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Okay, I have to confess something. I am in a love triangle. In fact, I propose this as a new type of relationship therapy. It may be considered quite shocking and out there, but I believe it is time for desperate measures for desperate times. The rates of divorce are upwards of 50-70% depending on if you are in your first, second or third marriage.  I am encouraging couples to have an affair of the heart with another in addition to their spouse. No, I am not advocating adultery or polyamory, I am talking about developing an affair of the heart with the greatest lover of all time: Christ. The greatest transformer of hearts is none other than Yeshua HaMashiach.

Yeshua advocated two commandments: love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength; and love another as yourself. It is an old truism that you can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself. The only way to truly love yourself is through forgiveness, higher love, and transformation into divine nature by the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. She can enliven, empower and fill your marriage with passion. You can only love another AS yourself when you are made whole and one with all, which is only made a physical reality through spiritual Power. When Christ is invited into your life and bedroom, He will heal your heart wounds, fill you with life force energy, clear the obstacles to the flow of passion, restore intimacy, heal and bring back the Light in your relationship. The Spirit can make your relationship brand new, reinvent and regenerate it if you let go of control and let Her be the heart, soul and spirit of your union.

When you are triggered into an emotional reaction to something your partner has done, call on God to fill your heart with peace and love. Let Christ love your partner through you until you have been filled with the Spirit’s unconditional love once again. God is the only one who can fill your heart with unconditional love so out of the overflow you can give it to your spouse. The fountain of love and life is found within your body and it is filled with higher love, light and passionate life by the Holy Spirit.

I am in a unashamed, passionate love triangle with God.

Christ is at the apex of the equilateral triangle representing marriage. He is the head of the marriage, and you and I are at the base that cannot be pushed over. The sun of Presence shines above, in and through the relationship. “The sun of right relationship will rise with healing in Her wings” Malachi 4:2

With God at the apex, the three become one with a solid base; one Love, one Heart. Solid……solid like a rock. Christ is the rock that rocks a marriage! The rock is our refuge, our strength and our Source of unconditional love and wholeness. The feminine Holy Spirit flows above, in and through the marriage.

In response to an article on marriage on the Huffington Post religion site I wrote this: The focus of 2012 needs to shift away the division of external religion and turn to the inner powerful transformation possible with the indwelling Spirit of Higher Love, Joy, and Peace. The focus of 2012 is the One Spirit, “the unity in the bond of peace”, whether in marriage or life or the world. It is time to wake up and look within for the creative spiritual solutions that have been lost to a world focused on outer doing at the expense and neglect of the hidden, inner, feminine path of Wisdom to the Beloved. Now is the time. Within our sacred heart center is the place where the feminine Holy Spirit, the one Yeshua promised would come, is the guarantee of our inheritance of higher love in all relationships, fullness of joy and peace that passes all understanding. Higher Wisdom, and the indwelling Spirit of God, are the answer to the root cause of our marital dissatisfaction. All men and women are unconsciously seeking Her, but instead are being fed the rotten bread of egoic, man-made religion. Eat the bread that Yeshua offers and ask to receive the life-giving new bread of the feminine Holy Spirit and really live, thrive, and enjoy marriage. 

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8 Responses to Love Triangle

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  7. james says:

    What you have said here about this triangle relationship where Christ is the head (residing in the East) the bottom two corners are North on the left, and South on the rigt. We actually are the fourth party to this marriage and are at the base in a wetward position facing east. The spiritual marriage i saw was with four becoming one. Yeshua was the minister but he was also a groom or party to this thing. The one to my left was the Holy Spirit and the one to my right was my sister/spouse (my wife). And then Christ showed me that the North and South angles added up to Him at the head of the corner of the triangle. And yes, the inward path is the one given to us by Mama Shekinah! Stay in your inner heart or find a way there, because that is where the movement is happening at this time. The age of Piscis has ended and this third day is feminine. Thanks for the synchronisity!


  8. Thanks so much for your comment James! I love what you said, “The age of Pisces has ended and this third day is feminine” I also love the image of the diamond of our body with Christ as the cornerstone and we are shining with the white light of God, refracting into every color of the rainbow!
    Come Holy Spirit! Come Shekinah Glory! Come Ruach Ha-kodesh! Come holy Presence of the indwelling God! Come Spirit of the Living God! Come!


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