How’s The View?

Our view of people determines how we treat them. Our view of self determines how life treats us. There are two ways of viewing ourselves and others: we are spirit or we are ego. Here is a teaching story that I love:

image: lone wolf

“Two Wolves

One winter’s evening whilst gathered round a blazing camp fire, an old Sioux Indian chief told his grandson about the inner struggle that goes on inside people.

“You see” said the old man, “this inner struggle is like two wolves fighting each other. One is evil, full of anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, deceit, false pride, superiority, and ego”.

“The other one,” he continued, poking the fire with a stick so that the fire crackled, sending the flames clawing at the night sky, “is good, full of joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith”.

image: wolf lying down

For a few minutes his grandson pondered his grandfather’s words and then asked, “So which wolf wins, grandfather?”

“Well”, said the wise old chief, his lined face breaking into a wry smile, “The one you feed!” ( from

We are spirits in human outfits. If we look beneath our different physical appearances we see the Light that we all really are. We are individuations of God; we are different expressions or aspects of the One infinite Spirit. When we choose to view ourselves and others as spirit, we have reverance, awe, wonder and curiosity about each other. We want to learn more about how differently God expresses on earth in her various disguises. Instead of rejecting or avoiding the differences, we welcome with child-like curiosity how Spirit is showing up in drag, costume or disguise!!!

What you focus on grows. Where thought goes, energy follows. If you see the true, hidden identity of spirit, the potential for our highest nature is able to expand and grow into fruition. When we look for the goodness of our true inner essence, we have compassion for the outer self.

If we view ourselves or others as ego, we remain in lack and limitation. When we judge by outward appearances, or the false, survival, wounded or conditioned self; the separation increases. When we choose to see only the lowest nature, we feed the darkness, ignorance, suffering and separation in the world.

We all have two wolves within. Feed the right one! We all have a wolf and a lamb within us who can lie down together and be raised as one! We all have an ego that can be trained to serve the spirit within!

The trajectory of mistaken identity versus true identity; or viewing and feeding the spirit versus seeing and feeding the ego is:

ego=belief in lack and limitation=lower thoughts=lower energy=less Light=contraction=separation from God=tribulation, descent into depression, fear, anxiety, hell-consciousness and death

spirit=belief in unlimited potential and infinite possibilities=higher thoughts=higher energy=higher Light=expansion into unified field of God=rapture, resurrection, ascension and the new heaven on earth now (nhoen)

Just shift your awareness and shift your life!!! Instead of seeing the death, tribulation, suffering and crucifixion; instead of seeing an empty tomb and the resurrected Christ coming and going: see the ascended Christ in every form, every body, every space, every movement, and in every moment!!! For there is truly no separation, no time, and no space in the spirit. Christ Spirit is the Living Spirit now here with your spirit in the new heaven on earth now and all you need to do is shift your awareness!!! Come and see!!!

Just shift your awareness and shift your life!!!

“My dwelling place shall be with them” Ezekiel 37:27

“Behold, the dwelling place of God is with humans” Revelation 21:3

“At the bottom of vulnerability is a strength that can’t be touched. At the top of the mountain is a tableau that goes on for infinity. At the depths of the ocean is a stillness and silence of deep repose. May we all know the height, length, depth and breadth….life in its full continuum” Yvonne Clark Serocki

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10 Responses to How’s The View?

  1. almondog says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post and photos.


  2. lamehousewife says:

    what beautiful photos and thought-provoking analogies!


  3. lily2u1 says:

    “At the bottom of vulnerability is a strength that can’t be touched.”
    Wow. Thank you for sharing that.
    ~ Lily


    • You are welcome Lily! There is truly nothing to fear but fear itself! If we allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable and feel the depths of our feelings, we find the strength, invulnerability and power of presence is hidden underneath the pain or wound; then we are truly free!


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