What Were You Thinking?

I had an “aha” this morning as I thought to myself “Wow! Could it really be this simple?” The more simple an idea, the more the mind wants to reject it. We have been trained or conditioned to use very complex reasoning and intellectual brain power to solve problems. But my soul rejoiced as I relaxed, took a deep breath, and let out a huge sigh of relief when this simple thought came into my head in response to mental ruminations over a recalcitrant problem in my life….wait for it…..(cue light bulb over head in divine inspiration moment (he he!) but seriously, the quality of the light on my patio under the magnolia tree shifted in intensity as this thought arrived to my awareness):


Yes there are lots of problems, but they ONLY exist in the ego mind! The true self mind is whole, free, and connected to all in harmony and peace, including God and the ego. So, the only thing that you have to do is: CHANGE YOUR MIND! Jesus was right all along and we mocked and killed him. The ego of the Pharisees (the religious intellectuals of the time) wanted only to silence the truth of the higher mind. The ego gets uncomfortable if we hear something that is at a higher level of consciousness. It creates a dissonance or conflict within us. When the ego feels uncomfortable it wants to argue, refute, defend, ignore, run away, or go to sleep, to silence the irritating higher vibrating words of truth. Dr. Jack Mezirow, professor emeritus at Columbia teachers college, called this a “disorienting dilemma” to the lower mind.

The key to finding love and happiness is not solving your problems, but to change your mind! The key to freedom and harmony is: REPENTANCE! The need to repent is translated and misinterpreted by the EGO mind as the need for my sinful, unworthy self to be saved. WRONG! That is merely the EGO mind interpreting spiritual truth in the only way it can perceive it: separate from the truth, separate from God, lacking, limited, self-loathing,  in self-judgment, self-disapproval, self-hatred, etc. Of course the ego mind can’t see that it is self-loathing and self-hating, so it projects it outward to anyone or anything that is different from who the ego thinks it is: other religions, political parties, races, cultures, sexes, families, or spouses!

Repentance is translated from the word metanoia meaning CHANGE YOUR MIND. This changing is misperceived by the ego mind as the need to change its negative ego thoughts to different ego thoughts, or more positive ego thoughts, or give its sad victim story to a Higher Power so it can be saved after death and finally be happy. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!! Changing your mind means to change right now from your lower ego mind to your higher Christ mind that is already in you just waiting for you to wake up and recognize it! To change your mind, repent, you need to let go of your ego mind and all of its low-level of consciousness thoughts, and move to your higher true-self mind. You literally surrender your lower, limited mind: thoughts, beliefs, images, feelings; and rise to your higher mind, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, images, perspective, and views. Repentance is not changing your thoughts in your lower mind, but changing the whole mind by rising in consciousness! In the higher true-self mind there are literally NO PROBLEMS at all, only creative inspired solutions!!!

The problems never go away in the ego mind, as they are always there at that level of consciousness, ready for you to pick them back up whenever you want to. Problems are in state dependent awareness. If you fix one problem in ego consciousness, another will soon spring up for you to complain about, chew on, or ruminate about. But the GOOD NEWS is that all the love, self acceptance, self-approval, self-esteem, joy, peace, equanimity, loving-kindness, compassion, and God-mind are always within you too, waiting to be picked up again whenever you are ready. Both minds are in you, always, from the time you reach about 6-8 years old when the ego forms during human development. This is probably why Jesus said you could only enter the kingdom of God as a little child. He meant that you needed to be in the mind (level of consciousness) you had as a child before the ego formed! Jesus didn’t mean go back to the physical age of childhood, but to enter your innocent, true-self mind again as an adult. This is being born again, not physically born again, but returning to the original Christ mind you were given by the Creator before you developed the separate ego mind.

The GOOD NEWS is once you wake up to this secret of the two minds, ego and true self, with everything lacking in the one and everything present in the other, all the problems in one and all the solutions in the other, self-loathing in one and self-love and acceptance in the other, fear in one and perfect love in the other, you can consciously CHANGE YOUR MIND. You can go from being uncomfortable, uneasy, stressed, tense, searching, and craving to EASE, GRACE, CONTENTMENT, FULFILLMENT, and TRUE LOVE!!! You don’t need to change your spouse, instead change your mind! You don’t need to get a new mirror, instead change your mind and you will see a different reflection in the same old mirror!!! Trade in your old eyes for NEW EYES! Trade lower perception for higher perception. The eyes just send impulses and information to the brain to be interpreted into an image. The ego eyes send distorted, negative impulses to the ego mind and they are interpreted as problems. The result is a fallen mood. The true-self eyes send positive impulses to the higher mind connected to God, creative inspired solutions are interpreted, and our mood soars!

