Are You Ready?

Moses and the Burning Bush, panel on the West ...

Moses and the Burning Bush, panel on the West wall of the Dura Europos Synagogue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Be ready for the sudden surprise visits of God” Oswald Chambers

Be ready for a divine encounter with God! Are you ready? Would you recoil in fear? Do you expect God to look a certain way? Would you not recognize God and even run away because you think it is the devil? The religious of Yeshua HaMashiach’s day rejected him because he had a new message of Higher Divine Love. They accused him of being the devil or doing works of the devil because they did not understand what he was saying and doing, or what was happening around him. It looked strange and different from what they had been taught, so they rejected, tortured and killed him. What if God showed up today in a different form than the image the Christian church has made into stone?

Moses and The Burning Bush, Nicholas Froment, ...

Moses and The Burning Bush, Nicholas Froment, 1476 Central panel of tryptich for Rene of Provence Cathedrale Saint Sauveur, Aix-en-Provence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you ready to be visited? Are you ready for the Presence of God to descend in your life? If you are not ready, a surprise visit by God will most likely cause fear, and you will stop or miss the divine encounter out of ignorance. Or if you are stuck in self-pity, wallowing in resentments, sadness, guilt, anger or self-righteousness you may never notice the visit at all. If you are over-identified with the ego, you may be blinded by problems, distracted by troubles, and not present or open to a sudden visit. If you are certain about your thoughts of God, certain about your beliefs, certain about what is right and wrong, or rigid in your beliefs, you will surely miss the divine encounter. If you expect God to only appear after physical death, you will not be ready!

Dare to be different, Struy Aka, the burning bush.

Dare to be different, Struy Aka, the burning bush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dare to be different. Dare to go against the flow of the world, stop struggling, and find God. Go within. Drop from your head to your heart. Speak to the Father like you would a loving daddy that you wished you had as a child. Ask to sit in his lap! Ask to be drawn closer to God. Ask to be filled with Divine Love. Ask for a divine meeting! Ask to be guided to the truth. Ask to be taught the way, the truth and the Life! Be still and learn directly from the One! Put your hand out in front of you with palms up and say from your heart, out-loud, “come Holy Spirit.” Sit in stillness and wait in open expectancy. Practice the Presence of God!

Don’t be surprised when old stuff comes up, especially things you had long forgotten or wish you could forget. All that is not of God will arise so you can see it and give it to God permanently. Don’t think something strange is going on. Don’t be surprised if the way gets darker before the dawn. It is coming up to leave your life once and for all. Be teflon, and let the dark or negative things just slide off or flow right past.

“Never be afraid when God brings back your past. Let your memory have its way with you. It is a minister of God bringing its rebuke and sorrow to you. God will turn what might have been into a wonderful lesson of growth for the future” Oswald Chambers updated version

Pathway to Heaven - Explore

Pathway to Heaven - Explore (Photo credit: Sentrawoods.)

Pain is another minister of God. What is your pain saying to you? Could it be a burning bush experience? I have gone through a lot of emotional pain in my life. My divine encounters were all preceded by pain. The comfort came as I turned to God. The key is to reconnect with God. Turn to God. Turn to our Higher Power. Turn to the Divine Mind for the permanent solution to every problem.

I got the message that the physical pain I had been experiencing was the manifestation of my not answering the deeper call or invitation for a greater Divine Life on earth. Some who have not answered the call have had car accidents, some get ill or have pain, and Moses had the burning bush! Uninitiated healers may have a Divine Disease show up in their life. My first divine encounter came out of deep emotional pain as I turned in desperation to the bible.

With the physical pain that showed up, I realized I was holding back on something I was called to do. I have seen so many miraculous things, extraordinary things, supernatural things, and signs and wonders yet I was hesitant to share such intimate, sacred things. I believe we must now no longer keep the “secret place” things secret. It is time to speak the truth, reveal the revelations, and proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God on earth, available to all here and now. It is time to turn to God and fall back in love with our collective first Love, the Most High, the Beloved! To be ready is to have a direct, personal, intimate love relationship with the true light that enlightens the world, the Living Presence of Yeshua HaMashiach. “People get ready, there’s a train a coming” I believe the train is a massive influx of energy and light of the direct Presence of God! Are you ready?

