Open Letter to All Pastors, Ministers, Priests and Churches

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Dear Churches,
I am sending you this message because it is critical right now for all of humanity to wake up to the truth of what Jesus came to earth to teach: reconciliation with God, oneness with God the Father, freedom from all bondage, the possibility of healing, wholeness, and transformation, deliverance from all evil, and liberation from bondage to all unnecessary dogma/doctrine and man-made Pharisee-like religious rules.
I ask you to read all the messages contained in this blog. The first message in this blog is entitled: “Hello New World”, the second: “How to Deal with Tsunamis and Earthquakes”; an important message is “What Are You Afraid Of?” and “How to Remove Obstacles and be set free” etc.  I was called to start writing this blog and to spread it as widely as possible. I am following the call.  I have been told that the Holy Spirit will guide me. I was instructed to send it to you. I have been told that the Holy Spirit will guide people to the message who need the living water and living bread of Christ Jesus. I am a messenger, the Holy Spirit is the power to change, and God the Father is doing the work! If you have eyes to see and ears to hear, please send these messages to your congregations as well.
Jesus came to earth to bring new life to humans through transformation and rebirth by the power of the Holy Spirit into our original identity as “made in the image and likeness of God”. Salvation (healing) is available right now; no one has to wait to die, no one has to wait for an outward event in history. It is critical that people wake up to the truth that right now is the time to ask the Holy Spirit to transform each heart and mind, to cleanse and purify each body, so they may enter the new heaven on earth consciousness that is available right now. This will make it possible for humanity to move forward in peace and oneness, and the physical new heaven on earth can become manifest in the physical world for all to see. If God’s children won’t wake up and see the living Christ here now, how can we expect those who do not believe, or do not know God at all to see and enter?
Why do you keep asking for Jesus to return when he is here right now already? He has been here on earth for over 2000 years and he is not recognized. His kingdom has been here for the same amount of time and yet no one is seeing it. Please help your congregation to see it is already DONE. It is finished, and Jesus is waiting for his children to wake up and COME and SEE. Jesus is waiting for all human beings to wake up and accept the grace, accept the gifts, accept the promises of God, accept the promises of Abraham, accept the inheritance of the kingdom of God here now, and accept the truth that it is already done. “Awake O sleeper, and arise from the dead (unconscious, asleep, ignorant of the truth), and Christ shall give you light” (Eph 5:14).
Death and the devil were overcome by Jesus, so why are you still asking people to say they are sinful, instead of giving them the truth that they have full access right now to oneness with God through the great sacrifice of Jesus, to be completely transformed by the renewal of their minds and hearts in Christ Jesus. It was done on the cross ONCE and FOR ALL: we are not sinners unless we have rejected the grace, or rejected the free gift of wholeness, healing, transformation, and salvation right here right now. It is already done. The only sinning you can do is to reject what Jesus already accomplished. The only sin is not accepting the truth that we are already made one with the Father with Jesus. All anyone needs to do is accept it, say “Yes” to God, and ask the Holy Spirit to come and make you new right now: not after you die, NOW.
The end of the earthly spiritual journey is not asking Jesus into your heart, or believing that you are saved and going to heaven, or repeating a creed over and over. We are to ask the Holy Spirit to transform every cell, every molecule of our body, every thought, feeling, belief, word, and deed. But that is not the end either. We are to ask without doubting,to know the truth, to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the truth, empty ourself of all of our old negative distorted thoughts and beliefs, surrender our ego, bow down our ego, and open to receive the new nature, the new creation, and the new life. It does not end there either. We must persist in prayer (consciously connecting with the Spirit of God with our mind through the heart) until the peace that passes all understanding descends into your body and you feel the shift in the energy within your body, and you start to see the manifestation of the spirit working in your body and your life. It is a real change and a real manifestation, not just an idea or concept. This is only the beginning of the spiritual journey here on earth.
