The Purpose of Discontent

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am thankful for discontent. I see you scratching your head and thinking that of all the things to be thankful for today, discontent would not be at the top of the list. We usually reject the things that we perceive as negative. This is the problem with duality thinking, of which the ego is the master. The limited mind of the ego separates things into that which it likes and clings, and the things it doesn’t like, which it avoids or pushes away. In fact the ego likes to distract or numb against the things that it labels bad or classifies as something to defend against. Many today and throughout the holiday season will suffer the pangs of separation from loss and inevitable life events. My heart goes out to each and every one who is in pain. I also want to share a message that discontent can bring us unaware.

The truth is discontent and its peers: sadness, grief, loss, resentment, bitterness, anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, unworthiness, and negativity, are messengers that have come to tell you that you have disconnected or separated from the Source. I was given this message today as I received the gift from the discontent that arose in me yesterday. I remembered the truth and as I placed my hand over my high heart area, Spirit breathed me with a loud, audible, deep influx of air that immediately glowed with warmth, love, peace, aliveness, and melting relaxation that spread to my whole body. I realized that the discontent of yesterday led me to reconnect with the Source of God, and be reminded of the contrast between separation and connection. The discontent was the messenger to remind me to reconnect to the Source of all contentment! Thank you discontent; message received!

The purpose of discontent is to bring to your conscious awareness the message that you have separated from the Source. Its message is to wake you up and remember to reconnect to the Source of contentment. We get lost in the effects of separation: negativity and distorted emotions and forget the cause. All we need to do is remember to reconnect. The enemy is the mind that has separated from God. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself that comes from a mind separated from the Source. Oswald Chambers said “The temper of mind [resentment, bitterness, anger, contempt, discontent] is tremendous in its effects, it is the enemy that penetrates right in the soul and distracts the mind from God.” The result of the separation from God is anxiety, fear, pain, suffering, and tribulation. If discontent is present, you know that you have separated from the Source. Chambers also said “It is extraordinary what an enormous power there is in little things that distract us from God.” It is the mind separated from the One that has the power to bring you down. Just think then of the greater power of the mind that has reconnected with God to uplift, empower, inspire, create goodness and joy in your life!

When you find yourself in a time of separation and the resulting feelings of pain, loss, emptiness, darkness, fear, suffering, or dark emotions, stop and receive the message that the discontent is bringing. Reconnect and feel the grace as it falls, the breath of life breathing within you, the warmth and wellbeing that begins to flow in your body, the relaxation as you melt into the chair and begin to purr in delicious contentment. Then you will know the truth that no matter what happens on the outside, you know the Source of all goodness, contentment, and love is already within you. It is free, infinite, and always available. It has never left you; you left it!. You turned away, even if unconsciously. You took your attention away from the source on the inside and placed it on the exterior or external circumstances. You forgot and now you have the chance in every moment to remember and reconnect!

When the ego discerns a separation, it criticizes, blames, accuses, and disapproves. When the Self discerns a separation through the message of discontent, it reconnects with the Spirit of God. When the Self discerns a separation of another from Source, it intercedes in Spirit for the other. Seek the kingdom first; the right connection to Source alone is enough! “Again take root downward and bear fruit upwards” (Isaiah 37:31). Root and ground in love within and your discontent will dissipate into thin air!

Find the place in your body where you feel the discontent or discomfort. Place your left hand on the area of discomfort. Raise your right hand up above your head and visualize Christ reaching down and taking your hand. Now visualize the Father reaching down and taking Christ’s hand and above him God the Mother reaching down and holding the Father’s hand. Now see the Mother connected to the unified field of God, the formless, infinite source of unlimited potential and possibilities. Lastly, imagine the Light of Spirit flowing down the chain of hands into your body through the ultimate connection to Source. Receive the grace!

In like manner, place your right hand over your heart and see the same chain of connection going down to the unified field of God that is also located within your body in every cell. As above; so below. The truth is there is nowhere that God does not exist! The unified field of God is everywhere present. It is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent AND you are also a part of it. When you make the connection conscious, you can then use the power and presence to create a fulfilling life for the highest good of all! Creating from the ego leads to more suffering and tribulation. Co-creating from the unified field of God results in the highest good for all and you receive the gifts of the Spirit.

The way Jesus healed others is the way we can all heal ourselves: lift our eyes to the heavens, give thanks, receive the healing, and give thanks:

  1. Lift your eyes: raise your awareness or consciousness to the highest, deepest Source. Raise the eyes of your spiritual heart which lifts your heart to God. Choose to see a higher perspective that is beyond perception, beyond experience, beyond feelings and thoughts, and beyond the beyond!
  2. Give thanks for the outcome before the work is done. This is the definition of faith of which Jesus was the prime example: evidence of the unseen, total trust of the greater power that we all have access to, and total reliance on the Spirit of God working above, in and through us.
  3. Receive the message, the gift,  grace, wonders and miracles
  4. Give thanks: thanksgiving!

Put your hand in the hand of the one who stilled the waters. Put your hand in the hand of the one who calmed the seas. Take a look at yourself and you can look at discontent differently!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to The Purpose of Discontent

  1. Darryl D'Souza says:

    “Discontent is an indication of separation from Source”. That is a beautiful truth Yvonne. Thank you for helping us remember. Love and Gratitude to you. Darryl


  2. Dear Darryl
    Thank you for your beautiful comment!
    May all beings wake up to the simple truth that will empower all, and bring us to worldwide peace, unconditional love, and joy beyond measure!
    blessings to you, Yvonne


  3. starwatcher says:

    The more money one has the less discontent that can be felt. Sure, it may not lead to total happiness, but it does aid in finding tranquil feelings of contentment. I understand the assumption that progress can be made by discovering the causes of discontent and then working on those causes to correct them, but I guarantee most of the time it’s due to money. Everything in life is secondary to money.


    • Hi starwatcher
      The contentment I am speaking about is not dependent on any external thing. It is not dependent on any circumstance. It is found within the heart center. This inner contentment that cannot be violated by external events or things is the peace that passes all understanding, and comes from connection to God and our higher Self. This inner connection allows the flow of life energy that empowers, uplifts, and fills the body with a sense of wellbeing and joy. It cannot be purchased. It can only be experienced within our body. The flow within our body of Life giving Spirit then overflows to everything in our outward lives, including making a living. It is a fallacy, especially in the United States, that money is the cause of discontent. Many who win the lottery find out the truth the hard way and become more miserable. Some of the poorest people in third world countries have a joy that cannot be purchased. The key is relationships: to a higher power, to nature, to family, to humanity, and to your own true self. The ego, or the part of the mind that feels separate, and experiences lack, scarcity, and limitation, will believe that more money will make one happy. I send you blessings and the hope that you may receive spiritual riches beyond your wildest dreams. Connect with the Source of all life and watch the abundance flow! love, Yvonne

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      • Gikunda says:

        You have said it all Yvonne but in most cases those people who are extremely poor sometimes they feel like God abandoned them,is that right?


  4. Gikunda says:

    I always love to read articles that will give me hope and a reason to face my tomorrow. Thank you


    • You are most welcome Gikunda
      I believe we are here on earth to experience the full continuum of life and that can mean different things to different people. I think feeling that God has abandoned them is one way to find the inner portal to God through despair and suffering. If we allow ourselves to feel whatever our experience is, it will transform into a deeper knowing of God and ourselves. I found the gateway to God through deep emotional suffering. All of the stories or explanations our ego comes up with to explain our negative or distorted emotions or situation, fall away when we are able to courageously turn to face them, feel the feelings and allow the Light of the Spirit of God to enter and dissolve them. Many blessings to you!


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