Flower Power!

Yesterday I was led by the Spirit of God to a church service in north coastal San Diego. When I got out of my car, far away from the church because the parking lot was full and overflowing, a woman joined me and told me that the crowd was here because this was the final sunday of the series on the 64 days of nonviolence. She shared that there was a very popular group called “Here II Here” performing, and the sermon was on Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech, “DARE to DREAM”. Before the final song, the children of the church came in, dressed like hippies, with tie dye clothing and flower power headbands, holding bouquets of white gerbera daisies.

A boy of about six to eight years old came up to me, handing me a beautiful, long stemed daisy. He paused beside me and noticed that his bouquet was tangled. He tugged on the stem of one of the tangled flowers, and the daisy bloom was so stuck in the rest of the blooms that the stem ripped apart leaving a jagged tear. In his hand was a broken stem with no flower on it. He looked shocked and a little bewildered, with his mouth hanging open, and I could almost hear his thoughts saying “Oh-oh, am I in trouble?” He looked at me searchingly and I mouthed the words “it is okay”, and smiled at him. He untangled the damaged flower with it’s stub of a damaged stem, handed it to me with a smile, and exuberantly bounded off to continue handing out flowers.

I looked down at the two flowers in my hands: one perfect and whole; the other damaged, wounded, with a jagged, torn, limited stem. I immediately noticed that one was whole and the other was broken. There was a representation of the perfect, divine wholeness and a representation of a human imperfection, which together made it imperfectly perfect!

I took the flowers out to the car, went inside to the concert that followed the service, then ran errands. When I finally returned home at about five o’clock, I found the broken flower was mostly dead: wilted, the petals hanging down, the jagged, torn stem was limp and lifeless. I quickly brought the flowers inside. I did surgery on the wounded stem and immersed it into water. I blessed it and spoke tenderly to the flower. I said “I still love you, you are still beautiful to me” as I saw parts of myself in that broken flower.

This morning I got up, and the broken, dying flower was WHOLE again: strong, vital, alive, and shining with the beauty that is a reflection of God. The dead had come back to life! As a line in the movie “Princess Bride” said “He was not dead, he was just mostly dead!” What parts of you are dead or mostly dead?

All we need as wounded, injured, sick, hurting, or “mostly dead” human beings is the Living Water of the Spirit of God! All we need is for someone to see the hidden, invisible light of God within our outward brokenness, so we can start to see it too. All we need is to be placed in the healing pool of living water.

Seek the Living Water. Don’t stop until you find the Living Water. Drink the Living Water. Immerse yourself in the Living Water! Become the living water for others who can’t see the Light of God and are wounded, hurting, alone, disconnected, injured, or cast down, or cast out.

Do the necessary surgery on the wound. Let Jesus, the Master Surgeon, do the deeper surgery on the hidden roots of the wound. Let go of the concept of brokenness. Let go of the idea that you could ever be disconnected from the lovingkindness and healing power of God. Let go of the belief that you could ever be separated from the love of Spirit. Let go of all beliefs and KNOW that you are already whole, you are already healed!

You merely need to let go, drop every old concept and belief, and FOLLOW Christ Spirit! It is already done. You were saved from your old ego self over 2000 years ago. It is already finished, and you just have to let go of the battle and say “Yes” to GRACE! As the lyrics of a song “It is Finished” by the Gaither Vocal Band says “It is finished, the battle is over. It is finished, there will be no more war. It is finished, the end of the conflict. It is finished and Jesus is Lord!” It is finished as soon as you accept that it is true! The old way is finished if you don’t bring it back to life by returning to the old concepts and beliefs of the world and the voice of the ego.

It is finished, the new heaven on earth is here now, ready, waiting in potential in your consciousness for you to WAKE UP! Jesus says “Come and SEE!” Come, drop everything, and follow me into the new heaven on earth. The second coming of Christ is into your own heart, and the heart of every human being who recognizes the call, says “yes”, and is raised with Christ into the heavenly consciousness here on earth, in your body!

Let go of the past and DIVE head first into the pool of living water. Bathe in it, splash in it, and PLAY in it!!! Become like a little child: trusting, joyful, playful, living in the present moment, spontaneous, and ALIVE! Stay well hydrated with the living water of Spirit by remembering to sip often during the day! If you start to feel dry or “desert-y”, take a shower in it! The living water will change your desert into a yummy, sweet, beautiful DESSERT! You can eat all you want of this dessert and you will never become fat!!! It is free and priceless! Say “Come Holy Spirit”, fill me again. Come Holy Spirit! As Oliver would say “I want some MORE, please!”

Come Holy Spirit, pour your powerful, life-giving rain down upon all the people of the earth!

Come Holy Spirit! Pour your Spirit down! When the rain starts to fall mightily, don’t get scared and run for shelter. Don’t cover your head! Sometimes, the high energy voltage of the Spirit of God can feel stressful or fearful because the person has never experienced the powerful sensations of the presence of the flow of the Holy Spirit. There is no past experience in the memory bank to compare it to. The brain, not knowing how to interpret the new data, or what to think, may interpret the high frequency energy as bad or negative stress. The mind may ignore or distract it’s self from feeling the strange sensations by getting physically busy, numbing with alcohol, or mindless television or internet watching, or even run to a worldly counselor, doctor, or therapist to get rid of this unwanted, negative stress INSTEAD of turning towards God, saying yes and opening to receive. The mind may be suspicious or distrusting of this strange sensation. The ego mind will reject anything that is different from itself, or whatever it can’t understand in it’s limited awareness.