When the Holy Spirit is felt within the body, and you keep your mind in Christ, you will start to see the transformation unfold into your outer life as well. “That they should seek God, in the hope that they might FEEL after him and FIND him. Yet he is not far from each one of us, for ‘in him we live, move, and have our being” (Acts 17:27-28). We are surrounded by a sea of God and most don’t know they are already surrounded by the living presence of God (see blog messages “The Word of God” and “The Big Question: Who or What is God”). When the heart is enlightened by the light of Jesus (John 1:9; Ephesians 1:18), when the eyes of the heart open, the spiritual eyes open, and the ears of the heart are opened, you can see the kingdom, hear the still small voice of  God, enter and eat of the fruits of the Spirit and the fruit of the tree of life. The leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of all nations. The tree of life is unity, oneness, and wholeness of all in God. The old way, before Jesus died and rose again, was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or duality consciousness. It is already finished. Wash your robes so you may be allowed access to the tree of life (remove the old negative beliefs and coverings/veils/false garments of the worldly beliefs, remove the ego garment, remove the false self garment that is mistakenly separating itself from God). Oneness in the tree of life is now possible if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.
The devil, or adversary, wants people to think they can’t have access to God here in the body on this earth. The devil wants you to stay a sinner (missing the mark) and not remembering the truth about Jesus. The devil wants you to think you are a sinner, unworthy, guilty etc. Jesus already saved us, delivered us from evil, conquered evil, conquered death, overcame the world, set us free and reconciled us to be one with the Father here now on earth. WAKE UP! It is finished and we are one with the Father and remade into the likeness of Jesus now IF we believe it, accept the truth and ASK the Holy Spirit to wash, regenerate, and make us whole and brand new again. This is possible right here, right now by the Power of the Holy Spirit. All of heaven is conspiring with God right now for all humanity to wake up! God’s light is here on earth in an exponentially stronger presence right now, and heaven needs every one of God’s children to wake up and see it, and spread it, and walk in the light of God. The Spirit of God is waiting right here beside each person saying “when will you wake and remember the truth that Jesus came to earth to END the sin, the separation, the suffering, the struggle. It is already done. You do not need to struggle, effort, be sick, or depressed anymore. Christ is risen and has been for over 2000 years. Wake up and enter the kingdom here on earth that is already present in consciousness. Once entered into in awareness, it can manifest for all in the physical world.
The inner spiritual person is within each human body, and only needs to be recognized and allowed by the Holy Spirit to unfold and be manifest on the outside as well as the inside. The Holy Spirit is powerful and living and active and waiting for each heart to say “YES”, waiting for each person to say “Come Holy Spirit”, and believe it is possible for God to totally transform each mind and each heart and each body right now. Ask and Receive! Too many are not willing, or allowing, or open enough to receive all that Christ Spirit is trying to give you right now. Jesus died and rose to overcome separation and disease. They are already overcome; it is already finished. So why do you doubt and reason and rationalize it away? Why are you focusing all of your energy and attention to the left side of the brain, the rational, logical, thinking brain when you could be living and using a transformed, whole brain.  Why live a partial life apart from the Spirit of God when you can live a whole life, one with God, and reaping all the benefits of the spiritual gifts? Are you not preaching this because you yourself have not accepted the truth? Have you not been transformed by the renewal of your mind? Have you not received the new clean heart of Jesus? Have you not been baptised yet by the Holy Spirit? Have you not been born again from above? Everything is now possible with God. Wake up and believe and ask the Holy spirit to Come!
“Come Holy Spirit” pour your living water down and into every person on earth. If it happened to me, an imperfect vessel, then it can happen to every person right now. God showed me, now I am called to show you.
