So You Think You Can Dance?

The choreographer is the Divine Father. The Creative Director is the Holy Spirit (She is powerfully amazing, innovative, and truly inspiring). Your professional partner is Jesus. At your first meeting he tells you “here are your dance steps: follow me!” How well you are able to follow will determine your performance level once you get in front of a live audience. These are your dance steps:

  1. The Call: you make the choice to follow the Light of Spirit and have the discipline to do the disciple dance
  2. Baptism: you give up your ego’s personal mission and take on your higher mission. This is the first death. The death is to the ego being in charge, and the birth of your higher purpose, for the highest good of all
  3. Time of Testing and Trial: you have made the choice, now can you let go of the death-grip that ego has on your identity and move from allowing the ruler of this world, the ego, to control and tempt you, to step into self-mastery. Can you walk your talk? Can you conquer the ego’s seduction?
  4. Share your gifts and talents with the world
  5. Pick up your cross: challenges, burdens, problems, mistakes, errors
  6. Surrender everything to the Father “Into your hands I commend my spirit”
  7. Die to your past, old nature, and attachment to the false self. This is the second death. There is a time of darkness and shaking of all that is not 100% God. It is always darkest before the dawn.
  8. Dawn of the Christ Mind: you step out of Plato’s cave into the sunshine of a New Day, rising to a higher level of consciousness, seeing everything again for the first time, with new eyes!
  9. Pentecost: the fire of the Holy Spirit falls with fresh, new aliveness; empowering, invigorating, enlivening, revitalizing, healing, freeing, and overflowing with heightened creative inspiration and revelations.
  10. Ascension: the whole earth, and all her inhabitants who make the choice to spiritually evolve, rise in the body to a new octave of existence. The new heaven on earth is a new dimension of beauty, color, miracles, wonders, joy, peace, higher love, harmony, wholeness, freedom, and oneness

The judge’s scores are ready. May you all receive a perfect 10!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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