Are You Aware of the Ultimate Gardener? Its Not What You Think!!!

Awareness Records Reissue cover

Awareness Records Reissue cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have all seen gardens. Some are beautiful, full of fragrant roses, manicured greenery, planned heights, colors, and variety; a visual delight. Some gardens are neglected, full of weeds, overgrown with foreign, non-native species, or dead, withered underbrush. Some gardens are also wild, natural, free, simple, or ordinary.

Gardens contain vines and branches that are in various stages of growth, some bare, some with new green leaves, some blossoming, some containing unripe fruit, some containing rotting fruit, and some with juicy, abundant, ripe fruit. Some alchemists have taken the fruit of the vine and transformed it into a brand new wine; transmuting one form to another!

Ripe and unripe fruit of Capsicum baccatum var...

Ripe and unripe fruit of Capsicum baccatum variety 'Lemon Drop' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christ is a vine (John 15:1-11). The vine is the “I am” awareness. Human beings are the branches, each one looks a little different. If we remain aware that we are each unique and different in physical appearance, yet are also the same “I am” presence, we live in the truth of our being. We are all branches arising out of pure awareness. The personal mind of each branch arises out of the interpretation of each individual brain; each intellect or personality has different thoughts, different religions, different interpretations, different beliefs and different words, languages or concepts to describe their beliefs. The Christ “I am” mind is in the heart. It is immediate, present, faster than the speed of light, and is the higher thoughts of the deepest, innermost heart-mind. The “I am” heart-mind contains the expanded feelings of joy, peace, beauty, truth, grace and love.

The Father is the Higher Self. The lower self is our ordinary waking-mind interpreted through the intellect or brain in the head. When the Father, or Higher Self, is brought down from the transpersonal energy center above our heads into the heart, we expand in consciousness to our higher, deeper divine nature; our lightness of being.

But beyond the heart-mind or Christ, and beyond the higher Self, the Father, is the groundless-ground of being. Beyond all concept of mind, higher or lower; beyond self, higher or lower; beyond thought, higher or lower; beyond feeling, joyous or sorrowful; beyond words, beyond concepts, beyond experiences, good or bad, mystical or hellish; beyond images, divine or depraved; beyond the beyond is the Gardener that is not a person. The Ultimate Gardener is beyond a person, thing, object, subject or noun. Beyond the Gardener is Gardening itself, or we might call it being aware of awareness!!!

Pure Awareness is prior to, beneath, and beyond all form. It is the fabric of our lives. It is the invisible background to all things. It is the Life that animates all. It is spirit, aliveness, consciousness and beyond all words or concepts. In Genesis 1:1 it says, “In the beginning.” In the beginning there was awareness that has no beginning or end! Prior to creation, prior to form, there was awareness: darkness and awareness (Genesis 1:1-3)! Prior to form there was formless awareness! Prior to creation there was awareness or spirit, without and within emptiness or void; spaceless-space, timeless, infinite awareness!

Human beings were originally created as beings that were pure awareness. They were not born into the world until they became AWARE of knowledge when they ate the fruit of the tree of the awareness of good and evil. Jesus was born into the world of form as the “aware-of-awareness-Christ-being” or “I am” with no beginning and no end. Yeshua never forgot his connection to all that is. The “I am” is never separated from the “I am that I am” (the name of God/Awareness spoken to Moses at the burning bush). As our illusory separate self, we think we are not connected. This is the delusion of the separate self. Christ knew he was one with pure awareness. He knew he was not his physical form or gender but the greater awareness that flowed in and through him. He said we could also be everything he was and more!

Burning Bush: non-consuming, all-pervading, unbounded awareness, everywhere present, limitless, no beginning or end, free, pure awareness!

The new heaven on earth is the potential for all of us to have a new birthday! We used to have to die to have a heavenly birthday or lose our physical form to return to pure awareness. The new way is to become aware of awareness while in the body, while in form! We wake up out of death, sleep, or unconsciousness to become aware of awareness!!! First we must awaken to know we are not our form and not our physical bodies, thoughts, feelings or experiences. Next we can enter the kingdom of God within by becoming like an innocent, spontaneous, trusting child (faith of a child/heart). We must then grow from spiritual loving baby or divine child (all heart, no ego) to spiritual adulthood: aware of awareness! Your birthday on the new heaven on earth is the day you become aware of awareness! “I am” becomes aware of the “I am that I am”. You go from an innocent, free, loving, delighting child who is pure awareness to being AWARE of AWARENESS! We are all destined to become aware of the formless, vibrational, aliveness of consciousness that is beneath, prior to, and beyond all form, thoughts, feelings, images, words, and concepts! We are all to become aware of the Ultimate Gardener: God or Alive Awareness, eternally gardening with the elements! We go from “I am not that” to “I am also that”! I am that awareness too!

Christ mind-of-the-heart is the “I am” (the vine). Each human being is a branch. The higher Self of the Father is the divine, infinite intelligence of our heart-mind. The Gardener is awareness or Spirit that is not a noun, but a verb: Gardening is happening all the time!!! We can rest and let the gardening happen. We can abide in the gardening. We can take refuge in the awareness. We can trust, be safe, secure, rest and just be in the awareness. We are not separate, nor could we ever be separate. We can rest in the stillpoint, the silent, formless, still, alive awareness.

We can also put on, or drop into, the heart-mind of Christ within us and co-create a new movie, or a new play. We can always stay in the old movie and play Groundhog Day over and over until we wake up and become aware of awareness. We can play the character in Groundhog Day who woke up everyday and did the exact same thing over and over again, or we can awaken and choose to enjoy the movie!  What brings you joy? You can learn to play the piano, romance someone, be romanced, help those you see are still asleep and think the movie or play is real, or you can just live in the awareness and let your actions arise out of the stillness of presence.

Everything is possible in awareness! All things are possible with God! Everything is contained within awareness. True prayer is conscious connection with awareness. Pray unceasingly; be constantly, continuously in communion and communication with awareness! Go direct, and make every moment fresh! See everything new and fresh in every moment! See your self, partner, friends and neighbors freshly each time you encounter them! Be surprised! Nothing stays the same but the unchanging, still, silent awareness beneath all things.

Watch your garden grow and flourish! Delight in the gardener, in the gardening, and in the awareness! Go into the innate heart-mind when “doing” arises, move and create from the “I am” in oneness with the Great “I am that I am”! Live from awareness. Live from the Source of God! Love from awareness. God is Love! God is awareness itself, the “I am that I am” and I am one with that too!!!

As above, so below
"I am that I am" and "I am"

Let all thoughts, feelings, actions and words arise anew from stillness, freshness and silent awareness. Laugh, play, create, dance, sing and delight in awareness! Live in child-like curiosity, fresh awe and wonder! Be the miracle and everything becomes a miracle!!!

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