We are God’s children, we are all sons and daughters of the Most High, made in the image and likeness of God. We have already been forgiven, reconciled, and given the keys to the kingdom by Jesus. We do not have to reinvent the wheel or rediscover fire. It is DONE! It is finished! All we need do is say “yes”, let go of the past, open, believe without doubting, and receive it now. Why do you think it is some future event? Why do you think heaven is only after you die? The devil wants people to believe they must still suffer and struggle and have to wait for death to be free and whole and one with God. The devil wants you to believe you have to wait for an external, outward second coming of Christ to be transformed into wholeness and oneness with God. NO WAY. There is no way to Jesus, Jesus IS the WAY! The second coming is into each heart of his believers. Jesus changed everything and made it possible for all to be free and whole. He has already conquered all sin, death, and the devil. WAKE up and preach that the kingdom of God is HERE NOW. Wholeness, Oneness, and Freedom are the gifts from Jesus’ great sacrifice so we could all be free right now! “For freedom Christ has set us FREE” “If the Son of Man sets you free you are free indeed”. Please stop listening to the devil who says we are still sinners and unworthy. WE ARE NOT, we have already been forgiven. “Before you call, I will answer” (Isaiah 65:24). “Before you go into labor, before you have pain, I will deliver you. Who has heard such a thing? Who has seen such things” (Isaiah 66:7-8). I have and you can too! We have already been healed by Jesus’ stripes, you just have to accept it into your awareness and know it to be true by experiencing it here now on earth.
We are royal children of God, one with the Father, and made in God’s image. Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. This is the TRUTH. Don’t settle for second best. Don’t settle for good when you can have the best. Don’t try to be good and moral, be transformed! Don’t project your goodness and hope to a future heaven after you are dead. You don’t need hope, belief, and blind faith when you can know God directly by experiencing the Spirit in your own body, and have the substance and evidence of the unseen here and now. With God all things are possible now. Don’t let Jesus’ sacrifice be wasted by keeping people in the dark, remaining unconscious to the truth, and beguiled under the false teachings of the devil in disguise as religious leaders/teachers/dogmas/old doctrines, or imperfect theology from the ego of men.
The ego is separate from God, lacking and limited, but you and I are not our egos. We have an ego that is separate from God, but we can unite our minds with Christ Jesus and become one once again. We can unite our hearts and our minds in  Christ and give our egos the job of turning every thought over to God. We can live from our higher expression as a human being, and our higher mind united with God. We are not just our bodies. We are much, much more. We can unite our body, mind, emotions, soul, and spirit to be one with the Spirit of God. We are really our true higher selves, the inner spiritual being, and all we need do is ask the Holy spirit to come and transform and unfold the inner to the outer. Just wash your robes and become white (let Christ clothe you with the white light of the Father) and enter the kingdom that is here now in your heart. As soon as enough people do the same, the new heaven on earth can manifest in the physical earth for all who are ready to believe and accept the truth.
 Please quit teaching separation and division between religions and especially between muslims and Christians. “Be Eager to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” (Eph 4:3). “Christ is all, and in all…there is no partiality… Christ is our LIFE” (Colossians 3).There is only one God, one Spirit, one heart, one mind, one body in Christ (Eph 4). This is the same mind that is in the muslim, the hindu, and the buddhist. Have unity in the bond of peace. If you can’t see that it is the same God, the same One Spirit in every religion, just expressed in some very different words, rituals, and outward religious dogma, then you can’t help bring God’s kingdom of peace to fruition (the peaceful kingdom in Isaiah 11). Jesus did not preach separation or division. He did not ask people if they were saved or what religion they were. Jesus didn’t care if you were a woman or a man, a jew or a gentile, a slave or a king, a sinner or a saint. The same sun shines on the good and the evil. Jesus knew all human beings were made in the image and likeness of God and were just ignorant or asleep to their true identity. Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing. The ego judges, criticizes, sees only differences, and is suspicious of anything other than itself. The ego projects its own inner darkness and separation from  God outside itself, or external to itself, and judges the “other” as wrong or evil. Jesus knew we are all ONE in God. He knew that we are all children of God and just are unconscious, ignorant, and asleep to the truth. He changed all that, so won’t you please wake up and teach the oneness of all of God’s creation? The new heaven on earth is already here for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is already here, but can’t be entered into with a divided mind or divided heart.
