Multnomah Falls near the Columbus River, Oregon, USA

Come across! Across = a cross. Do you have a cross to bear? Every human being has something in their life that seems to bring them down. Every one has a thorn in their side: an addiction, bad habit, bad relationship, difficult circumstances, disease, anxiety, depression, stress, worry, etc. Even the song “Happy” has a chorus that I refuse to sing, repeating the phrase “bring me down” over and over.

Stop listening to external sources and judging by outward appearances! See through the subtle and not-so-subtle manipulation of the world’s agenda.

You were NEVER meant to bear the cross! You are invited to cast your burdens on the Living One! The tree at Golgotha, the cross, was transformed into a Tree of Life! The Tree of Life has always-in-season fruit for all to partake of! When you eat the fruit, the seeds of the fruit begin to grow in your being until you become the tree!

Your body, a temple of the Holy Spirit is to transform into a tree of life in the new Jerusalem! You were created to be a likeness of Christ; be an image of the Highest Divine Love! You were created to move past an external locus of control. You were created to not judge by outward appearances. You were meant to deny the self the world has created, molded and shaped. You are called to pick up the FINISHED WORK of the cross: resurrection, ascension, eating of the tree of life, and living in the new heavens on earth seated in heavenly places and praying FROM heaven on earth!

Praying from oneness with our Father means your words carry wisdom and power. Living from Victory, you take your given created value, and speak Life into the world as the image and likeness of God! You become the hands and feet of God! Your heart beats with the heart of God! Your mind thinks the Higher Thoughts of God! Your body raises as a temple for the Spirit of God! You begin to shine with the glory Presence of God!

Get down off the cross human beings! Nail your burdens to the cross and step out as a tree of life: a conqueror, overcomer and victorious!!!

Raise your hands skyward with palms uplifted! You are the branches of God’s Vine! Wave your palm branches: your hands on your tree of life body!!! To God be the Glory!!!!!


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Do you believe, or do you Know?

I do not believe in religion,

haunt of demons, idols, religious spirits and political agendas,

where hate is born, division seethes, rings are kissed, freedoms lost, past is revered, future is craved, now is missed.

I believe in relationship with God,

where the Beloved can be intimately known,

Goodness tasted,

Beauty seen,

Love felt,

Alive Presence experienced,

Now is…

I know it is finished,

I know all things are new.

Why do you cling to the past when Jesus said “do not cling to the old me, I am ascending” Why do you stay asleep when Jesus said, “stay awake with me”? Why do you continue in the old when Jesus said, “it is finished”?

Why do you continue to dance with demons disguised as light?

Why do you hate the world and human beings?

God is Love,

God Loves the world,

God Loves human beings: his image and likeness.

Religion hurts; Love heals.

Let the little child lead

into the new heavens on earth!


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Get Real

Jeffrey Stewart

Jeffrey Stewart

I love pico de gallo! It is fresh, raw and bursting with flavor! Bottled salsa, however, is processed and filled with artificial chemicals. It is a poor counterfeit for the real deal!


I love flowers! Yesterday I bought two dozen gorgeous roses, yellow and orange! They are filling my house with beauty and they lift my spirits and scream happiness to me! Every time I walk past them I stop and drink in their beauty. I can’t help but smile: start my love engine (thanks Chun Li).


On the other hand, I have some artificial flowers that while decorative, have no real life, are one-dimensional and lack the essence and substance of the real flowers. They are merely imitations and counterfeit the real deal!


I lived for 42 years with religion and counterfeit spirituality. I was a Christian for 33 years until everything crashed and burned. Everything was a disappointment; nothing had lasting satisfaction. I wanted to die; I had no Real Life in me. I was part of the walking wounded, the walking dead. I had all the disses: discontent, discouragement, disappointment, disillusionment, distress, disorder, disease, divorce, disgust, dismay, and every other diss. I tried everything this world has to offer, nothing lasted. None of it could satisfy the divine discontent…

Until out of desperation I opened a bible and Living Water poured out! The Real Deal showed up: True Light, True Love, Fire, Spirit and the Water of Life! The Spirit of God poured into me, opened my eyes, showed me Truth, and rescued, saved, delivered and restored me from death to life, blindness to sight, critical spirit to Holy Spirit, lack of trust to Trust, lies to Truth, crying to Joy, sadness/depression to happiness, worry/stress/anxiety to Peace, closed heart to open heart, distorted mind to Christ’s Mind, wrong beliefs to Knowing God, fear to faith in the Living One, dis-ease to Wholeness, separation/divorce to oneness with the Beloved, and chains binding my heart to Freedom!!!! My soul was reunited with its Beloved and my spirit soared!!!!!!!

Travel Adventures

Travel Adventures

Now I am truly satisfied! I am content because my soul rests in my Beloved and my Beloved lives in me! I am one with God, whole and free because the Real touched me and poured its Spirit into me. We can’t do it for ourselves. Self-reliance works in the world. God-reliance works in the new heavens on earth. Self-righteousness is a religious spirit. Christ’s righteousness substituted for our mistakes is the Real Deal! We can buy a million self-help books, we can go to doctors and therapists, we can consult experts, we can practice religion and go through the motions. But unless we are touched by the Spirit of Jesus, we remain part of the walking wounded on earth. Unless we are transformed in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit, the Real has not touched us. Religion without transformation is empty. Power without Love is sorcery.

Nothing truly satisfies until we taste the Living One! What is the Living One’s new name? Seek and find; knock and the door will open; ask and it will be given to you. Keep seeking, knocking and asking!!! Get Real!!!!


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Jesus is NOT a Christian: from “oy” to Joy!!!