Wow!!! It really is that simple!!! The answer to every problem in life is this: change your mind from the ego to higher consciousness. The lower mind is like a long running soap opera or reality television show; you get caught up in the story lines, and mistake the story for real life. You begin to feel you intimately know the characters, which makes them seem all the more real. In the ego and soap opera, there are problems upon problems and when one problem is solved, a few more come along. The drama of the story, that your ego is making up and acting out, continues like Murphy’s law. The soap opera or “reality story” is a distraction from ego problems, which distract us from our true self. We forget that the story, our feelings, our thoughts about the story, and our thoughts about our feelings (emotions) that are quite real at the ego level, are not real at the higher level. You can turn the television off at any moment and enter your real life. You can go from ego’s fear, lack, and judgement, to the true self’s love, abundance, and higher perspective on all things. Rise from ego to the mind of Christ contained within your own higher mind.

Jesus is the door to the higher mind (John 10:9). Jesus brought the higher mind to earth. He anchored the possibility for this higher mind, or higher intelligence, in every atom on earth. Now, it is up to us to wake up and realize that the key to happiness and entering the new heaven on earth is repentance. We now know that repentance is to rise from your lower ego mind to your higher mind, the mind of Christ within your spiritual heart! The door is through Christ Consciousness to enter in the new heaven on earth! Raise your consciousness (consciousness is primary and Divine Love is the Cause) to change your situation or solve your problem! If you just keep changing your external circumstances or experiences while staying in the same ego mind, nothing will ever change. You will just exchange one problem for another until you rise above the level of problems altogether.

You may have fleeting moments of happiness, or instant gratification of the five senses with the ego, but the shine will wear off of even the shiniest new ego toy eventually, whether it is a new car, house, job, trip, new wife or girl friend, jewelry, or the latest technological gadget like an iPhone or computer. The ego has to always up its game: increase the amount of the drug, alcohol, food, sex, or material goods to get pleasure (addictions), or go younger, sexier, or less threatening to the ego (affairs of the heart to bolster the male self esteem). There is no long-lasting fulfillment to the ego mind; it always wants more. Cravings and seeking come from the level of ego mind as it tries to fill the emptiness or void. Everything at the level of the false self is ultimately empty in the end, and we wind up feeling the discontent, fatigue, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, unease (dis-ease), uncomfortableness, fear, tension, and stress.

The feeling of discomfort is what the ego wants to get rid of, or move away from, but it is that uncomfortable feeling that is the key to real happiness. It is a paradox: the pain is the gateway to peace. The discomfort is the impetus to let go of the old nature and allow yourself to grow, expand, and transform into your higher divine nature, the true self you were born with (created in the image and likeness of God). The key is putting your full attention on the discomfort in your body, breathing in and out of the feeling, and asking the Light of the Spirit to fill you. If you ask with a sincere heart, you will receive. Discomfort is a two-edged sword: the one side is destructive, the other side is healing with an opportunity or invitation to transform.  An example is anger. You can wound with your anger or you can use the energy to fuel your transformation. Bringing the Light of God into the place you feel anger, or any negative discordant feeling in your body, will transmute it.

Discomfort or unhappiness is not the fault of the external situation or person who triggered it in you, it arises in your being depending on which level of mind you are thinking and acting out of. If you judge the outward appearance of a situation as wrong, bad, or a problem, you are mistaken, and you will continue to suffer. Thinking that problems come from outside yourself is a misunderstanding that arises from the perception of the lower mind. It is not being able to see the forest for the trees due to the short-sightedness of the ego. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing or perceiving” Compassion is from the higher level of mind that is able to see the blind ignorance of prisoners of the lower ego mind. When we are able to take personal responsibility for all of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, and realize that everything arises from our level of consciousness within, we can choose to join with Jesus and be united in Christ Consciousness.

Jesus said to not judge by outward appearances  but judge with right judgment (John 7:24). Judging by outward physical appearances is the judgment of the lower mind or ego. Right judgment is from the higher self or god self. The true self sees or perceives from a higher perspective, from the larger more expanded view of higher consciousness, and makes decisions from a consciousness of higher love.

Change your mind and change your world. The deeper meaning is not to change your thoughts in your ego mind, but to change your whole mind by taking off your ego mind and putting on your Christ mind, your true self mind!!! (kind of like the character did on Big Bang Thursday night putting on a virtual higher intelligence thinking cap!) Both of these minds are in you right now: all the problems in the ego mind and all the solutions, love, contentment, and fulfillment in the true self mind. Which mind are you going to feed? Which mind are you going to choose to pay attention to? REPENT! Rise! Be your higher mind now! Put on the mind of Christ!

