Mobius Arch that is natural window to Mt Whitney, highest mountain peak in contiguous United States

<em>Time and the elements have turned what used to be a large granite boulder into an amazing natural stone arch. The arche’s shape inspired its name, "Mobius"  Mobius Arch is located in the Alabama Hills, below the awe inspiring peaks of the Eastern Sierra Mountains. Although beautiful in almost every direction you look, the most famous view of this arch is the one shown here. Looking west, Mobius is positioned perfectly to provide a natural frame for the highest mountain peak in the contiguous United States, Mt. Whitney. I was first made aware of this scene’s existence from an image made by the late, legendary adventure photographer, Galen Rowell. I remember thinking how other-worldly this landscape seemed. When I finally got my chance to see this place with my own eyes I was amazed. Large granite boulders filled the valley. High wispy cirrus clouds moved over the freshly dusted peaks of the Eastern Sierras. This was one of the quietest places I’ve been in quite some time. This location is only a short hike from the road, but there were definitely moments where I felt as if I was on another planet.</em><br />
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