It is time to turn religion on its head! There is a new Spirit in town and it is refreshing, rejuvenating, renewing, restoring, regenerating and reimagined life! The new Spirit is the same one Spirit that was in Jesus; the same one Spirit that is in his God and his Father; the same one Spirit that can be in you and I!!! Religion is man-made and changes as human beings change. The one Spirit of God has never changed!!! Man’s conception of God has changed and the physical has evolved, but the one Spirit of God has NEVER evolved, never changed, and is the same one Spirit that can now be in you and me!!!

Jesus is not a Christian! Labels and concepts are man-made. Jesus came from the Invisible God to make God visible to human beings because they had gone so far astray and religion had become a nightmare. Jesus was Jewish and a rabbi but he was the most critical of the religion of his day. He taught the Truth that Life was being born again in the Spirit from Above. He did not come to start a religion; that was man’s interpretation. Jesus came to give us Life and Life more abundantly! Jesus came as the Christ to set us free from religion!!! Jesus came to set us free from ALL man-made concepts, labels, hierarchies, prejudice, bias, partiality, rules, laws, dogma, doctrine and elementary spiritualities. The law was fulfilled in one word! Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil: the counterfeit light, the fallen morning star, the fallen angels, the lyin’ lion who steals, kills and destroys what God created and said was good and Very Good! Jesus came to remove duality, trinities, and quadrinities!!! He said the “two can become one” and he said we can be “perfectly one” with God as he was, is to come and is now!!!


When Jesus died, he took everything that was corrupted, distorted and twisted: thinking, beliefs, emotions, physical, soul and wrong spirit. Jesus died to everything, including religion! When Christ Jesus resurrected he said to Mary Magdalene “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to MY GOD and your God” John 20:17. “Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s GOOD PLEASURE to give you the kingdom” Luke 12:32. AND MOST MIND BLOWING: “Truly I say to you, THIS GENERATION will not pass away till ALL has taken place” Luke 21:32. It is ALL already DONE! It is truly FINISHED!!! The kingdom of God is within!!! It was “near” before Jesus died. The old heaven and earth passed away with Jesus. The new heavens and earth were born with Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. The new heavens on earth can come into our new body when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit AND fire from God. We become one body and one Spirit with God when we receive the fire and Spirit from our perfectly One Father and his Christ!!!

Jesus said we are to be “perfectly one” as he and his Father are one!!! This is your destiny! Be perfectly one with God now and let the kingdom of heaven on earth come alive in you!!!


The second coming has no date and time because only the Father knows when you will be ripe enough to receive the manifest Presence of Christ (the visible manifestation of the Invisible Presence). Abba Father spoke to Jesus from a cloud on the mount of transfiguration and Jesus was pure light shining. In a similar experience I experienced Jesus coming in a “cloud” when I was in meditation, he spoke and I was “lifted up to meet him” and my body transformed with the Light of the Presence. Chains were broken, my heart was opened, and Light poured in!!! Transfiguration is EVERYONE’s destiny while on earth!!!

There is no time in the spiritual realm. Christ Jesus was, is to come and IS NOW present depending on your level of awareness/Light/conscious awareness. Revelation 1 puts “IS” first. Now is the time for the Isness of God in you! The fullness of time already came, is to come and NOW IS!!! Now is the fullness in the kingdom of God in our body; yet to come is more and more and more Goodness and fullness!!!

If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, the Spirit can come with fire and transform, transfigure and transmute your physical flesh and blood to be a new spiritual, royal bloodline with Jesus, in King David’s lineage, with Jesus as your King of kings and Lord of lords. You and I become kings and lords with royal blood, royal DNA, and a royal inheritance that you receive NOW because Jesus already died!!! You receive everything of Christ as a royal son and daughter, as members of the Royal Family! At the cross Jesus changed relationships for ever! He changed the definition of family and relationships from biological/physical to spiritual! He changed John’s mother to Mary and changed Mary’s son to John. Jesus said, “who is my mother and brothers but those who do the Will of my Father”

earth in lotus with butterflies

Jesus said he would not eat again “until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God”. Jesus ate and so it IS FULFILLED!!! The kingdom of heaven on earth is available to ALL and EVERYONE who says “yes” SAY YES!!! The gate is narrow because human beings want to do their own thing, their own way, are rebellious, stubborn, closed-minded, stiff-necked, hard-hearted, walled-off, defended, armored, excuse-makers, ignorant, entranced by the world and religion, asleep, dead men walking, zombies with twisted minds, split personalities, double-minded, etc., etc., etc. Oy!

Wake up!!! It is already finished! Christ Jesus has made ALL things new for every one! The kingdom of God is already here but you have to get the keys!!! The full Presence of God is waiting for you to ripen and awaken so it can come into your  body through an open door! The full Presence will not break down your doors, you must invite it in!!! The Creator of Essence wants to reunite with your essence to give you new Life, make you a new creation to live in the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). But you are sold out to religious spirits and concepts of God instead of receiving the Living One and all the fullness of God into your body. Your body is supposed to be the temple for the Holy Spirit. The external temple was destroyed so it could be rebuilt IN YOU AND I. Jesus’ body temple was restored in three days. You can be restored in a twinkling of an eye!!! Receive your Joy!!!!

Heart in hand of God

Jesus is not a Christian and he is to be our exemplary example! He said to follow him; that the kingdom was not external, but internal. The kingdom is within and is about being who we were created to be: one with God, spiritual, royal, the image and likeness of God! Ponder that!!! Mind blowing!!!! I am a new creation! I am a body temple of the Holy Spirit! Christ Jesus is in my Father and I am in Christ and he is in me; we are one body and one Spirit! This is the perfect gift from above from the Father of lights; we are the lights!!! Jesus said he was the light of the world AND you are the light of the world!!! Be the light! Live in the kingdom of the new heavens on earth now; live in the garden paradise that Jesus said the repentant thief could be in with him TODAY! It is for everyone who repents (metanoia = changed your mind) and turn for Jesus to heal your mind, heart, soul, body and spirit!!!

