Is it Imagination or is it Prayer?

Is it our imagination or is it prayer? It is, (drum roll please), both! The only condition is that both must arise from the deeper, higher, infinite mind of the heart and not the limited mind of the lower nature. The old way of praying was a rote recitation, or mindless repetition of a prayer given to us from an external source, to a separate God outside ourself. The old way of prayer was asking for material objects, or qualities that were thought to be external to us, that once attained would bring that ever-illusive happiness.

We prayed for something external to fix something we thought was broken. For the most part we didn’t even know we had an “inside” as our world consisted of only what we could see, feel, taste, hear or experience with our five senses. Prayers were rarely answered and we lost faith, turned away and decided God was a figment of our imagination, a myth or fairy tale. This is the tag line of many atheists today. Prayer has been denigrated as an outdated, antiquated, irrational, unreasonable ritual of a dead religion. Many Christians don’t want to pray for healing, restoration or regeneration because it would cause others to lose faith in God. This attitude is rooted in fear, which is the absence of faith.

Faith is the evidence of the Unseen and the substance or assurance of hope (Hebrew 11:1). Fear is faith in problems, disease and challenges. Faith is the conviction and evidence of the unseen. Faith is seeing the invisible in the midst of the visible. Faith is trusting, knowing and seeing the outcome as already accomplished. Faith is knowing that we are made in the image and likeness of God, already whole, already enlightened, and only asleep to our true nature. Faith is knowing we only have to awaken from the sleep of unconsciousness. Faith is the higher imagination of God; aligning, attuning and tapping into the higher thoughts of God. Faith is knowing we are gods in physical costumes (Psalm 82:6; John 10:34); and knowing we have the power of the Great I Am within our very being!

Yeshua said we should be glad he left the earth as a human being because God was sending us an even greater Power and Presence, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit to live and breathe inside us. Don’t just hear these words, stop and let them sink into your heart: the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, lives and breathes inside of you! The Power and Alive Presence of the Most High God lives and breathes in you!!! Yeshua taught that ALL things are possible in God, the Divine Beloved is within us, the kingdom of God is within us, in our midst, and lives, moves and has Its being in us as we are in the Beloved Adonai. Yeshua told us that we could do even greater things than he did while he was on earth. Amazing! Awe inspiring! Wonder-ful!!! Let it permeate your awareness and take a few slow, deep breaths and breathe the Truth into your cells….

We have two minds. The mind that most are familiar with is the limited mind. It believes in lack, limited resources, disease, divorce and disillusionment. The limited mind says “Life is a bitch and then you die.” The limited mind is in a prison or cell of its own making. As Dr. Phil would say “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

It is time to be delivered from the prison of your mind into identification with the unlimited higher mind. It is time to be delivered out of what I call box bondage! My definition is attachment to the box. This identification with the box limits us to the confines of the restricted four man-made walls, and destines us to live in box-consciousness! Both loving and hating the box keeps you inside the box. Instead of resisting, ignoring or avoiding the box, just step out of it!

Step out of the box into the miracle zone. Take a leap of faith! Stepping out in trust allows you to expand to the unlimited, infinite possibilities of your higher mind. You didn’t know you had this second mind because you were unconscious or unaware it existed in you. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it!!!

When you step out of the box, your consciousness is able to naturally expand to its boundless, unlimited, infinite spaceless space! There is really nothing you have to do because it is who you already are; it is your true nature, your beingness at your core. The box, with its limited boundaries and edges, was merely an illusion. Illusory walls are created by the limited mind, a man-made sense of separation from the Whole. God did not create any limited size boxes! There is only expansive sky, vast, spacious awareness, abundant resources, and an infinite, oneness-unity-consciousness of goodness that has no beginning and no end!

Do not think you have to destroy your animal nature or lower nature or ego to get out of the box. Invite it to come along and expand into wholeness! Do not blame your animal nature. The dog did not eat your homework! Do not blame anything but the illusory box for problems, challenges or negative experiences. Do not blame karma for the box. Do not blame your parents for the box. Do not blame God, the economy, genetics, the environment, the government, or anything outside yourself for the box. Just step outside the box and see the truth. Experience the freedom. Feel the expansive lightness of being. Taste the beauty of intimate, right-relational freedom with all your senses. Smell the fragrance of love that is your innermost being. Glory in your wholeness and oneness with God!

Living in the box you wallow in self-pity, self-righteousness, hubris, pride born of unworthiness, victim mentality, fearful memories, avoidance, denial, repression, anger, blame, bitterness, resentment, guilt, shame, doubt or despair. In the box are all your conditioned patterns, habits, and beliefs of lack, limitation and distorted or blocked emotions. Step out of the box into the full Sun of Presence. Feel the obstacles melt in the full Sun of your awareness. “Lift up your eyes on High and SEE” Isaiah 40:26

Step into your higher imagination. Instead of relying on the spirit of error, or should I say the spirit of the box, rely on the unlimited higher mind contained in your true nature. The limited imagination looks to idols to meet its needs. The limited imagination comes from the limited human self and limited man-made resources. It looks outside itself for answers, happiness, and peace. It seeks, but it never finds. If we do find happiness it is short-lived and the search must begin again. Each time we repeat the cycle, we become more cynical, jaded or bitter. Some give up and descend into depression, hopelessness, helplessness or even thoughts of suicide. There is no depression outside of the box in higher consciousness!