I was guided to the burning bush story this morning and was amazed at how God spoke to me through the details.

God Appears to Moses in Burning Bush. Painting...

God Appears to Moses in Burning Bush. Painting from Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Saint Petersburg Русский: Бог является Моисею в купине неопалимой. Роспись Исаакиевского собора в Санкт-Петербурге (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The name God gave Moses for himself “I am that I am” or in Hebrew “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” that could be translated hayah “I am” or hawah “he who blows and I fall” like a storm wind. I had recently been experiencing a storm in my life. I was not feeling my usual joy (a quality that I attribute to the Living Christ). I felt like I was in the desert as my prayer, devotions, meditation, and usual ways I connect to God were not manifesting the Presence of God as usual. Although I know that I cannot be separated from God, I felt separate, and God was unusually silent. No still small voice, consolation, sensations of alive presence, no flow, no light, no miracles, no quickening; there was only darkness and physical pain. It felt like death instead of fresh, flowing, alive Life.

Moses and the Burning Bush

Moses and the Burning Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have found that dark times, times of struggle or troubles, occur before God takes us to a new revelation or a new level. There is a time of preparation and germination of seeds in the darkness to allow God to grow and mature us spiritually. The storms are used to help us trust God, even when we can’t see in the fog or blinding rain or darkness. Storms free us from dead wood, or shake loose the old, so new growth can begin and we are led to a place of milk and honey once again. From God’s viewpoint even the storms, hurricanes and tornadoes are meant for good, and even look beautiful from above (see Katrina below)!

If we stay in the eye of the storm, in the still, silent, sweet spot, void, or empty center, we will be safe and secure with the assurance that all that is shaken was never Real in the first place! Out of the still center arises fresh, new Life!

A couple of weeks ago as I awoke, I saw a light grid with a dark shadowy spot. During my devotions that morning I saw a shadowy figure standing just past the trees. I took notice, became watchful and increased my prayers, especially for protection. I prayed for guidance. As the result of my prayers I was given a message from my sister, received an email about a crime averted in my neighborhood, and was led to a conference with a prophetic teacher who was a messenger from God to confirm my calling. I woke up before dawn the next day and connected anew with God. The power and presence poured in through my crown and I was lifted back into the joy of my Adonai. I was guided to the deeper meaning of my dry spell and dark night of the spirit and it unfolded in amazing synchronicity!

Burning Bush, St Catherine's Monastery

Burning Bush, St Catherine's Monastery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the Eastern Orthodox tradition the burning bush was conceived as God’s Uncreated energies, or Glory manifested as light that they called the “Unburnt Bush”. It was equated with Mother Mary being impregnated with God. The holy grail could be conceptualized as a womb, and the burning bush can be related to the feminine womb as well. The feminine of God is also attributed to “shakti” or life force energy that is thought to be coiled at the base of the spine until it is awakened and rises to bring us to union with God (Indian tradition). The Holy Spirit is also life force energy containing the power and presence of God. The byzantine’s taught that the Spirit was feminine and I have come to that recognition as well. The hebrew word “Shekinah” is the feminine Presence of God that descends and dwells with humans. It is the glory of God, the security, the blessed assurance, ark of the covenant in our heart, daily delight and quickening in our body of the Presence of God!!!

“The burning bush is a symbol of everything that surrounds the ready soul ablaze with the presence of God” Oswald Chambers

The burning bush is a divine encounter that can also be a calling or invitation to step up and allow God to work though us. My first burning bush occurred when I first entered the desert in 1998. My house of cards had fallen, I was in a dark place, and I did not yet know God intimately. Fire came through my body that did not consume me and I started to have extraordinary experiences, signs, wonders and miracles. God introduced himself to me in so many ways that were different than I had been taught growing up in the Lutheran faith; a few were God as Healer, Comforter, Guide, Lover, Friend, Intimate Spouse, Power, Presence, Stillness, Formless, Angels both formless and with form, Fragrance, Mist, Music of the Spheres, Light, Peace and Divine Darkness (and so much more as God is everything and everywhere!).