Go from “oy” to Joy now in the manifest Presence of God!!!! Let go of religion, concepts, beliefs, and the old world. Say “yes”, open and receive the new Life of God into every atom, cell, organ, system of your physical body, your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Be made new now! Enter the kingdom of God! Receive the River of the Water of Life WITHOUT PRICE!!! All the sacrificing is already done! We are to reap what Jesus sowed!!! It is a FREE GIFT!!! It is available in the present, now, for every one! Let your mind be reborn! Let your heart be made new! Let your soul be purified, refined and made whole and white as snow! Let your spirit be made right with God = oneness!!! Be remade into one body and one Spirit with God!!!!! Be free from religion! Be free to be who God created you to be: pure Love!!!!!


Wake up! Human beings have evolved beyond religion; it is now time to live your destiny: intimate knowing of God, with her Presence within your body. Know God as your Father with a Mother’s heart! God is beyond gender, as well as beyond all concepts! Be filled with ALL the fullness of God’s Presence! Have a constantly flowing River of the Spirit and Water and Life of God in your physical body! Eat of the Tree of Life and become a tree of life in the garden Paradise of the NHOEN!!! Be a new bride of the Beloved, a wife of the Lamb, now and for ever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

Jesus is not a Christian! Go from oy to Joy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Lavish Love


Lavish Love is lavish Light that exposes all hidden darkness and dissolves it into the light of Love! Christ Jesus, pour your Light into every dark place; expose all hidden darkness. Dissolve every dark spot in our body! Dissolve every dark spot in our world with your Light! You are the Light of the world!  Lavish this pure Love upon us now! Pour Love- Light into our hearts, minds, souls and bodies like rushing water leaving only Your pure, holy Love! You are the deepest and highest Water of Life!

Lavish Love keep our eyes in You! Christ is the True Light that enlightens every human being! Enlighten the eyes of our hearts to see Lavish Love, be lavish love, live in Lavish Love and give lavish love!!! God is Light without darkness. God is Love without opposite! God is Lavish Love-Light!!! Keep our eyes on You!

Lavish Love, bring your Light into all darkness. Dissolve into Light! Let there be Light! Darkness is merely the absence of Light. The only power darkness has is in the absence of Light. So let your Light shine everywhere and in every one! Light is Awareness and Presence of God! Cleanse your mirror so you can reflect the purest Light of God! Be a clear reflection of Light! Transform into the same image, the same likeness, as the purest Light: the reflection of perfect Light in the visible as in the Invisible Presence of God! Lavish Love!!!


Put on the armor of Light! Put on Christ Jesus! Be clothed in beauty! Be clothed in the garment of Joy! Be clothed with Lavish Love!


How much goodness can you stand? There is an upper limits issue: we need God’s help to overcome the gravity of the old world to enter into the Lavish Love of God! Overcome the physical laws by entering into God’s Spiritual Laws of Lavish Love! How much Light can you stand? When the Perfected Light of Christ’s Spirit first enters you, it will reveal the hidden darkness. Do not despair! Don’t panic! Do not think something strange is happening! Breathe, focus on the area in your body that is triggered: let tears fall, feel your feelings, don’t resist the Holy Spirit as it works, and allow the Presence of Light to dissolve the issue. Face and see whatever comes up; see what is revealed, no matter how unpleasant and give it to God. God is Light without darkness! We are children of Light! Don’t hide your darkness; give it to God and let Lavish Love dissolve it! Light dissolves darkness! Let Lavish Love shatter darkness!


Get beyond your old flesh and blood by getting the Presence of God in your body! Christ Jesus said we could be one with God as he is one: perfectly one! Christ Jesus is my CJ! “In that day you will know that CJ is in his Father and I am in CJ and CJ is in me” (John 14:20 personalized). The reception of the Holy Spirit allows us to become one with our Maker; one with our Source; the creation to be reunited and reconciled with our Creator: perfectly one on earth as it is in heaven! Get beyond yourself by getting to know God in us! Get beyond the old flesh and blood to be transfigured in Light to a new creation: spirit and the pure, royal blood-line of Christ Jesus!


Become aware of God’s Presence and Power in you by and through the Holy Spirit! Become aware of the Lavish Love! Become aware of the Lavish Light! Let it pour in! Be one with God as CJ and Abba are one! Let the risen, ascended Life of CJ manifest in you! Our full potential as a human being is ascension destiny: return to the image and likeness of God, just as Christ Jesus went from marred beyond recognition to perfected, light-filled, ascended, glorified body that even his closest disciples couldn’t recognize at first! From death to Life, old to new, human to divine, marred to perfect, flesh and blood to perfect spirit and royal DNA: total transformation, transmutation and transfiguration that becomes increasingly permanent! The risen, ascended Life of CJ is our destiny! CJ’s testimony is our prophesy!!!


Our mind can be in heaven with Christ: one with Abba = new heavens. Our heart is heaven on earth when full of the Holy Spirit. Our body one with Christ Jesus on earth is the new earth! New heavens on earth!!! Human beings are the connection between heaven and earth: we either reject the connection and live a life in darkness and separation, adding to the darkness of the world; or we consciously accept our destiny and reconnect with the Living One! We accept the Lavish Love and the Lavish Light and allow ourself to die to the past, be resurrected into spirit and the royal blood line of Christ, and ascend in consciousness with CJ to be seated in heavenly places while our body is rooted and grounded in Love on the new earth! The Holy Spirit is the fullness of God, the Lavish Life of God, that can be poured into you and me! Let it pour!!!


We can be filled with Love! We can be filled with Light! We can be filled with Spirit! We can be filled with the resurrected, ascended Life of Christ!!! Our foundation is meant to be the ascended Life of Christ: perfect Love that casts out all fear, perfect peace that surpasses all understanding, complete fullness of Joy, and abundant Life!!! Christ is the Vine, we are the branches, and God is the Vinedresser! Get on the Vine and start bearing lavish fruit!!!


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Everything Is Possible!


