What Are You Afraid Of?

Franklin Roosevelt said: “There is nothing to fear but fear itself”

Pogo said: “I have met the enemy and it is ME”

Raymond Charles Barker said: “Your only enemy is yourself and the only thing that can hold you back is your own mind”

I say: Do not fear anyone or anything but God, and you do not have anything to fear in God!

In the bible it says over and over again (>300 times) “DO NOT FEAR,” “Do not be afraid,” and “FEAR NOT.” We are not supposed to fear anything or anyone. We are not to fear God, rather to be in awe, reverence, wonder, and gratitude towards God. Do not fear at all, for there is ONLY GOD and “I am” that. There is no “other”; there is no enemy; there is only ONE! So, what are you afraid of? Fear is false evidence appearing real. Fear is an illusory delusion (redundant on purpose) appearing real to the ego. There is no fear in nonduality consciousness. There is no fear in oneness. There is fear only in illusory separation. Do not judge by physical, outward appearances.

What are you afraid of?

Find the fear within your own borders: your mind, thoughts, heart, beliefs, or soul. When you find it within, you don’t need to project it out in the world so it can be reflected or mirrored back to you, so that you are finally able to see it. We are triggered emotionally to give us the opportunity to make something hidden within us conscious, so we can heal the unhealed aspect within our own body. Once you find it within, shine the light of your conscious awareness on it. You will free up the energy that was frozen in the unhealed unconscious aspect, to begin to co-create the life you want to live instead of the unhappy life of triggers and upset.

Most of us, when we are triggered into emotional upset, blame the messenger, the triggering person or event. We blame or reject the messenger for the resulting hurt, pain or suffering instead of realizing the originating root of the upset was an unconscious, unhealed aspect of our own selves. The first step is the awareness of the real root cause of fear or psychic pain.

There is unhealthy fear: false evidence appearing real, and healthy fear: part of the internal guidance system from God to lead you away from danger and towards your good! The internal radar acts like a guiding angel to lead you on the straight path. An example of this guidance is the inner vibe that led people that worked in the twin towers to stay home on 9/11, run an errand first, miss their plane, or take a different flight that morning.

Fear is caused by feeling, thinking or believing that there is a separation between you and God. Fear is being disconnected from your true inner self. The truth is God is here now, within you and without, if you have “eyes to see and ears to hear.” Ernest Holmes said “The mystics taught that there is but One Ultimate Reality; and that this Ultimate Reality is here now, if we could but see it.” There is no separation between you and the Creator, the Most High Ground of Being, unless you yourself create a separation in your own mind, thoughts, or beliefs. The “fabric of our lives” IS GOD, the formless field of Divine Essence and connection. We are each a thread in the Divine Tapestry of Life! The invisible backing of all things is God. No visible physical thread is without this backing material. We live, move and have our being in this field of God formless substance. We are swimming in an ocean of formless God!

Our relationship with God is Oneness, not “how am I going to get from this lowly, unhappy, dark planet earth in the farthest region in our solar system to the light filled heaven where God is sitting on His Throne”. Our relationship to God the Spirit is in relationship to our actual or possible levels of consciousness. Is your relationship to God with the ego, duality, separate, limited or lacking consciousness? Or is your relationship to Spirit with the true self at the non-duality, expanded, higher divine consciousness level? Can you say with Jesus, “I and the Father are One? If you can answer affirmatively, you will never fear again!

Our relationship to God the Spirit is Oneness. Our goal is to wake up and realize that God is here now, in, and AS our very being, in our body, in our world, in the earth, in every grain of sand, in every cell, in every molecule, sub-molecular particle, and in every seemingly “empty” space. God-the-Spirit and God-the-Formless as darkless Dark, lightless Light, and divine Essence, is everywhere present, active, alive, fresh, new-every-moment, in all, as all, above all, within all, flowing through all, as the very substance and life force of our being! WOW! Talk about your AWE and WONDER!!! In this realization you suddenly feel very small in comparison with the Infinite, Unlimited Source (I must decrease so God can increase within me) and very BIG when in comparison with the old identification with the limited, lacking, negative ego mind (it is no longer I, the ego, that lives but the Christ consciousness within me). The realization tends to blow your mind and blast open your heart and soul! “O, Sweet Mystery of Life I have finally FOUND you!!!!!”