Christianity is creating a division in the minds and hearts of God’s people. This is creating idols, separating things from God, saying “this is Christ and that is not Christ”. An idol is anything or anyone that is separated from God. The truth is that we are all connected, and all interdependent on each other, and dependent on God. There is NO where that God is not present, thanks to Jesus’ great sacrifice. He died to the old way, descended to hell, conquered death and evil, and rose to the highest heavens to bring the presence of God to fill ALL things and ALL people. NO division, no separation, except in the free choice of the human ego mind that separates still, divides still, sees the differences instead of the Christ above all, in ALL, and through all. Please open your spiritual eyes and SEE Christ is in the muslim, in the Jew, in the buddhist, in the tao, in the hindu, and in the new age hippy. Christ is in all, as all.  It is only the egoic mind that is seeing them as different. If you can’t see as Christ sees, then you are preaching from the ego, not the inner spiritual man. All anyone needs is the living water of the Spirit of God, the breath of the Holy Spirit, and the living bread of Christ. All other needs are pointing to the root need for God. All diseases, suffering, stress, and pain are caused by the root cause of separation from the higher self that is one with God. Got Spirit? Got Life? Got the new heaven on earth consciousness? If not, why not?
PLEASE open your eyes and see the kingdom of God is here right now; the new heaven on earth is here now. God is waiting for everyone to wake up and accept this into their heart and mind and THEN He can manifest it in the physical realm for all to see. COME and SEE, Jesus said. It is NOW HERE! Enter the kingdom now and bring your congregation into the kingdom now. Pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for all. Lay hands and pray, anoint, heal, do miracles in the name of Jesus, and let your congregations feel the Spirit of God. Empower your congregations by giving them the baptism of the Holy Spirit. If Christians can’t see, those who profess to follow Jesus, how do you expect the other religions to see? Gandhi said he loved Christianity, he just had never met a true Christian. St Augustine said in 1569 “That which is now called the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist from the planting of the human race until Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion which already existed began to be called Christianity”.
There is only one religion: LOVE : love for God and love for each other as we are all one, and all are in the One God. There is one God and one religion, but it is interpreted SO differently by everyone. It is a perceptual problem, a difference in interpretation only. Take the higher view. Put on the mind of Christ and see the bigger picture, and the higher view. See as God sees. The sun shines equally on the saint and the sinner, on the good and the evil. It is up to each one to open and accept the healing rays that are offered to all. It is up to each to lift their face and receive the living rain that fall upon all equally. There is only one God. There is only ONE Spirit of God. The world needs to wake up and stop grieving the Spirit of God. Each religion has some truth AND many errors from the  limitation of the egoic mind of man. All need to wake up and see the Christ Spirit, as the golden thread that unites and links all people and all faiths and all religions. Idols are all that is separated from the One God. Christianity is also making itself an idol by separating itself and making itself above others instead of seeing Christ as One and in all things and all people. Woe to the church that separates anything from God.
The time is now. The time is critical. This is the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. This is the end of the old ways and the beginning of the new way of the heart, the path of love, the way that Jesus taught. It is not for some future time. It is NOW that contains all past, future, and present. All is here now in consciousness. There is no time in the spiritual realm, time is a man-made concept, and is relative. Jesus was, is, and is to come all at the same time. Jesus is the same yesterday, now, and forever. Christ has always been and always will be, he is the beginning and the end. Christ is already here, the kingdom of God is already here in our midst in every heart, even though it is hidden and unconscious in so many.
Revelation chapters 21-22 does not speak of some future event, it is coming into physical manifestation now, and IS NOW HERE in consciousness/awareness! It is here already if you have eyes to see and ears to hear (it is definitely here already in our consciousness) and it is already here if you have allowed the Holy Spirit to transform you and make you whole and one with God. The second coming is into each heart that will accept Christ Spirit, and when a critical mass occurs, all will accept God as immanent in their bodies and within their minds, and in our midst, and the inward new heaven on earth will manifest outwardly for all to see. I see it now, I experience it now, and it is critical for all of God’s children to wake up and allow the Holy Spirit to purify, refine, and make white (Daniel 12:10), wash their robes so they may enter the new heaven on earth that is here right now.
