Women’s Wisdom

Today is the International Day of the Woman so I thought I would give a tribute to Wisdom, the personification of the Divine Feminine. I was guided to Proverbs 11-13 and this is what I found:

  • the “fruit” of those in right relationship to Spirit “is a tree of life” 11:30
  • in right connection to the Spirit, the inner Feminine of God, we will “flourish like a green leaf” 11:28b
  • the desires of those who are in right relationship with the Feminine “ends only in good” 11:23
  • if you give freely of all your gifts, talents, love and compassion, you will grow all the richer 11:24
  • the root of those rightly connected to the Feminine “will never be moved” 12:3b
  • women are the crown of men! Wisdom, the feminine spirit of God makes a man a king! a woman bestows the feminine wisdom to her husband! a woman gives life, richness, abundance, vitality and fullness to a man! women are absolutely the key to life, abundant life, birth and creativity!!! 12:4
  • the tongue of the wise brings healing 12:18b
  • anxiety in our heart weighs us down, but a good word makes us glad 12:25
  • hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life 13:12
  • the teaching of the wise is a fountain of life, that one may avoid the snares of death 13:14
  • a desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul 13:19

The message I received from the new testament was Luke 21:34. “Take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be weighed down with dissipation  and cares of this life…watch at all times, praying that you will have strength to stand”

Women (and the inner feminine or anima within men): let go of all worry, fear, self-doubt; let go of your burdens, cares, stress, anxiety and judgments of wrong or right; and step bravely forward into the unknown. Trust that the new ground will form under your feet. “Already you are filled! Already you have become rich!…reign…you are wise in Christ…you are beloved children” 1 Corinthians 4:8-14

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it” Confucius

It is time for you to let go and step into the kingdom of God at your innermost core and bring it forward into your whole life. We transform from the inside out if we allow the seed to grow and expand, and the yeast to raise the whole loaf! Rise!!!

“Our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee” St. Augustine

Your restlessness is not something wrong with you; it is your calling to rise, expand and be the infinite, unlimited being that you already are inside! Step out of the box! Remove the shackles, fetters and bondage…

You are only restless, anxious, burdened, challenged, disillusioned, stressed, unhappy or unfulfilled because you have not delved deeply enough into your own center to the still, silent cave of your heart. Everything you could ever need or desire is already within, waiting in silent repose in potential. It only takes your conscious awareness and attention to bring it forward into your life now.

Let go of the old ways; let go of the old teachings. Everything is possible now with ease, grace and flow! “Everything is possible with the feminine Spirit of God” (Mark 10:27). Step into your joy and delight!!! Take delight and you will be given the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4). Open to your inner Joy, the fullness of joy promised to you by Yeshua HaMashiach (John 15:11). “When we are not joyful, our thoughts and words cannot bear fruit” Henri Nouwen

“God has promised you will receive the love you have been searching for” Henri Nouwen

Stop searching! Stop seeking! You already have all the love, joy, peace and abundance within you! The new heaven on earth is already here in potential; you only need to wake up!!! The exile, wilderness experience, the desert, the tribulation is so 2011! Step into the new, eternal, infinite now!!! Let go of the old thoughts, ideas, mind-sets, perspectives and viewpoints and step into the promised land, paradise, the new heaven on earth!

Trust in the goodness of God. Trust in the benevolence of the universe. Do  not worry or fear. You have done nothing wrong. You have only been experiencing life in all its continuum of emotions. You have been growing , expanding, enlarging your territory and capacity to receive and hold Light.

Eliminate distractions; don’t scatter your energy. Focus on the One thing: the One Spirit of God found in all things and all people! Achieve Self-mastery or “conquer” ego (Revelations 3) by being aware, conscious and breathing the breath of Life, the Spirit of God, into your deepest, innermost heart area. Ask for the next step and pay attention! Take one step at a time into the infinite unknown. Watch, pay attention, listen, receive and take the next step. Each step is into the new eternal now. Have faith in the unknown for there is nowhere where the Spirit of God is not located!!! Have faith in the infinite Divine Intelligence that is within every atom and cell on earth!

Let go of judgment and step into unconditional love and acceptance. Be compassionate. See the higher view. At the level of a problem, all you can see is the problem. Rise above and see the creative solutions! Make space by slowing down, be the witness or observer, make space between your thoughts, and make space between your breaths. Forgive to be forgiven, love to be loved, be grateful to be blessed beyond measure! “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Step into your higher wisdom. Step into your creativity, vitality, power, presence, higher Light, life force energy, compassion, imagination, intuition, higher knowing, flow, cooperation, harmony and limitless infinite divine true nature!!! Dissolve ego boundaries, barriers to love, obstacles to the truth of your being and obstructions to your awesome, brilliant, magnificent, wonderful, wise feminine being!!! Be blessed and bless all you come into contact with today and everyday!!!!

“This is a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl”

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11 Responses to Women’s Wisdom

  1. we give thanks for all the love which is already here


  2. On behalf of all women the world over, thank you for this inspiring post!


  3. Yamyah says:

    thank you for this wonderful reminder ~ love and blessings


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  6. james says:

    Momma shikinah, thank you for all wisdom you have shown me, thank you for bringing me here to find a bubbling spring that flows over and may i have the grace to drink it all in! Amen!


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