Perfect Life came to earth when Christ Jesus was born as a human being! “When the perfect comes the imperfect passes away” The Perfect Life and Perfect Love and Fullness or Complete Joy and Perfect Peace came to the earth! Jesus did all the healing, signs and wonders and miracles as a human being filled with the Spirit of God so we could know that it is our highest potential and it is also so very possible now!!!

Jesus, the Christ of God, took EVERYTHING that was distorted, twisted, dark, evil, unhealthy, perverted (DNA), and not of God. At the place of the skull, Golgotha, it was killed, destroyed and removed from the earth ONCE and for ALL!!! This is the Good News!!!! All we have to do is get the Spirit of God, which is the same One Spirit as the Spirit of Christ (they are Perfectly One), INTO OUR BODY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Perfect Life of the Most High God can be in you and me NOW! When the Perfect comes the imperfect passes away if you just receive and let the old go! Let it go now! The Disney song is nice, but it does not come close to the Real Deal when you trade your old life for the Perfect Life of Christ IN YOUR BODY!!!!!!

The Good News is NOT theology! It is not intellectual knowing! It is a real, tangible, felt PRESENCE of the essence of God that comes down from heaven OUT of God and inhabits our bodies on earth AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!!! It is a felt experience; if you aren’t feeling it in your body, you have not yet received the risen, ascended, perfect Life of Christ into your body! Choose Life! Get Life! Get recreated!!! Get overwhelmed with Goodness!!! Get overcome by the Holy Spirit of God!!!!!

With the Spirit of God in your physical body, everything is possible now! The perfect Life of Christ/Love is available now and for ever and ever! Christ IS, was and is to come! I choose IS NOW ! Eternity is NOW and for ever and ever! The Perfect Life has come and the imperfect life has to pass away! The True Light that enlightens EVERY human being has come and the darkness is protesting and acting up in the world because it KNOWS it is condemned to disappear when human beings wake up and SEE and KNOW and REALIZE that they are the same Light as Christ Jesus. Darkness cannot exist in the PRESENCE of the True Light!!!!!

Get the True Light in your body!!! Everything is possible with the Light of God in your body as your essence, as your being, as your experience!!!!!!!!!!!! All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God!!! Get the True Light!!!!!

With God, ALL things are possible!

“Lead a life worthy of the calling…eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is ONE BODY and ONE SPIRIT…one God and Father OF US ALL, who is above ALL and in ALL and THROUGH ALL” Ephesians 4:1-6

With the Spirit and Truth in us, ALL things are possible!!!!!


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From Flip-flops to Stilettos


I’m not sure I have words for the awestruck amazement that I have experienced the last few days! The surprises of God never end! Just when I think it can’t get any better, it expands, heightens, deepens, lengthens!!! The Love that God has for his creation is immeasurable! I am currently reading Bonaventure’s Soul’s Journey Into God and it is so encouraging and refreshing to see words to describe what I have experienced. Confirmations are not necessary when you are sold out to God and open to allow the new wine of the Spirit of God to constantly refill your new wineskin, but it sure is nice!!!!


I used to wear stilettos. I bought into the culture of women being sexy to be desirable, attractive to the opposite sex to be beautiful. When I had my spiritual awakening, and at a certain point in my journey to oneness with God, I started wearing flip-flops. Jesus wore simple sandals right? I chose comfort over culturally narrow ideals of an appropriate and attractive female. I’m talking the comfortable Reef brand flip-flops that are cushy and let your feet be free, yet provide protection from the ground!

Today, a man of God recounted his vision of a sea of flip-flops as far as the eye could see: embellished with rhinestones, jewels, glitter, various fabric, colors and materials. The whole sea was then washed away and in its place was a beautiful stiletto healed shoe and he asked God, “What is that?”. God told him he was elevating women in stature, gifts and ministry! [addition 4/9/2014: I have had a change of heart. I don't think stilettos are a proper representation of women being elevated. Stilettos have a connotation of sex and the platform of women is the same as men's: be one with God that goes beyond any concept of gender. "Now that faith has come, we are no longer under a custodian; for in Christ Jesus you are ALL sons of God, through faith. For as many of you are baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew or Greek, there is neither slave or free, THERE IS NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE; for you are ALL one in Christ Jesus" Galatians 3:25-28]

The service ended at 12:45pm today and as I was about to leave, a woman came up to me and said God told her to switch bags with me. I had an old canvas, black, free tote bag from the 20th anniversary of Spiritual Directors International. She had a “blinged-out” shiny, big, bright pink tote with pink sequins! I said, “Are you sure?” and started to cry as she emptied out her stuff and gave it to me. She couldn’t fit all of her stuff into my old little bag. She then prayed over me, the words which I could not tell you but my heart soared and my soul danced!!! I walked out to my car with tears streaming down my cheeks into the brilliant sunshine of a perfect day in Southern California.

When I got into the car, God started to reveal what had happened. I had a dream last night I was at a wedding in formal wear. I was surprised that no one was there that I knew. I looked for the place cards with names I recognized and there were none. It was all brand new to me. As I left the wedding I was given a key on a bracelet on my right wrist, the same hand as in a vision I had a few days ago, where my right hand turned to light after my sight turned to brilliant white light; my hand was infused with brilliant green light. I have to admit it freaked me out a little as I watched myself turn to light.

As I drove from the church today, God revealed he had taken my old flesh and blood body, my old container, and replaced it with a new, bigger, light-filled container. Old flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God; his new creation of light who inherited Christ’s DNA do!!! He clothed me with his garment of Light, with the armor of Light, Christ Jesus. He removed the old “bag” and replaced it with a bigger, Light-filled container for my life and stuff! God gave me the equivalent of stilettos for my flip-flops!!! To God be the Glory!!! [addition 4/9/14: God has given me his gospel of peace for my shoes: a golden platform, solid foundation, rooted and grounded in Love, a sure and steady anchor in Christ, the foundation of the resurrected, ascended Christ! Whether barefoot, in platforms, stilettos or flip-flops, I am dressed in God's Light! To God be the Glory now and for ever and ever!!!]