Right now the new heaven on earth is here, if people just wake up and accept the free gift of salvation/healing, and the kingdom of God that already came to earth over 2000 years ago. What are people waiting for? Quit looking outside yourself, or external to yourself, and see that Christ is right here. Christ is here now if you have eyes to see and ears to hear! Christ is patiently waiting for people to invite him into their hearts so he can make his second coming into the heart of every person on earth bringing the world to oneness; One God with many different expressions and religions; One God with One Spirit that is interpreted in infinite variety of ways. ALL ONE! Zechariah 14:9 says, “And the Lord will become King over all the earth; on that day the Lord will be one and his name one”. The new name for God in Revelations is “the word of God”: oneness. The word of God is the light, the sound vibration, and frequency of God. If you listen, and bring the vibrations of God into your heart, you will entrain to the frequency of God, align and attune to God, and you will transform in body, mind, emotions, mind, and soul. Be one with God. Be one by uniting everything that you separated from yourself: enemies, those you blame or don’t forgive, those you see as different from yourself, unwanted fragments or aspects of yourself that you disowned, those you are suspicious of, and those  you reject and judge as bad or wrong. Love your enemies as Jesus said. Resist not evil, as Jesus taught.
Don’t resist anything, but instead bring the light of God to everything. Bring the light of God to all darkness within you. Bring the light of Spirit to every negative thought and  belief. Bring the light of God to every separation, division, or anything you have placed outside of God, including evil or the devil. When God met with the Sons of God in heaven, the devil was one of them. The so-called evil doers or the devil are also servants of God, and have the absolutely hardest roles to play to bring all people back to the One Spirit and the unity in the one God. Stirring up the darkness so we can wake up and bring the light of God to it to heal and become whole and one again, is the most hated role a servant of God can undertake. It is the most hated and despised role chosen by only the bravest and most courageous for the highest good of all. What if Judas agreed to play the most hated role in the passion story to allow the whole world to heal and be transformed through the light of the risen Christ? Jesus knew he came to die to all the old rules, beliefs, miscreations, negativity, evil, death, disease, etc. It was all a part of a plan that is hard for anyone to grasp from the old ego human view. The disciples couldn’t grasp it, and Jesus said to Peter “Get thee behind me Satan” when he said Jesus shouldn’t die. Only Mary Magdalene, in her wisdom from being healed and transformed completely by Jesus, knew the real purpose for dying, resurrecting, and ascending. She anointed him for death, stayed with him at the cross when all the male disciples hid or denied him, and went to him first, and was given the calling to be the apostle to the apostles and announce that he had risen.
When you allow God to heal you, expand your territory, expand your view, and allow your mind to be transformed, and allow your heart to be enlightened, you are able to see the deeper mystery and that things are not how they seem on the surface. Do not judge by outward physical appearances. Go within and seek the truth in your inner secret, sacred holy chamber in your heart. The truth is hidden in your heart. The ancient scroll is in your heart. The light of God is deep within your sacred heart. Let the Holy Spirit reveal the truth to you in your deepest heart.
God is all there is unless you separate something outside of God by your human mind. God is all there is and is everywhere present unless you refuse to accept it. If you forgive on earth it is forgiven, if you loose something on earth it is loosed. If you separate someone or something from the oneness of God, it is separated. Stop creating separation and division, and come back to oneness and wholeness with God. Adultery is focusing your attention on anything apart from God. Spiritual marriage is “the two shall become one”. Each human being is to become one with God. Be one with God and quit fooling around by dividing your attention between God and the world. Bring the Spirit of God into every part of your world. Bring the Spirit of God into your body. Bring the knowledge and light of the Spirit of God into every thought, every feeling, every action, every movement, every image, every religion, every cell, every breath, every blade of grass, every person you see, and even when you look in the mirror. See only God, for all there is is in God. We can never be all that God is. God is infinite. But everything that we are IS GOD. We are surrounded by God. We are enfolded into the fabric of God. We are all threads in the tapestry of God. There is nothing separate from God unless you make it so by your thoughts and beliefs. You have the same mind that is in Christ. You also have the free will and the free choice to choose to align your thoughts, words, and deeds with God or apart from God. The personal responsibility is to choose God, choose goodness, choose unity, choose, oneness, choose to see Christ in all instead of division, separation, and evil.
