The Heart Specialist

I’d like to make a referral to the greatest heart specialist in the world:

  • He is no longer in a body, but that just makes his practice stronger
  • He is very busy, but if you call and are persistent until you reach his office, he will return your call
  • His fees are very reasonable considering his enormous practice and expertise. Your healing is free, but it will cost you your entire old life
  • He specializes in heart transplants, and double transplants of the heart and mind. He replaces the stoney hardened heart with a brand new Christ brand heart. He has also performed the first whole brain transplant, replacing the human mind with the mind of Christ.
  • He uses brand new stem cell technology. He takes his perfect, whole stem cells and infuses them into our hearts. He replaces our DNA with the perfect original divine blueprint of creation. He is even working on transforming and transfiguring our whole body to be a clone of his perfect body.
  • When you see him, even one word, one glance, or one touch of the hem of his white coat and you may be healed in the blink of an eye or the twinkling of a star
  • He is the same yesterday, today, now, and forever so you never have to worry about him retiring and closing his practice
  • There are no side effects to his treatments except immense joy and gratitude, awe, wonder, and love.
  • He took over his Father’s practice, taking advantage of the expertise of the infinite years of His Father’s experience; the power for healing working through the Son from the Father. His Father is actually the author of both medicine and surgery.
  • When you go in for your postoperative appointment and are given a clean bill of health of your entire body, heart, mind, and spirit, you are given a gift: the keys to the Magic Kingdom, no not Disneyland, but the New Heaven on Earth. You are able to stay as long as you desire, and invite all your friends and family to come as well! In fact you can watch from its vista as the whole world awakens and comes to join the party!

The heart specialist’s name is: ¬†Christ Jesus, Master Physician, Surgeon, and Healer Extraordinaire!

You can reach him through the directory of the heart. Call him from the center of your chest pain or heart-break. Tell him Vonnie sent you! You will not be disappointed!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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