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Malaysian Deception?


First of all, my heart and prayers go out to all the loved ones of the missing passengers and crew of Malaysian 370. I ask that the Holy Spirit comfort you in the Comfort that only the Spirit of God can provide. Those who have been comforted in this way can attest to the power of True Comfort that is beyond understanding.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Christ Jesus, the Father of mercies (loving-kindness) and God of all Comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction, so that we may be able to comfort those who are in affliction, with the Comfort with which we ourselves are Comforted by God…we share abundantly in Comfort in Christ…if we are afflicted it is for Comfort and salvation [wholeness, oneness with God, freedom, holiness, right relationship (righteousness) to God (Love, Oneness] and others [Love, oneness]…if we are Comforted, it is for your comfort, which you experience when you patiently endure…our hope for you is unshaken; for we know as you share suffering, you will also share in Comfort” 2 Cor 1:3-7

Comfort is the operative Word here. May all who are affected by the missing flight 370 be Comforted…

Now, my intuition says that something is afoot; my inner radar is pinging that there is a deception happening, lies are being told, and that we are being distracted from something that is really going on. I feel we are being manipulated; that our minds are being played with, messed with, with confusion and fear and speculation keeping our minds busy while the “agenda” is being brought forth. I don’t know what the agenda is specifically, but I do know that the enemy’s goal is to destroy, kill and steal our God-given Gifts of peace of mind, fullness of joy, abundant Life and harmony. The agenda of the “darkness” is to steal the light of the people of the Light. Jesus said he was the Light of the world and that we are the Light of the world, a city set on a hill and if our eye is sound our whole body will be full of Light, but if our eye is not sound how dark will the light be.


Human beings are being fooled, deceived, manipulated, lied to, and controlled to give up their Light to the hidden darkness in this world through fear, confusion, false flags, war, conflict, religious fighting, spiritual or theological division, terrorism, bombardment of negative news cycles, fear-mongering, wild speculations, nudging public opinion to darker and darker beliefs, and counterfeiting the Light trying to disempower human beings from knowing who God is and who we are and what our real relationship is. Whew!

God is Spirit and Truth (Jesus) God is Light with no darkness AT ALL (1 John 1) God is Love (1 John 4) and God is our Father who gives a perfect endowment that endows us with his image and likeness and gives us EVERY perfect Gift from the Light of lights from Above (James 1:17). “Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren…every good endowment and every perfect Gift from Above coming down from the Father of Lights with whom THERE IS NO VARIATION or SHADOW or CHANGE” James 1:17.

If it is not unconditional Love, it is not God. If it is not Goodness, it is not God. If it is not adding to the Light of the world, it is not from God. When the spiritual enemy is overcome there is no more darkness. “God is Light and in him there is no darkness at all” We are children of the Light, no longer children of the darkness. We have been transferred into the kingdom of God’s beloved Son!

The counterfeit of God is the god of this world: the enemy, accuser, master manipulator, liar (roaring lion with no teeth), deceiver, darkness disguised as light, wolves in sheep clothing, fallen angels, demons, lucifer, satan, devils, serpents, beasts, abomination of desolation, harlot, twisted minds: the princes of the air; the spirits of error; the antiChrists, the ones who are seeking to destroy us, kill us and steal our identity, inheritance and Spiritual Gifts. “Do not be deceived: the anointing which you received from the Spirit of the Father and Son abides in you and you have no need that any one should teach you; as his anointing teaches you about everything, and is true, and is no lie, just as it has taught you, abide in him. And now, little children, abide in him, so that when he appears we may have confidence and not shrink from him in shame at his coming…See what Love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and SO WE ARE…No one born of God commits sin; for God’s nature ABIDES IN HER, and she cannot sin because she is BORN OF GOD [into the new heavens on earth now by the Holy Spirit]. By this it may be seen who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil; whoever does not do right is not of God, nor he who does not love his fellow human beings” 1 John 2:12-3:10


God Loves the world and Loves human beings. We are made in the image and likeness of God and carry his DNA and inheritance of all that is Good and Very Good! The counterfeiter, the enemy, hates human beings and wants us to lose our inheritance and not remember or know who we really are: divine beings remade in the likeness of Christ. Those who are transformed by Jesus are resurrected, ascended divine beings seated in the heavenly places with Christ while living on earth, capable of all things with God. There is no need for an external savior; the kingdom of God is now in his children of Light!

Things that were impossible with old human beings on the old earth, are possible with God on the new heavens on earth in the new creation! If you don’t know who you are in Christ and you don’t know God is only Light with no darkness and only Love without opposite, you attribute the bad things in this world to God and not the evil one who fell and is roaming around the earth as ruler of the old earth seeking to kill, steal and destroy your royal, divine inheritance and joy and keep you asleep so you do not enter the finished work of Christ and his new heavens on earth.

I feel a major deception is on the agenda. It seems to be a grand scale false sign, false wonder, or false miracle; a counterfeit second-coming of Christ, just as Jesus warned in his Words. Could the Malaysian jet be a part of this deception? Could it be a distraction? What could we be distracted from? Could it be a tool of control and manipulation of the public’s mind? Could it be a tool in starting a third world war? Could it be a “hidden in plain sight” deception mimicking Lost, or an elaborate hoax to steer human beings into greater control and less freedom? Could this be a tool of the enemy to further cause mayhem, terror, fear, anxiety and loss of power and God-given freedom for the human race?