God asks us to take our shoes off. He does not want any barrier or separation between us. We are to focus on God alone and trust that when we take off our shoes in the hot desert with fire, we will not get burned.  God will give us the power and resources to accomplish whatever he asks us to do. We do not do the work, but we allow God to work through us. Our old props, beliefs and paradigms have to be destroyed. We need to get rid of all middle men and go directly to God in our secret hearts. We need to develop a close, personal relationship with the Most High. We need to practice the Presence until it is a divine habit! We need to keep in continuous connection, communication and communion with God to receive fresh revelation and guidance. If we keep listening to the world’s ideas of what is possible or not possible we will go astray. I went astray as I began doubting what God had showed me and started to buy into the world’s ideas again. The intellect’s wisdom is folly with God. The divine wisdom from above is opposite of the physical realm’s wisdom (examples are love your enemies, surrender to be raised up, humble yourself to become great, etc.). God wants to do a whole new thing!!!

The Israelites were enslaved for almost 400 years. Women have been oppressed and enslaved for about 2000 years since Yeshua tried to free us. Women have been crying out and God has heard the cries. “I have indeed seen the misery of my female creation in the world. I have heard them crying out because of the human trafficking, sexual slavery, objectification, pornography, prostitution, accusation by Rush Limbaugh of being sluts and prostitutes, pimps, domestic violence, rape, oppression especially in third world countries, female genital mutilation, sexual abuse and molestation.”  God says “I want to rescue you out of your personal Egypt (bondage) and bring you into the promised spacious, open land of milk and honey.

Find your message through the mess you have been led through. Don’t speak in the darkness, seek God in the darkness. Be still and receive in the darkness. Speak when you come back into the light. Speak what you heard on the mountain top in the valley to those who are struggling with what you just were delivered from! God says “Now go; I will help you speak and teach you what to say” Exodus 4:12. God says the time is now to step up and step out in faith. God says trust me and I will give you everything you need.

We need to take the first step and God will guide and take care of the rest. God will use what we already have. We just need to be willing and ready to be used. God raised up William J. Seymour, an african american man forced to leave the room in a bible school in Houston as they prayed for the baptism of the Holy Spirit for the other students. God used the situation to raise him up to start the Azusa Revival and the result was 600 million filled with the Holy Spirit or 20 million per year since! God takes pain, judgment and rejection in the world and uses it for good if you will allow it!

What is your calling? What is tugging at your heart-strings? What is your wound? Your mess is your message. Your deepest wound is your niche. Realize your trials and tests can become your testimony!

“The burning bush is a symbol of everything that surrounds the ready soul ablaze with the presence of God” Oswald Chambers

Be aglow with the Spirit!!!

Russian icon of Virgin Mary "Neopalimaya ...

Russian icon of Virgin Mary "Neopalimaya Kupina" (Неопалимая Купина) that means "Burning Bush" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Russian Icon

Russian Icon (Photo credit: Piano Piano!)

Burning Bush - icon of Mother of God

Burning Bush - icon of Mother of God (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The icon of the Mother of God "The Burnin...

The icon of the Mother of God "The Burning Bush" Español: El icono de la Teotokos "La Zarza Ardiente" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let there be Light! Come Holy Spirit in your Presence and Power!

Are you ready?

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5 Responses to Are You Ready?

  1. Bioenergist says:

    I’m with you on this. The dirty sediment at the bottom of my karmic glass is certainly getting stirred up as of late. As these relentless, turbulent, emotional issues continue to arise, each and every time I still question why it is that I’m suffering?! Even though I KNOW I can count on each issue to reach a maximum where it becomes exhausted. This too shall pass… It is of course at this time where I give up the struggle of holding on to that which does not serve and let Source direct my least effort. In the aftermath, miracles are bestowed upon me… upon the weak. “Die before you die”. Take a step back to move forward! Be still to receive the cessation of sensation in the body temple without judgement! Let go and let god:)


    • Thank you for sharing…so well put! All the muck is rising, but only for us to let it go to reveal what is hidden beneath, our true radiant being! It is the opposite of what the intellect thinks is wise, i.e. battle the darkness, work harder, seek something else to find the elusive happiness. The wisdom from above in our heart mind says “let it all go and find everything!” Blessings on your journey!


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