Examples of idols are things we separate from the Spirit of God such as: pornography, affairs, jobs, houses, cars, material wealth, relationships or marriage as a replacement for God, jewelry, clothes, status, fame, importance, power, lust, greed, or ego-gratification. Anything we rely on instead of the Most High Spirit contained within our own being is an idol. The limited human imagination is negative prayer resulting in more darkness and unconsciousness in the world. Worrying, doubting and being fearful are also negative prayer.

On the other hand, the unlimited imagination of the higher mind connected to Spirit adds to the light of the world and to awakening unity-consciousness. The higher mind sees God in all things. Every breath can become a holy moment of prayer and connection. The unlimited imagination sees the beauty of God in nature and is stilled into awe and wonder. The infinite imagination sees with higher vision and creates from the still point of union with God. The higher mind relies on the Power of the Spirit of Truth to manifest goodness in their body, life, marriage, family, community and world.

Through spiritual intention, the deepest level of intention of the innermost heart, turn your imagination to the higher, deeper silence and stillness of God. In the unlimited imagination of your higher nature there are no limits, All things are possible, and all things are made new, fresh, and alive with the Presence of God.

Empty prayer is asking for external things from the limited mind through a consciousness of lack, limitation or an absence of love. Negative imagination sees fear, suspicion, lack of love, evil, past mistakes and negative experiences playing over and over on the screen of your consciousness. Positive imagination envisions the outcome as already done on the screen of the infinite consciousness of oneness. Unlimited imagination sees the evidence of the Unseen and the invisible within the visible. Let go of your limited mind, stop identifying with the lower mind, and expand into the infinite mind. Allow your mind to expand into the unlimited, infinite mind of God. The only boundaries are in your own limited thoughts and beliefs. Step out of the box and receive Divine Grace!

Let go of concepts and beliefs. Imagination is the Power of God to allow our mind to connect, align, attune and connect with the infinite, unlimited, unified field of God moment to moment. The prayer of Jabez says “Oh that you would bless me indeed, enlarge my territory or borders, that your hand would be with me, and keep me from harm” (1 Chronicles 4:10). God granted what Jabez asked. Might the key be expanding in consciousness? Might the key be the rise in vibration or frequency, and the return of your mind to its original divine blueprint? “Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be given to you” Matthew 6:33). You can only grow, expand and rise in consciousness if you are willing to let go of the illusory boundaries, let go of the box and step into your God-given mind that is infinite and unlimited. Step out of the box!

The Lord’s prayer says “Thy will be done on earth AS it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). Let go of your old earthly consciousness in the box, let go of your limited personal will, and step into your true nature which is one with the Father and Divine Will. Stop trying to control your life. Surrender all control. Go outside the limitations of box consciousness. Step into the new, eternal now in the new heaven on earth.

There are no walls, no glass ceilings, no boundaries, no limits; only goodness and light for the highest good of all. Let go and let God. Trust. Have faith of the deepest heart. Place your attention and intention on the highest, deepest Source of all life. Place yourself at the center of the infinite circle of Divine Love. Rest, abide, live, move and have your being in this infinite circle of protection, security, safety, peace, joy, love, wholeness, freedom and harmony. Let go, relax, let the tension melt, and let every cell drink deeply of the warm, melting, liquid love. Let every atom drink the abundant, never-ending nourishment of the golden honey nectar of Christ and the milky, white radiance of the Divine Beloved. Bask in the warm sunlight of Christ.

Dance with joy in the alive, flowing, powerful Presence of the Spirit.

Breathe deeply of the holy breath of the Spirit of God. Lie down before the still water, in the green pasture in the garden of paradise in the kingdom of God that is a reality in the unlimited imagination and infinite spiritual heart of every human being on earth. It is waiting in potential to be awakened by the kiss of divine consciousness.

Ask, intend, invoke, willingly open, and receive! Yeshua HaMashiach has already overcome the world. Yeshua has already conquered disease, divorce, death, and despair. He has already overcome the world of limitations. All we need to do is surrender and step into the new, eternal now. Take a personal, internal inventory. Admit you have come to the end of your personal resources. Accept and ask for Yeshua’s Holy Spirit to indwell you now; awaken to the same Power and Presence within you that in Yeshua healed, made whole, delivered, freed, transformed water into wine and multiplied fishes and loaves of bread. Be one with the Father and allow him to do the work. All you have to do is stay awake and remember your connection.

Fresh, free, clean life force energy is the spiritual substance that is the food that Yeshua spoke of to his disciples “I have food to eat which you know nothing about” (John 4:32). Fresh energy, spiritual substance, and life force is the milk and honey that will flow within your consciousness when you are reconnected with your unlimited imagination in your higher mind. The Living Water is the spiritual essence that gives you eternally new life, alive presence, and unlimited resources as you allow Yeshua’s Spirit to embody you, incarnate within you, enliven and empower you. When we unite with God-consciousness with all our heart, mind, body, soul, strength, and spirit we will never be limited again; we will never be stuck in box bondage again! Free the box people!!!