Tyrese Gibson's photo

Tyrese Gibson’s photo

I think the coming deception is a false external sign of the coming of the kingdom of God. It is counterfeit and a deception because the kingdom of God is within and already has come to all who recognize and accept it. The finished work of the cross occurred when the ascended Christ sent his Spirit back to earth to hover over all until we are ready (only the Father knows), willing, accepting and welcome the FINISHED work into our whole life, heart, mind, body, soul and spirit. The Holy Spirit uniting with our human spirit brings us back into oneness with our Heavenly Father and we can enter the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN). Our personal will is reunited with the Perfect Will of our Creator and we become one again with our Spiritual Father.

The Coming of the Kingdom: Jesus was asked by the Pharisees [the most religious of Jesus' day] when the kingdom of God was coming. He answered them, ‘The kingdom of God is NOT coming with signs to be observed; NOR will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN THE MIDST OF YOU or WITHIN YOU” Luke 17:20-21

Jesus goes on to say, “And they will say to you, ‘Lo, there!’ or ‘Lo, here!’ DO NOT GO, do NOT FOLLOW THEM. For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one side to the other, so will the Son of man be in his day…like the days of Noah…like the days of Lot…so it will be on the day when the Son of man is revealed…Remember Lot’s wife [don't look back to the past or be stuck there]. Whoever seeks to gain his life [egoic, worldly, old earth, old human nature, old creation] will lose it, but whoever loses his life [old human nature in old earth] will preserve his Real Life [in Christ Jesus: partaking of the divine nature and receiving the Spiritual Inheritance of a son of God on earth as it is in heaven!!!] I tell you in that night there will be two in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. There will be two women grinding together; one will be taken and the other left. And they said, ‘Where Lord?’” Luke 17:22-37. Where? Into the new heavens on earth: the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!!! Be completely sold out to God!!!

In Noah’s day, all those who were sold out to evil, living in darkness, rejecting the Gift of Light and Goodness, were removed from the earth by water: washing, cleansing, clearing, purifying the earth to make it new. In 70 AD the external temple was destroyed by fire as well as the human beings who were sold out to evil and refusing to come out of darkness. If you look back, like Lot’s wife did, you will concretize the old patterns and keep repeating them. If you look to the future, you are worried, anxious, fearful, doubtful, wavering, unsure, and off-balance. But if you stay in the present moment, the eternal, new now, where God is King of kings and Lord of lords in the new heavens on earth now, you are hidden with Christ in God in the secret place in your heart and you are living in the new heavens on earth, the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!!! Jesus was the rebuilt temple!!!  I was baptized spontaneously in 1998 by fire and water; my life began to transform. The more Light of Christ I allowed to take root in me, the more I grew and branched out into the new creation! We are all meant to be rebuilt body temples of God! Christ Jesus IS, was and is to come: take your pick! Isness in the NHOEN, hidden with Christ in God, is where I choose to stay!!!

Falling Waters Waterfalls at Florida's Falling Waters State Park


There is no where (now here!) that Christ’s Spirit is not located, whether past, future or present. Choose the Present!!! It is a free Gift!!! The Water of Life is without price!!! It comes with every possible, infinite, great benefit from the Father of lights. We are the lights of the world!!! Christ is the Light of lights! Do not give your Light away! Do not forget your identity of True Light! Arise, shine! for your Light has come! Be aglow in the Spirit! Rise, renew, rebuild, restore, refresh, revitalize, and regenerate in the Holy Spirit!


Part of the deception is to get you to give all your power to an external counterfeit savior. The dark agenda is trying to replace the Real with a counterfeit; possibly a saving “alien god” or saving hybrid race with super powers, free energy, external climate control or promises of peace. Here are the clues (note: I have not read all of these, but wow there are a plethora):