Some of you do altar calls for people to ask Jesus into their hearts, but why do you not take the congregation to the next critical step: asking the Holy Spirit to COME and heal, transform, transmute, rebuild, restore the original divine blueprint and DNA, regenerate the body into Christ’s glorious body, and restore the oneness with the Father right now? Why do you ignore the Mother of God who comforts, nurtures, nourishes, brings the wisdom of God, and feeds her children the spiritual food? (Isaiah 66:10-14; Proverbs chapters 1-4 and 8-9).  Rev 21:9 says, “Come I will show you the Bride, the WIFE of the lamb”. Jesus is the lamb; don’t ignore the wife of the lamb, the feminine. It is the key to the new heaven on  earth. It is the immanence of God, the God within, God in our midst, and in our hearts, minds, and bodies!
Please start preaching the GOOD NEWS that Jesus is alive here now, and is waiting to be asked to heal and transform everyone into his likeness every day more and more so the whole world can be FREE and at peace! No one need wait until they die to die and be raised with Jesus. Being dead in the ground is the condition of the ego being unconscious and in the dark of the knowledge of the true identity in God, one with God. It is possible every moment to wake up and enter the kingdom. The whole world needs more and more people to wake up and start spreading the good news. Walk in the light with the Spirit, and the light will spread faster and ignite the whole world to wake up to the truth. The new heaven on earth is available now. “Now is the acceptable time” (2 Cor 6:2). Now is the time to wake up and smell the fragrance of God here on earth. Now is the time to open the eyes of your heart and see Christ on earth. Now is the time to wake up in consciousness and awake from sleep of unconsciousness. Stop living as if God were impotent or separate from us, and quit seeing the tribulation in the world instead of all the signs and wonders of the Spirit. Quit focusing on problems and fears instead of focusing on God. Turn toward God, open your hearts and minds and allow the Holy Spirit to transform, wash, cleanse, remove obstructions to being one with the Father, heal, transform, transmute, renew, restore, rebuild, and regenerate you (make white, make new) so you can enter the new heaven on earth (God is already here in our midst) and eat of the tree of life.
Stop looking for the antichrist, and SEE the Christ right here right now. Do you not recognize him? Stop looking for signs. The kingdom is here now! The kingdom of God is at hand, within, and in your midst now. Stop looking to old prophecy and look here and now and SEE that Christ is RISEN and HERE NOW and has been for over 2000 years. He is waiting for people to wake up, to get to a level of spiritual evolution that they can BEAR the truth that Christ is here, hidden within each person, living, active, powerful and waiting for his children to ask the Holy Spirit to transform them into the original sons and daughters of God. The two shall become one; one in God. Jesus said he wanted us all to be one with the Father as he was one with the Father. What are you waiting for? Why are you still suffering and living in sorrow and pain as if Christ is not alive and active in you and the world ? Why are you not able to recognize and accept his presence and power to transform the whole world. There is no more disease, sorrow or suffering for those who allow (surrender all) the Holy Spirit to remake them in the image of God and to transform the mind so the past miscreations of the ego can be wiped away. Surrender and let go of the past and all the old dogma and belief that was created by a limited human mind that was separated from God. Don’t listen to the world, science, or theologians, even though they are well-meaning and have partial truths. The mystery of the ages wants to be revealed now. Listen to Christ. Listen to the Holy Spirit as she tries to wake you up to remembrance of all that Jesus really taught while he was on earth.