The true self speaks to the ego in the bible:

  • “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the true self. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ego ways and my thoughts than your ego thoughts”
  • “But you, ego, are not willing to come to Me that you may have life”
  • “For there is no distinction; since all egos have sinned and fall short of the glory (Light) of God”
  •  “I must increase and you (ego) must decrease”
  • “To live is Christ (true self), to die to the ego is gain”
  • “I, your true Self, your “I am” of the Great I Am That I Am, am the way, the truth, and the life. The only way to oneness with the Father is through me, Christ Consciousness”
  • “Be still and know that I am the true self”
  • “These things I have spoken to you, that my true self may be in you, and that your true self may be full”

To be happy, in love, and solve all of your problems, you do not have to go to India and meditate for ten years, study hard for a decade and go into debt with student loans to attain more facts, theories, and knowledge to receive a PhD, read mountains of self-help books, attend endless workshops to learn new techniques or healing modalities, or struggle to work hard on your problems through following the advice of marriage counselors or life coaches (spending a small fortune and a lot of precious time). Trying to fix what is broken only focuses your mind more intently on the level of problems and reinforces the ego’s false view from a lower level of consciousness that you are lacking something and need to be changed. You could spend your whole lifetime, or thousands of lifetimes, working on yourself or a relationship. The ego just creates more problems and your suffering continues.

Instead, say goodbye to the ego’s death-grip hold on your mind. Let go of your identification with the false self. Surrender your rigid attachment to the thoughts of your lower ego mind. Those thoughts will never be the truth. Surrender the belief that you are the separate, lacking, not good enough, problem-holding, false self. Surrender the belief that the problem is your spouse, your boss, or the person or situation that triggered your last upset. Instead, right where you are now, with all your challenges and struggles, change your mind. Take off the ego, like an old comfortable sweater, and put on the higher Christ mind. Step away from your immersion in the ego mind (has been described as having your head in a mud puddle) and rise in consciousness and see from the higher perspective. Witness or observe your experiences and situations from the higher level.

Prayers from the ego are not answered; prayers from the true self are always answered with yes! The problem is not with God, the problem is which of the two minds is praying! Prayer, connecting with the Source of God, while in the true self’s divine nature, is answered. This is what is really meant by praying in the name of Christ Jesus; praying in the nature of Christ which is our true nature! The covenant with the ego is God saying: I will bring you up the holy mountain of higher consciousness and make you joyful in your body that is constantly, consciously, connected, and one with your true self, the Christ within your body temple. “For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7). The true self shall be a place of connection to God for all people. Jesus never asked someone what their religion or beliefs were before he healed them because he knew that the true divine self was within all people already, and by his higher consciousness he could see it and bring it to fruition. No disease or wrong thinking is possible in the higher consciousness connected to God!

Instead of remaining in the lower level of mind, choosing to live with the “devil that I am comfortable and familiar with rather than the devil I don’t know”, rise now in consciousness and look at your life with new eyes. The devil is the negative ego mind on the inside! From the level of ego mind there is always duality; either God or the Devil, goodness or evil. On the level of consciousness of the true self, there is only good and very good, just as when we were created with the original divine blueprint. That is why there is two creation stories; one from the perspective of the ego, lower mind; and one from the perspective of the true self. The true self lives in the garden, the ego lives in the fire of the trials of life. The ego is the fallen consciousness that is separated from the true self and God. When we suffer from a mistaken case of identity, we project the Devil outside ourselves and then empower it with our fears and avoidance.

From the higher vista of an elevated perspective, you will weep with the recognition that it is so simple and you have spent so much of your life struggling. I have wept more than once in the recognition that God is within me, as my true self. I have wept God tears that Spirit and my higher Self have been here within me all of my life, and I was living as my ego in a small, dark, lonely closet. The only real heresy, blasphemy, adultery, idolatry, or harlotry is believing that you are your ego, or loving your ego more than your god self that is one with the Spirit of God!

Most humans are having an adulterous affair with their own ego!!! “And this is the judgment, that the light of the knowledge of the true self has come into the world, and men loved darkness of the ego rather than the light of God, because their deeds were evil. For every one who does evil hates the light of the true self, and does not come to the light, lest his ego deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his true self deeds have been wrought in God” (John 3:19-21).

I was secretly, desperately searching for love all my life, thinking that I was not worthy of being loved, craving love, believing that I was unloveable, weeping in the angst of emptiness, feeling alone even while in relationship, feeling the absence of love, feeling I was in exile, while all the time Love was silently, patiently waiting for me to wake up and discover it had been within me the whole time! I am Love! You are Love! Repent! Change your mind! Join me in exclaiming “Wow! Could it REALLY be this simple?” Yes! Yes! Yes it is!!!


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