  • The Vatican’s Southwest Observatory scope is named Lucifer
  • This is what the Vatican says about aliens
  • Pope Francis is conjectured to be unleashing an alien savior
  • Propaganda to nudge public opinion by proclaiming this “Believing in aliens not opposed to Christianity, Vatican’s top astronomer says”
  • “I’d love to baptise ET, says Vatican’s stargazer”Read more:
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  • The Vatican’s new openness on extraterrestrial life is consistent with reports of secret discussions held at the United Nations that began in February 2008.
  • Bill Clinton is discussing aliens
  • Government leaders are discussing aliens Russia Orders Obama: Tell World About Aliens, Or We Will: April fools joke? Hidden in plain sight:
  • The New Age is discussing aliens
  • “Religious” people are warning about an alien invasion
  • TV shows depicted aliens coming to earth
  • Hollywood elite are discussing aliens
  • Movies show alien’s invading
  • Books:
  • Anti Christs, Aliens and UFOs
  • The Great Deception
  • Satan’s Counterfeits: UFOs, Angels and End Time Prophecy: The UFO/Alien/Nephilim/Angel Deception
  • The Strong Delusion and End Times Prophecy: Dr. David Allen Lewis & Robert Shrekhise say:
    “ET belief is quickly becoming the world’s most scientifically acceptable false religion
    and a major stumbling block to Christianity”- Gary Bates
    As we covered in Part 7, the alien deception is a strong delusion, and the majority of the world is already believing this lie.
    But there may be an even greater element of the alien phenomenon in the End Times, more than even today, a prophetic fulfillment that would indicate this Deception may get Worse and more Large scale.Beyond being a strong delusion, this may be the strong delusion of the end times, as is mentioned in 2 Thessalonians:“And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming. The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. But we are bound to give thanks to God always for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God from the beginning chose you for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth, to which He called you by our gospel, for the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle. “
    - 2 Thess 2:8-15On this passage of 2nd Thessalonians. Dr. David Allen Lewis and Robert Shrekhise also wrote in their groundbreaking book, UFO: End Time Delusion“For Satan to succeed in the last days, he must work a deception so subtle and so powerful that it will overwhelm the human race both with its rationality and attraction.”
    “An offer by visitors from an advanced civilization on another planet for assistance to a perishing human race confronted with war, crime, violence, pollution, global warming, genocide, and a host of other ills that man’s rebellion have produced will seem irresistible. That the mainstream scientific community is taking the UFO question seriously, as evidenced by the heavy-funded, government-sponsored SETI programs, demonstrates that we must look at the subject in a very serious light.”
    “Any person who is well-grounded in the Bible and takes the word of God literally will not be prone to fall for the end-time delusion. The apostle Paul contrasts those who accept the Bible with those who reject it…”
    (Dr. David Allen Lewis & Robert Shrekhise, UFO: End-Time Delusion, pgs. 68-69)  . Is this why there is so much derision, mocking, scoffing and attempts to discount and discredit the bible and Christ Jesus? Is this why so many were killed trying to make the bible available for all to read in English, so they would be prey for the false/counterfeit? Is this why Christ Jesus’ name is being smeared by so many because it really is the True Power that can empower human beings to make the real changes in the world? Is this the reason the dark agenda is trying to put machines and technology above human beings?
  • Don Koenig says, “The scriptures tell us that in the last days God will allow a great deception to take place. It will be so great that it would even deceive the elect if this were possible. This deception may be one delivered by beings some people call aliens from outer space. It is no coincidence that there is common pagan theological agreement among those in the occult, those in the new age movement and those that believe that we are being visited by aliens from outer space. It is obvious that some form of alien beings are interacting with the human race. The Bible declares that there are beings in space or the atmosphere of the earth that interact with men called angels, and demons.The core message supposedly said by alien beings that claim to come from another abode is always contrary to the teachings of Christianity. The basic message is that human beings will evolve into a higher state (like them) and their role is to help us evolve into this advanced state. This supports the theory that these beings are really fallen angels. Their real motive is to deceive mankind. In addition, they may also be trying to genetically alter the human species [the Truth is Jesus already gave us the Holy Spirit to transform us into his likeness and image and divine nature and be able to do all he did and even greater things]….The great deception may just persuade people to choose to live in an evolved form of their corrupted flesh and to continue to dwell in the corrupted old creation with Satan as God rather than to be spiritually born into God’s new creation by faith in Jesus.For whosoever would save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel’s shall save it (Mar 8:35).””The mark of the Beast in the book of Revelation could be the key. Anyone who takes this mark can no longer be saved according to scripture. This mark may include an implanted bio-chip and/or a genetic altering that in some way changes the human genetic code from being made in the image of God into being transformed to an image of Satan. Thus, they are forever disqualified for salvation through the Kinsman Redeemer that God choose to save the human race (Jesus). At the cross the Creator died to His old creation and He created a new one.”“At the resurrection Jesus started a new creation. The Son of God who created all things died to our present universe on the cross and the corrupted old universe is now doomed without Him. Jesus arose to a new creation and the only way into this new parallel universe is through Himself. He will first redeem all things given to Him by the Father out of His old creation and then all that remains will be cast into the Lake of Fire. This redemption process is the reason for the delay in His second coming. This new universe is like Jesus created the universe before the rebellion of Satan and his angels. The new creation will totally replace the old and it will go into eternity after all of God’s enemies are defeated. At that time Satan, his angels, their followers and all that are not redeemed, are cast into the Lake of Fire and they will be remembered no more. In God’s new creation there will be no more death, destruction, suffering or second law of thermodynamics.”Don Koenig continues with the “Signs of the time””Many today are buying into the façade that there are aliens from other worlds or dimensions. The facade the world is being indoctrinated with by books, movies and new age/new spirituality teaching is that these are superior beings and that they come from a more highly evolved civilization to help us realize that all are all one and all part of God. These beings really are fallen angels and demons who will bring a great deception to all on the earth who reject God’s truth.”“The huge amount of indoctrination preparing us to accept these alien beings from outer space should tell the astute that we must be very near the time of that great deception. God said this deception would come upon the whole earth to try those who do not love the truth (Jesus is Lord) but choose to believe the lie…The root of that great deception has already been planted in human consciousness using the facade of evolution and alien higher life forms” [the Truth is we are already made in the image and likeness of God and we can be remade into the likeness of Christ with the full divine inheritance: the kingdom of God is found within our human body when we wake up]“According to scripture demons look for bodies to possess. They prefer humans but we also know from scripture that they they can possess pigs. Jews practiced exorcisms of demons before the time of Jesus. According to the gospels Jesus delivered many people from demons. The Bible identifies them as disembodied spirits. The belief in reincarnation originates from demon spirits leaving one life form to occupy another. These disembodied spirits have roamed the earth and have possessed people since the great flood. Many new age channelers, psychics, remote viewers, mediums, etc., are possessed by or get their messages from these demon beings. Jesus said it would be like it was in the days of Noah just before He returns. The doctrine they accepted then is what many are accepting today. It is called in scripture the doctrine of demons (1 Ti 4:1).”“It is possible that in these last days the fallen angels will again genetically alter man to create a hybrid race and that somehow ties in with the 666 mark of initiation. The stories about people being abducted for genetic experiments may to some extent be true. It is possible that human/alien hybrids will be revealed to us soon, as an evolutionary bridge between us and them. There are no cases of true Christians being abducted against their will that I am aware of; this says much about their source. Most of the people claiming these encounters tend to have a form of pagan theology or they dabble in the occult”

    The Bible in the book of Genesis records that genetic altering of man by angels has happened in the past. The scriptures indicate that before the time of Noah some angels left their first estate, came to earth and took the daughters of men as their wives. Their offspring were a hybrid race called the Nephilim. These offspring were the mighty men of renown who were giants being half human and half angel (Hercules etc.). This event is the source of ancient literature about gods being on the earth that most people today claim are myths…These disembodied spirits the Bible calls demons or in some translations devils” Read more from Don at:

  • Pope Francis: His Jesuitical, Extraterrestrial, “False Prophet”, and Political Identities
  • This truly weird stuff, the stuff that most brains just filter out because it is out of the realm of understanding, jogged my memory of being in Phoenix at an energy psychology conference a long time ago. Three women I met at the conference told me they were at the pool one evening and had an encounter with “aliens” who gave them a “light language” and altered their bodies in their presence (all had the same physical changes in their body) and talked about their electronics being interfered with by some sort of static interference when they returned to their rooms. It was outside of my belief system so I promptly forgot about it until I wrote this blog and I saw there was a Phoenix lights event back then. How bizarre! Truth is stranger than fiction sometimes!


