Trust Me, You Want to Come in Second

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What? Who doesn’t want to come in first in the game of life, or win at the game of Monopoly? There is a community card in the game that reads “You have just won second in a beauty contest” and the payout is ten dollars. The value for coming in second was even devalued in 1936 from eleven dollars to ten! “Second Prize in a Beauty Contest” is not even in the same universe as coming in second in the context of Revelation. I never valued coming in second until a hidden secret was exposed. God revealed in Yeshua what we are all to be: second!!! Let me explain: in Revelation 1:5 it says that Jesus was the first born of the dead. Our collective destiny is to be the second!

Alpha and Omega: Rev 1:7-8

The ego will fight, claw, cheat and trample to come in first. The false self wants to be first no matter what. It competes in life for what it believes is limited resources. The ego feels that it is separate, alone and not able to rely or fully trust in anything. In fact, the ego can be suspicious of things that are too good, too simple, too helpful or supportive. The false self believes surrender is weakness. The ego cannot see our higher power so it battles to be first.

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Trust me, you want to come in second! You want to be second, but not two. We want to be one with the Father, but not the “One”. God revealed in Yeshua what we were ALL to be: second!

  1. Yeshua is the first born of the dead (Revelation 1:5). Be the second!
  2. Fear not! Rev 1:17 (the first words preceding a divine encounter)
  3. Return to your first love Rev 2:4 (the first action required in the new heaven on earth now (NHOEN): remember God). If you refuse to go back to your first Love “I will remove your lampstand (your body, the vessel that the Holy Spirit can pour the light of God into)” Rev 2:5
  4. To her who conquers, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is the paradise of God Rev 2:7. Conquer what? ego/false self/imposter/naked emperor that all lied about. Strip the illusion, step out from the crowd and declare that the emperor is really naked! See the ego for what it is, a tool for the true self, an app, if you like, to serve your true self, the higher Self that is connected and one with the Father. Our body is the temple for the Holy Spirit, the vehicle for the Spirit of God. Self-mastery or self-discipline allows the Spirit to be incarnated, embodied, enfleshed and revealed at our innermost core.
  5. Put on the crown of life (the connection to your higher self that is one with the unified field of God) Rev 2:10. Connect with your Higher Self, be one with the Father as Yeshua was one with the Father.
  6. Receive the hidden manna, white stone, and new name Rev 2:17
  7. Don’t have sex without God; don’t eat without God Rev 2:20-23. Don’t unite yourself with anything that is not of the Most High. Don’t take anything into your body that is separated from the Spirit of God: images, books, music, food, thoughts, beliefs, people, movies, ideas, concepts, etc., or you will get sick Rev 2:22.
  8. Receive power and the morning star Rev 2:26-28
  9. Be awake (conscious, alert, watchful, vigilant, pay attention to the moving and prompting of the Holy Spirit) Rev 3:2-3
  10. Walk with Yeshua in white light Rev 3:4. Ask, intend and receive the white light of God as your new garment or covering.
  11. Receive the key that opens and no one can shut; who shuts and no one can open Rev 3:7 (the open door is Yeshua, the Living One, the key is the Holy Spirit)
  12. Be a pillar connecting heaven and earth Rev 3:12
  13. Receive the refined gold, garment of white light, and eye salve to see (perceive with spiritual eye) Rev 3:18
  14. Listen for the knocking at your heart; open the door of your heart; eat with Yeshua and allow him to eat with you Rev 3:20
  15. Sit on the throne with Yeshua HaMashiach. Through self-mastery or conquering the ego, Christ grants us to sit with him on Christ’s throne as Yeshua sat on the Father’s throne Rev 3:21

Now don’t you think you want to come in second?

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