If we are not feeling, seeing, hearing, or tasting the goodness of God, the ERROR is on our own part. Somewhere, sometime, we have chosen, either consciously or unconsciously, to cut ourselves off from the flow of Spirit. We can never separate ourselves from the essence, the divine fabric of our lives, the Love and Light of God, but we can stop the life giving flow of the Spirit. We can conceal the light of God with our own mind in ignorance. We can block or obstruct the divine flow with negative thoughts, negative emotions, bad habits, distracted or busy minds, negative beliefs, harmful words, and lowering our vibrations by focusing on the lack, limitations, restrictions, or lies of the ego or worldly consciousness. As I have said before, “STOP, DROP, and ROLL” (see the post “How to Deal with Tsunamis and Earthquakes” if you don’t know what I mean by stop, drop, and roll).

Emerson said to get our “bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits”. Get out of your own way. Get your fearful ego out of the way so the divine circuit can be reconnected within you. Let go and let God. We are shown our errors, mistaken thinking, “stinkin’ thinkin'”, and the times we miss the mark completely, so that we can change our mind, “put on the mind of Christ”, elevate our view, expand our perception, and therefore change our interpretation of upsetting events or situations that arise in our lives. We are shown the errors of others (triggering messengers, people or situations) so that we can unearth our own hidden wounds, or unhealed aspects within our psyche, and see ourselves and others from the innocent perception of a child. There is only love or a call to love (Course in Miracles). As the Beatles said “All you need is love!” La, la, la, la, la!

The negatives, or unhealed aspects in our own being, are revealed to us by Spirit uncovering the veil from our eyes, so we can lift the trigger, the messenger in disguise, the so-called “other” up to God, intercede for them, and us (we are all one), and enter the peace of God that passes all understanding once again! The flaws, faults, or negativity of ourselves, others, or our experiences are disguised gifts to wake us up, help us to realize the truth, heal our old wounds, and return us to oneness with God, ourselves, and each other, and finally SET US ALL FREE!

WE ARE ONE! We are only disguised as separate bodies. We are spirits in human suits. We are God in a costume (Authentic Kabbalah). We are one family, one tribe, one human race, one religion: LOVE and KINDNESS, one heart, one mind, one Spirit, and one divine consciousness. Play well, live fully, dance to the song of life, laugh often, love fully, and rest in the still, silent, loving arms of God!

“One heart, One Love, Lets get together and feel alright!”  Here II Here

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3 Responses to What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. Yesterday after writing this blog message, I went to the hospital to see patients. In one of my interactions we were talking about the wonders of nature and the beauty of nature as it is not man-made, but arises from the soil, nourishment, and nurturing of God. The woman said how amazed she was that everything was DIFFERENT in nature, infinite varieties, and every snowflake, grain or sand, or blade of grass was different. I replied that it was also amazing that everything was SIMILAR, as everything in nature contains the same fractal patterns such as the spiral, the golden mean, and the same atoms as God. Completely different and completely similar; BOTH are true at the same time, the paradox of life. We are all fully human AND fully spiritual beings at the same time, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    In the booklet published by Unity entitled “Let Go and Let God: Lent 2011” today’s message said “Following the teachings of Jesus means accepting and embracing those who are different from me, knowing that we are all one in the love of God. As I spend time communing with God, I grow in spiritual understanding, and I find that my capacity for love grows as well. I will never know exactly what another person’s life experience is like, but I can treat everyone [despite different religion, beliefs, culture, looks, speech, personality] with consideration and genuine regard.” We are all one. We are called now to offer unconditional love, acceptance, and belonging to all of the human family. Practice radical acceptance, radical agape love, radical welcoming and belonging.

    When we are tempted to judge another person, be suspicious of their beliefs, distrust their motives, and see only the differences, remember that the Holy Spirit always knows at least one more thing about a person than you do. Oswald Chambers said “God continually introduces us to people for whom we have no affinity, and unless we are worshipping God [entering the actual Presence of God] the most natural thing to do is to treat them heartlessly.” Instead of welcoming the seemingly different “other” with an open heart, you may close your heart and treat them unconsciously or consciously HEARTLESSLY. This is particularly stinging and painful when it comes from so-called religious people who in fact are religious in intellect or mind only, and have never had their heart transformed by the power and presence of the living Holy Spirit within their heart, body and life. They are religious but not spiritual. We are called to be BOTH: external religion and internal spirituality.

    Jesus said do not judge by outward physical appearances. Remember we are all one, more similar than any outward differences. We are all one heart, one mind, one Spirit! One Love, One Heart, Let’s get together and FEEL alright! BE Peace!!!

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  2. Michele says:

    I really liked this entry on the topic of fear. I took that into my heart for the evening at choir rehearsal and it lasted–well, most of the evening until I faltered! The sermon our pastor gave recently on not judging or deciding for ourselves who is going to heaven is right in line with your response as well. I think I shared the link with you a while ago. Thank you!!


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