I don’t know what is going on, but I trust God. We are cautioned to not buy into controversies, but we are to be informed of the disguises and deception of the enemy so we are not fooled. We are not to be conformed to the world, but transformed by the renewal of our minds. We are cautioned to put on the armor of Light and put on Christ Jesus. It is wise to read the bible, asking for God’s discernment. It is wise to seek to know the  Spirits of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Power, Knowledge of the Lord, Reverential Awe of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord.

I take it to heart to find the secret place with God and to be “hidden with Christ in God”. Jesus said, “In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you”. Knowing this Truth is our security, safety, freedom and protection!!! Christ’s ascended Life in us is the perfected, abundant Life!!! This is our new Life in the NHOEN! To God be the Glory!!!


I don’t know how it all ties together or what is really happening in the hidden darkness. I do know, without a doubt, that Christ’s Light can expose all hidden darkness. When the Light comes, the darkness dissolves. Live in the Light of God! Call forth the Light of God! Seek the Truth in the Holy Spirit. Seek guidance, discernment and direction through the Spirit of God. Ask for your spiritual eyes and ears to be opened. Ask for the eyes of your heart to be enlightened to see the Truth of God. Until human beings wake up to their True Identity in God they will continue to seek outside themselves for solutions and create havoc trying to alter the old reality instead of transforming into the likeness of Christ available to all right now. We live in very interesting times! Any and all thoughts, feelings, intuitions or musing would be most welcomed….



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Flower Power!


thank you james for reminding me of this old message; what is old is renewed for times such as these! May the flowers of Spring bloom in your heart and bring forth the fruits of Light, Righteousness and Holy Spirit!!!

Originally posted on New Heaven on Earth!:

Yesterday I was led by the Spirit of God to a church service in north coastal San Diego. When I got out of my car, far away from the church because the parking lot was full and overflowing, a woman joined me and told me that the crowd was here because this was the final sunday of the series on the 64 days of nonviolence. She shared that there was a very popular group called “Here II Here” performing, and the sermon was on Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, “DARE to DREAM”. Before the final song, the children of the church came in, dressed like hippies, with tie dye clothing and flower power headbands, holding bouquets of white gerbera daisies.

A boy of about six to eight years old came up to me, handing me a beautiful, long stemed daisy. He paused beside me and noticed that…

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Joy Journey


I fell in love with JJ the minute I laid eyes upon him! The more I looked into the eyes of his picture on the shelter’s website, the more I fell! I sent an email with my intention to come in the next morning when they opened to adopt JJ. The next morning I found the return email saying he had already been adopted…

I realized that JJ stood for Just Joy. The Joy inside me as the embodied Presence of the Spirit of God is not affected at all by outward circumstances. In the midst of disappointing circumstances, the inner Joy is unaffected! Because CJ is in me, my JJ, my Joy Journey, is unaffected. I am Just Joy! All else is mere appearances. I do not judge by outward or physical appearances! The Spirit within me is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent: both within and without! I am Christ’s Joy and Just Joy on a Joy Journey!! I am CJ and JJ! I am in CJ and CJ is in me! We are JJ! I am never alone; I am all One!!!

The Truth about our Joy Journey is Joy does not depend on outward circumstances or physical appearances or anything outside of ourselves. JJ is an inside job! JJ is found in the midst of difficult circumstances; it is higher and deeper than any physical circumstance or appearance. It is the alive Presence of Spirit within!!!


It is not physical things that I love, nor doing physical things that bring me joy. It is the Presence of the Invisible Spirit in all things that is my joy and my love! It is not just dance that makes me happy; I Love the feeling of the Presence of Spirit moving me. I love the fullness of Presence in the air making it dense and water-like as my hands move fluidly through it. I love the powerful, invigorating, freshness of Joy as spirit dances in Spirit! The expression of this alive Presence, the deepest part of me, the Spirit moving my limbs, my spirit emoting, the Life of God in me moving me, breathing me, being me, is Joy manifest!

I love the feeling when I am fully aware that God is in every molecule of the air I breathe. I inhale the fullness of the air and feel the dense Light particles penetrate every cell of my respiratory system. I love to listen to my heart beat as the Light circulates to every atom of my body. I love to smell CJ’s sweet fragrance living in me. I love to look through his eyes and see the landscape explode into vibrant heavenly colors; light magnifying; sometimes blinding with its Glory exposed!

Theology separated from the living expression of Spirit, the felt experience in the body, is dull, lifeless, devoid of Spirit; an intellectual pursuit leading to division, conflict, judging, partiality, bias, religious prejudice, hatred, war and death. Ah, but the body who feels the Spirit, moves in the Presence, lives in the Fullness, expresses the Aliveness, loves the variety: the many faces, tastes and colors of the manifest Presence of the Spirit; Just Joy! Like a child before the ego is formed,  just Love with child-like wonder: Just Joy with curiosity and awe! Wide-eyed, open-hearted, mind set free, reveling in Beauty and expressing the Invisible Presence of Spirit in myriad, infinite, limitless ways from glory to Glory! This is the Journey of Joy!!!!

Children are taught religion to their mind. The Spirit of the Presence of God teaches our heart as it lives in us, moves our body, breathes in us, expresses its Being within our physicality: a felt, direct, intimate experience in our whole being! Just Joy on a Joy Journey!!!!

The cat is out of the bag!

All creation rejoices when the sons of God wake up!!!!

All creation rejoices when the sons of God wake up!!!!

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