Prayer is the affirmation of the unlimited, infinite nature of God, affirmation of your everlasting connection to the infinite, unified field of God within you, and gratitude. Lift your eyes (expand consciousness, see the higher view), give thanks, rejoice and know it is already done! “Before you call I will answer” Isaiah 65:24. Every problem, challenge or disease is already overcome. Yeshua has already filled every cell and every atom on earth with God-consciousness, Light, and Higher Love. Yeshua already promised that the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit will live within us. Activation requires our attention, deepest heart intention and commitment to use the power for the highest good of all.

Every atom on earth is already in the kingdom of God. Every atom is already whole, one with God, free, united, and filled with love, light, peace, joy and goodness. We simply have to believe, have faith, know, be still and receive! Once received, we simply, naturally, and ordinarily live, move and have our being in infinite imagination, unlimited creation, miracles, awe, wonder, beauty, goodness, truth and inspiration. Now that is extra-ordinarily, super-naturally simple! A journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step!

Pray unceasingly as your heart is spiritually trained in attention and intention to be in constant connection, communication and communion with God. Fast from external, physical appearances and know the hidden evidence of the Unseen. See the wholeness, perfection, beauty and goodness in all things. See God in all things and everywhere. Let your mind expand to infinity! Let your imagination soar!!! There are no diseases or problems in God-consciousness! The Course in Miracles says “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God”. Live in the peace of God!

Matthew 6:5-34 describes prayer. Go into the closet of your heart. Let go of your limited beliefs and concepts. Surrender control. Shut the door of your physical, five senses, and withdraw from the external physical world. Reconnect with God in the place where you know you are already united in oneness. Open the door to your secret heart. Close the door to your outer senses. “Yeshua opens the door that no one can shut and closes the door that no one can open” (Revelation 3:8).

Ask and receive.

“Be still and know that I am God” (Matthew 6:6). Yeshua “prayed the Father that we would all be one with the Father; even as you Father are in me, and I in you, that they may be in us…I have given them the Light of God, that they may be one even as we are one…that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I in them” (John 17:20-26).

Be willing, open, and connect where you already know you are one with the Father. Receive the love, light and oneness that Yeshua promised. The promises of God are True. God is able. With God it is ALWAYS Yes! (2 Cor 1:19b). See the outcome as already done. Rejoice and give thanks! Live in open expectancy of good! Here II Here has song lyrics “Only good comes to me, only good goes from me”; make these words your anthem. Proclaim, claim and declare with the Creator: “It is good, it is good, it is good, it is good” Repeat with me: “It is good, it is God, it is good, it is God, it is good, it is God, it is good, it is God!!!” Rest in love, abide in love, trust, know, play, create, laugh, sing, dance, love and be loved in the new heaven on earth now!

Receive the kingdom of God here now on earth as it is in heaven; enter the new heaven on earth….

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33 Responses to Is it Imagination or is it Prayer?

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  2. What a beautifully put together post..
    Prayer is a powerful tool.. Our minds when put together with positive intent can move mountains.. Thought~ is living energy.. and when we link it back to the source of all creation Miracles Can and do happen..
    Blessings.. ~Dreamwalker


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  6. Lezlianne says:

    What a Beautiful post! What a Joy that so many of us are realizing the Power of Thought, Prayer, and Intent. Prayer and Thought Energy is so powerful. It is a Miracle in itself to watch this understanding spreading through the World. It will heal us all and our Earth Mother. I will be back to check out more on your blog! (and thank you for your support of my new blog!) : ) Peace.


  7. brendamarroy says:

    Yvonne, You pretty much said it all. My favorite thing to say, and to remind others of, is that we are all spirit beings walking a human journey. All is within, there is no separation.


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  9. mybroom says:

    Hello Yvonne, Thanks for liking my blog, it’s so good to discover the mystery “Christ in us”. best regards from the land down under (Australia). Graeme


  10. This is absolutely exquisite! Much gratitude for your beautiful contribution


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  12. Mister Rabbitt says:

    Truly amazing! Thank you for your years of service Yvonne; your dedication to the path of righteousness is truly a blessing and a boon to all that come across your path! Yeshua has most definitely enjoyed the company of your heart 😉 Peace be with you love!


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  14. james369 says:

    This is an amazing piece of writing, and incredibly helpful. Thank you.


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  18. rahkyt says:

    Now how beautiful is that. What a great style of communication you have and an open and vibrant spirituality. Thank you so much for sharing from the core of your gigantic heart!


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  22. The photos with this post are incredible!


  23. What an awesome blog post! Wonderful!!!!


  24. Yes, to realize that there is a “higher” mind is essential to our ascension process. You might enjoy my wife’s Visioning blog:

    Thank you for your inspiring work!

    with All Love,


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