The Word of God

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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The word of God is Truth. The word of God is powerful. The word of God is Light! The word of God is the presence of Spirit, and the power to heal and be made whole!

“Let us therefore strive to enter that REST…for the WORD of God is LIVING and ACTIVE, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. And before him no creature is hidden, but all are OPEN and laid bare to the EYES of him with whom we have to do” (Hebrews 4:11-13).

Human words can be very hurtful and wounding. Write on a piece of paper “words” over and over about 6-8 times with no space between the words. Then step back and notice what jumps out at you:


Human words can be used as a sword that cut to the heart and wound us deeply. You cannot take back hurtful words. They may be invisible to the human eye, but they are a very real negative energy. Being a sensitive empath, I am particularly aware of the effect that angry or vitriolic words can have on our hearts. I was the recipient of very hurtful words once from someone very close to me that I love. I felt physical pain in my heart after he left, as if I had been physically wounded. I went to a healing service at St. James a short time later, and when it was my turn with the prayer ministers, the woman of the two person prayer team said she could see a sword in my heart. She pulled it out, laid hands on me, and prayed. With the energetic hand of Christ over her human hand, my heart was healed and made whole. My heart pain went away immediately and has not come back!

The words of God are not the physical words made of ink on a page of a bible. The words of God are not the stone tablet that Moses brought down from the mountain top. The word of God is not static, written in stone, or words written millenniums ago. The word of God is “not in a written code but in the Spirit; for the written code kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Cor 3:6). The word of God is living, active, and is here now; always fresh, always new, even though it was spoken or written ages ago! The word of God carries the living imprint of light, energy and divine information!

The word of God is written on your heart, “NOT written with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts” (2 Cor 3:3). The same verses also say YOU are a love letter from Christ! You have the words of God written on your heart, to be KNOWN and read by all. We all need to wake up and get the message! You can only discover the words written on your heart by starting to meditate daily. Once you get the truth that is written on your heart, then you can share that message to all you meet! Share the good news, but you have to possess the good news to share it! There is an ancient scroll hidden in the cave of your heart. Excavate it and bring it to the light of day. Take it to heart and share it with the world! The discovery within of ancient texts is far more impressive a discovery than the dead sea scrolls, the Nag Hammadi scrolls, or the latest discovery of ancient religious texts in Jordan!

Those who are following the written code on stone, or the literal words written in the bible or the koran, or any old sacred writing, without letting the living Spirit of God interpret the words in todays present moment context and deeper mystical spiritual meaning, can become radical, too far to the right of center, or even use the old stone writings to kill. “The written code kills” (2 Cor 3:6). This is what happened in the inquisition, the Salem witch trials, the Florida pastor burning the koran, the terrorists of 9/11, the conflict in the middle east, killing an abortion doctor, protesting at military funerals, leaving the church because of gay clergy, etc., etc. The written code has been used to justify slavery, misogyny, sexual slavery by the Taliban, denying women to be pastors in the evangelical fundamentalist christian churches, etc., etc.

The word of God is not the physical words written on a page. It is the living Spirit behind the words. It is the living Light that shines through the vehicle of the letters. When you read the words out loud, it is the impact that the sound makes in your cells as the vibration of light informs your cells by the language of the light. The vibration creates a coherent pattern in your cells through entrainment. You attune to the vibration of light through the sacred words. Your body comes into alignment with the formless Source of God!

It is not the word itself that has power, it is the effect it has in the body, in the heart, and in the cells. The words are just the vehicle that delivers the message. The words are just the carrier of the light of God. The light is the carrier of the energy. The energy is the carrier of the Light. The Light is the carrier of information, the Divine Intelligence. The Divine information is the carrier of the imprint of the Divine Source. Feel the sacred words in your body. Drink in the sacred words. Savor the sacred words. Taste the sacred words. Hear the sacred words with the ears of your heart. Smell, see, sense, contemplate, and become the word. Be the word! “O taste and see that the Lord is good!” Tasting the word of God is called synesthesia, a part of the new heaven on earth. Taste the Light of God!

The word of God is Jesus, the light of God; the true light that came into the world to enlighten all human beings. The word is Christ, or the Spirit embedded in matter. The word is not the ink, the page, the paper, the tree the paper came from, or even the bible itself. There is meaning behind the words, but the word of God is not the meaning itself. It is the experience of the word, but not the experience itself. It is the exegesis of the word of God, but it is far more than the critical intellectual or theological interpretation. It is the way it makes you feel, but not the feeling itself. The word of God is greater than any concept, thought, feeling, sensation or experience. The word of God is not the thing itself, not the word itself, but what it points to! The word is a signpost, a symbol, a pointer, a messenger (don’t kill the messenger or reject the messenger!). The word is a symbol standing for the hidden thing itself.

What is the hidden thing itself?

What is Light? energy and information

What is energy? movement of hidden divine particles and waves

What is information? formless divine intelligence

What is formless divine intelligence? God-consciousness

What is consciousness? awareness of God

What is meta consciousness? awareness of awareness; or awareness of the formless Source of God!!!

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