 Jesus is alive and here on earth NOW! Romans 4:17 “In the presence of the God in whom he believed, who gives life to the dead (those who are asleep to the truth, unconscious and unaware that Christ is risen and here on earth right now) and calls into existence the things that do not exist”. The invisible is made visible by your believing, waking up to it, and accepting it in awareness. Believing is seeing, not seeing is believing. Faith is the evidence of the unseen, and I have seen the evidence everywhere. Miracles are our natural state if you allow the Holy Spirit to be in control in your life. The supernatural is natural if you have allowed the Holy Spirit to transform and heal you into wholeness and oneness with God. The extraordinary is ordinary if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is now possible for every person to wake up and see Christ, wake up and see the effects and manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and to see the angels and spiritual beings and heavenly host, the great cloud of witnesses, that are here to help and guide and bring all to the felt inner knowledge of the presence and power of God here on earth. Wake up! Come and SEE! It is accomplished within the heart first, and then you will start to see it in the manifest outer world.
Revelation is NOW. The new heaven on earth is NOW, if everyone will just drop the old beliefs, old dogma, old theologies, old doctrines, old negative core beliefs, negative or distorted thoughts, and surrender the old mind and old heart to Jesus, and open and receive the grace of salvation and healing right NOW, allowing you to transform. Please wake people up to the truth that it is all possible now. “Put on the new nature created after the likeness of God” (Ephesians 4:17-24). Put on the Christ Jesus, put on the mind of Christ, and receive the new Christ heart to replace the stony heart. “Create in me a clean heart oh God. Renew a right spirit within me”. Let God put new flesh on your dry bones. Let God create a new living stream in the desert of your existence.
It is possible NOW with the higher mind of Christ Jesus that is in you, not by the limited egoic human mind of the lower false self. We all have a greater, deeper, higher mind. All must transform, expand, and allow themselves to be evolved spiritually through the power and might of the Holy Spirit right now. It is critical for our world for all human beings to transform into the likeness of God now. You can’t do it on your limited human will power or human intentions. You must be empowered by the Holy Spirit and through spiritual intention.
Empty yourself of the old and empty yourself of your ego. Stop having stiff necks, hardened hearts, and closed minds; and open and receive what the Holy Spirit is trying to do right now: change everyone into the likeness of Jesus. The old Adam human being is dead and gone, the NEW prototype is Jesus: whole, complete, perfect, and one with the Father. We are of the new Christ Jesus prototype, having died to the old human with Jesus willingly, we can be raised with Christ into divine consciousness with Jesus, re-made in the image and likeness of God, doing EVERYTHING that Jesus did and EVEN GREATER things because we now have the Holy Spirit to transform and empower us. WAKE UP!
“Look not to the things seen but to the things that are unseen” (2 Cor 4:18).
I pray “that God may be everything to every one” (1 Cor 15:28b). I pray “come Holy Spirit”, heal, transform and unite all people once again.
The resurrection of the body is here now on earth 1Cor 15:35-56 Let the Holy Spirit transfigure your body into the glorious body of Christ. God gave us the victory already, it is already done and finished: wake up and accept it and act on it.
God’s works were finished from the foundation of the world: won’t you wake up and let God work in and through you to wake everyone else up? It is time to enter into God’s rest, to rest in the heart of Christ, to enter the age of ease and oneness with God. It is time to be healed and transformed by the Holy Spirit and become co-creators with God in the new heaven on earth. God is a movement and a rest. Move with the Spirit of God and rest in the heart of God.
Empty yourself completely; give all your crosses to Jesus; nail your mistakes on the cross of Jesus, let go of your ego, let go of your lower, lesser mind, surrender your ego mind, bow down your ego, let go of the past and everything you believe or were taught about Jesus, and let the Holy Spirit fill you and teach you the NEW, so you can KNOW without a shadow of a doubt the truth of the living, active, immanent Spirit of God. Bow down your heart and raise your head, straighten your spine, and open to receive the in pouring of the Holy Spirit energy. No longer kneel, but be raised with Christ, arise, stand and be the bridge between heaven and earth. Let the living water of Spirit flow through you to the earth below your feet as a clear, open channel. Allow the light and energy of the Spirit of God  to flow through you to all the earth below. Let the flow of Spirit re-sacralize and re-spiritualize your body. Let the living water clear and cleanse you, wash and regenerate you, and then let it be an outflow to the rest of the world.
