Love, Joy, Grace, Signs, Wonders and Miracles!!!!! That works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Behold, he comes in the clouds! No longer look at the clouds but look at He who comes in the clouds!!!! Stop seeing the illusions and see the Invisible beyond the clouds! Behold, Christ comes again in the clouds! Wake up! Be still and Know! Don’t shoot the messenger! See the Message in the cloud! See the Messenger in the cloud! Receive the Messenger and get the Message; the cloud is only the box the gift comes in! Don’t be fooled by the box! Get Christ out of the box and into your body and life now! Christ is manifested in those who welcome him at the table in the midst of your enemies; eat with him and let him lift you, ascend you with him out of the cloud into the heavenly so you can be on earth AS IT IS in heaven now! here! now!


“Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell

Bows and flows of angel hair and ice cream castles in the air

and feather canyons everywhere, I’ve looked at clouds that way.

But now they only block the sun, they rain and snow on everyone.

So many things I would have done but clouds got in my way.

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now,

from up and down, and still somehow

it’s cloud illusions I recall.

I really don’t know clouds at all.

Moons and Junes and ferris wheels, the dizzy dancing way that you feel

as every fairy tale comes real; I’ve looked at love that way.

But now it’s just another show. You leave ‘em laughing when you go

and if you care, don’t let them know, don’t give yourself away.

I’ve looked at love from both sides now,

from give and take, and still somehow

it’s love’s illusions that I recall.

I really don’t know love at all.

Tears and fears and feeling proud, to say “I love you” right out loud,

dreams and schemes and circus crowds, I’ve looked at life that way.

But now old friends are acting strange, they shake their heads, they say

I’ve changed.

Something’s lost but something’s gained in living every day.

I’ve looked at life from both sides now,

from win and lose, and still somehow

it’s life’s illusions I recall.

I really don’t know life at all.


 Awaken! Christ comes in the clouds! We really don’t know Life at all until the Holy Spirit reveals the Truth and the Truth sets us free!




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