When the rain starts pouring, lift your face to the heavens, and tear off your earthly clothing (everything you are covering yourself with or protecting or defending yourself against), consciously open every pore and every cell, and drink deeply! Get WET!!! As the lyrics to the song by the Weather Girls “Its Raining Men” says “I’m gonna go out. I’m gonna let myself get absolutely soaking wet!”

And when the Sun comes out and finally shines (it always will, as the rainbow of hope is always there, even though you can’t see it in the midst of the storm), BASK in the golden, warm, soothing, healing light and love of the Divine Sun beyond the physical sun! Open and receive all that the Spirit wants to give you, and is waiting to give you. Finally, send this light and love from your heart to the heart of mother earth, and all her inhabitants, and then watch them BLOOM!

Nature is the Art of God | Nature is the Art of God.

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13 Responses to Flower Power!

  1. Update on Flower Power:
    this morning, the so-called perfect flower with the long stem was limp and hanging over the vase. I had to let it transition to the trash to be recycled into a new form somewhere, sometime. The so-called imperfect, wounded, damaged, broken flower was perfectly whole and healthy and still shining with vitality this morning!


  2. james says:

    You know this was written on March 28, 2011. On March 28, 2012 i was in our garden meditating when the spirit told me that the “times of refreshing had come” and i recieved a picture in my mind of this giant waterfall comming down from the sky hitting the earth. I later understood it to mean that the outpouring was being given to us, also a new time was beginning like Aquarious. In Joel it talks about the former and latter rain comming down in the first month. That first month is Nissan which begins at the end of March. Let’s get under that water!


  3. Wow James, that is so awesome! Let it rain/reign!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Let it flow! Let it pour! Let’s get soaking wet and become water bearers for everyone we encounter!


  4. james says:

    Wo, I just read this again and it was powerful. It says a lot about now. yesterday afternoon I watched the sun as it brilliantly hopped in and out of the cold clouds above me. Towards the sunset I actually was praising the Holy Spirit so much that as I watched the beautiful light of the sun, I saw the Golden warm, healing light which looked like a cloak behind the physical sun that you speak about here! And in my comment above the waterfall that splits and goes to the right and left when it hits earth, the Lord told me the other day one is for chastisement and one is for healing. The peal of waterfall on the left is for the rebuking and chastisement of those that reject these precious gifts, and the one on the right is for the total healing and renewing of those that seek and love the Lord with all His gifts from heaven! It was quite the New Heaven on Earth here yesterday! Shaka!


    • Yessssss! So much manifestation of NHOEN now and revealing more and more Glory! So awesome! Thank you for sharing your experiences; so Good!!! I love what you were shown. I agree the fire of Love Light burns evil to incineration while it uplifts, radiantly shines and strengthens and gives the Spiritual Gifts those who Love God and Love others! So Good! All praise, honor, glory and thanks to God!!!


  5. Reblogged this on New Heaven on Earth! and commented:

    thank you james for reminding me of this old message; what is old is renewed for times such as these! May the flowers of Spring bloom in your heart and bring forth the fruits of Light, Righteousness and Holy Spirit!!!


    • james says:

      Wow, no kidding, and you have put lots of smiles on my heart since I found your blog. It is here now, all you have been talking about if we want it with all of those hearts that
      God gives to his children. Children is what he said we had to become, little ones!!!!!!


      • yes, child-like wonder, curiosity, awe, trust, joy, security, safety, and trust that all our needs are provided; all our needs supplied; all our requests given in Love from Our Heavenly Father whose Will is done on earth AS it is in heaven; the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Abba!
        “rejoice, again rejoice, the Lord is at hand; have no anxiety, just make your request known to Abba with thanksgiving and you will have the Peace that surpasses understanding and your heart and mind will be kept in Christ Jesus”

        At the Flower Power incident, I was sitting next to a young man at the concert after the service, who had the symptoms of a bad upper respiratory illness. I went into absorption into God singing a song at the concert. I stopped singing and thought “may all his symptoms leave; may he be completely healed and made whole in Jesus’ name” I noticed he immediately quit coughing, sniffling, wiping his running nose on his sleeve and sat up straighter in his chair in joy the whole rest of the concert! This is the Gift I received from my Abba and this is the Gift we can all give to each other in him! To God be the Glory!!!


  6. james says:

    Amen, you super God Girl! Let’s all get on board that ONE!


    • Let us get on board the Joy Journey in the new heavens on earth, Loving God and Loving each other; full of Light! radiating the Glory! manifesting the Presence! mirroring the Spirit of Truth! being the Peace! expressing the Essence of the one Living One!!! Come Water of Life, Flow!!! Soak us! Fill us!!! Overwhelm us with Goodness!!!


  7. Kirk says:

    This is my favorite post of yours that I’ve read thus far. I like the power of a good story. Flower Power!

    And it looks like your 10th anniversary is around the corner?
    I wonder how many words you have written? God knows 🙂

    Have you ever attended a Calvary Chapel Fellowship / Church!


    • yes I have! Rereading this post I see the carefree, childlike joy and wonder I had before my husband John died, and I hope that God our Father can restore it…I forgot what it was like with his stability, security, pragmatic, strong physical presence in my life…

      Liked by 1 person

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