Open your whole being to let in the light of the Spirit of God, let it fill you completely, and then be the light for others. Do not act or preach until you are filled with the light and love of the Christ Spirit. Do not use your power until it is combined with the love from the Most High. Do not act without the prompting of the Holy Spirit guidance and power. Do not preach without the sure and steady anchor in Jesus, behind the curtain, in the inner shrine. Make sure you are connected to the Holy Spirit before you try to teach or lead others. Teachers will you not teach yourself before you teach others?
I heard, was shown, and  was taught, even though I did not ask for it. I was given these messages, even though I did not ask to be a messenger. I was called, even though I am an imperfect vessel. Therefore I now have to declare what I have been given. Isaiah 48:6 says, “You have heard; now see all this; and will you not DECLARE it?” I hesitantly said YES to God. I am now willing to appear foolish to spread the good news that I have been given; to spread the great news that everything is now possible through God here now on earth, immanent, and in our midst. I am proclaiming that the new heaven on earth is now here for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. God wants to do a NEW thing. Do not look back. Do not be turned into a pillar of salt. Be salty instead by allowing the Spirit to infuse every cell of your body, transforming you into the original image and likeness of God: our inheritance. Be filled with the life, energy, and Spirit of God.
Do not look to the past. Do not look to the old ways. Jesus came to show a new way, the way of love, the way of the path of the heart. Drop everything and follow Jesus’ example and Jesus’ way of truth in the inner being. Cleanse the inner, and let the new wine be poured into new wine skins. Let the Holy Spirit transform your old wine skin body to a NEW wine skin body, and then let the Spirit flow the new wine in and through you! Be drunk with the Spirit not with wine! Be joyful, dance, sing, praise, worship, shout for joy! Jump into the river of the stream of living water. Stop fighting and struggling going against the stream of new living water. Row, row, row your boat (body vehicle) GENTLY down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream……..UNTIL you wake up and really LIVE in the knowledge that God is here in your midst, that miracles are possible now, new transformed life is possible now, and the new heaven on earth is possible now.
“From this time forth I  make you hear new things,
hidden things which you have not known.
They are CREATED NOW, not long ago;
before today you have never heard of them
you have never heard, you have never known” (Isaiah 48:6-8).
” Behold the former things have come to pass, and NEW things I now declare” (Isa 42:9).
“Remember not the former things, nor consider things of old. Behold I am doing a NEW thing; NOW it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Isa 43:18-19).
Blessings and greetings from a sister in Christ!
P.S. don’t shoot the messenger!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to Open Letter to All Pastors, Ministers, Priests and Churches

  1. james says:

    Wow, this is the truth, bless you for being here at this time, so many are moving in this direction and your voice if helping!


  2. Thank you James, I was wondering if anyone ever read this message! Maybe you are an indication that the time is ripe now for the world to receive God’s truth and move into the new heaven on earth. May God bless you richly, more than you could ever ask, think or imagine!


    • james says:

      I wondered why i didn’t find this site sooner myself but then………..i realised it wasn’t time until now for me to find it!


  3. Maude says:

    Thanks for your obedience to share what the spirit has given you to share. A very timely message. I’m just discovering this message, yet I know now that it confirms all the changes my mind has been going through. I’m understanding this newness of life even more each day. The Holy Spirit led me to read your messages from the past, and this is the first one that grabbed my attention. For a certainty I understand why. My responsibility to share and tell of God’s goodness and all that He has already done is much clearer. It’s the responsibility of each one of us as we Awaken and see the truth for what it really is. I’m soooo excited to read your message and understand that there’s nothing wrong with me, that you are Awake and Aware as I your sister in Christ am too. I’m experiencing the change coming in others lives as well. I’m excited in my new walk in the Holy Spirit and love sharing with others the truth that sets us all free… It Is Finished!!! I’m grateful for you my sister!!!


  4. Maude, you are awesome in Christ! Arise! Shine! Spread the Truth: the gospel of good news! It is finished! It is done! Behold, I make all things new!!! With God, all things are possible! Grace and peace to you!!!

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