Rise and Shine!

Photo by Marie Mongognia Burns

Photo by Marie Mongognia Burns

Ever since Monday’s star of David planetary alignment I have felt a new integration of heaven on earth.

Photo by Amanda Simpson

Photo by Amanda Simpson

I realize that it is all completely up to each individual now, because all, has already been given from Abba! Give God your entire life and the Beloved will give you all the fullness of God on earth!!!!

Photo by Whitney Eads

Photo by Whitney Eads

Rise and Shine humanity!!!!!!

Photo by Kim Ewell

Photo by Kim Ewell

“Begin to be now, what you will be hereafter” William James

What you can become, you are already” Hebbel Friedrich

“That you may know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God” Ephesians 3:19

  • Rise! (womenembracinggodandeachother.net)
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I have tasted and seen of the deepest of Loves. O Beauty, you have captured my soul! I am.
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8 Responses to Rise and Shine!

  1. Blessings to you … I love the scripture at Ephesians 3:19 What a wonderful Father we have!

  2. Reblogged this on In Love With The Lord Poetry and Prose and commented:
    I must share this! I adore sunflowers! Who can help but look at these happy faces reflecting Glory and not smile themselves?

  3. Adore your sunflower pictures and that is one of my favourite scriptures. God Bless You!

    • Thanks Carolyn! The yellow is so bright, shiny and Sun-like!!! They make me happy and reflect the luminous sun-shine Light of Christ to me! I love that whole Ephesians 3:14-21 prayer. I love that the Morning Star has risen anew in my heart!!! Yay! God! May the world awaken to the Light of the New Dawn of Christ!!!! May all human beings be blessed and come to know the great Love!!!!!!

  4. james says:

    So strange, I just read more in depth about this star of David configuration. It’s a great one and seems to be a culmination of a lot of things coming to earth/open spirit individuals, over the last several years, such blessings are like great pearls! They have always said this great story is in the stars! Call upon this massive divine energy source for everything, it is a gift from Christ and is truly a blessing at a time when the planet sure needs it, I want to swim in it! Better late than never!

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