Healing the Inner Child

No child has ever had all of its needs met in childhood. We all have a wounded inner child hiding somewhere in our psyche. Emotions that are not dealt with in childhood are frozen in time and are cut off from our conscious mind. This blocked energy is the usual origin of those emotional outbursts or triggers that leave us asking ourself “Where did that come from?” or “That didn’t seem like me”. The hidden wounded child carries the pain, shame, and traumatic memories from emotional events in childhood that were stuffed instead of processed or digested. We have buried and hid it within us for so long that we don’t even remember stuffing it instead of feeling it.

We were born into the world with open, vulnerable, pure, trusting hearts. When we were hurt or did not get our deepest needs met, we gradually closed our hearts to protect and guard us from feeling the painful emotions or reliving the negative experiences. We built a wall to defend against being hurt, wounded, or feeling vulnerable again. We try to control and manipulate the world to feel safe. The feelings and experiences we have hidden from ourselves are the things that keep us separated from others. It is the secret, hidden, undigested emotions within us that separate us from intimacy and healthy relationships with ourselves, others, and God.

The key is to recognize that the wounded inner child exists and learn to dialogue and reparent this aspect of our psyche by being kind, compassionate, loving and caring to this very young fragment within you. We can turn for help to our Divine Parents: Heavenly Mother and Father, our inner loving adult self, and our 7 billion brothers and sisters that are on similar journeys on earth. We can ask ourselves what we are feeling and what we need. We can accept and allow every feeling and experience by staying conscious, aware and present. We can tune into our deepest heart’s desires and take the time to play, laugh, and allow our inner child to be free to express joy! Often, a hidden treasure is found beneath the pain; our spiritual gifts are hidden beneath the wound; and our creativity is found in the hidden darkness within.

To enter the kingdom of God, become like a little child: open, receptive, trusting, simple, natural, present, spontaneous, interdependent, in the flow, imaginative, humble, feeling and expressing all feelings, asking for what you need, connecting to all that is, and accepting and allowing life without manipulation or control.

Live, Love, Laugh, and Enjoy Life!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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