Are You A Human?

Love is a Stranger
Rumi and Kabir Helminski

What shall I do, O Muslims?
I do not recognize myself.
I am neither Christian nor Jew,
nor Magian, nor Muslim.
I am not of the East, nor the West,
not of the land, nor the sea.
I am not from nature’s mine, 
nor from the circling stars.
I am neither of earth nor water, 
neither of wind nor fire.
I am not of the empyrean,
nor of the dust on this carpet.
I am not of the deep, nor from behind.
I am not of India or China,
not of Bulgaria, nor Saqsin;
I am not of the kingdom of Iraqain,
nor of the land of Khorasan.
I am not of this world nor the next,
not of heaven, nor of purgatory.
My place is the placeless,
my trace is the traceless.
It is not the body nor is it the soul,
for I belong to the soul of my love.
I have put duality away
and seen the two worlds as one.
One I seek, One I know.
One I see, One I call.
He is the First, He is the Last.
He is the outward, He is the Inward.
I know of nothing but Hu, none but him.
Intoxicated with the cup of love,
two worlds slip from my hands.
I am occupied with nothing
but fun and carousing.
If once in my life I pass a moment without You,
I repent my life from that moment on.
If once in this world
I should win a moment with You,
I will put both worlds under my feet
and dance forever in joy.

Hu is the pronoun for the divine presence and an ancient name for God. Hu has been used to represent the Word or Logos of God and was the name given to several sun gods in antiquity. Hu has been described as the eternal outbreath of the Beloved as the “ocean comes to court the drop” (Rumi). Ya Hu is saying “oh God” and equates with our english expression of excitement “yahoo!” (not to be confused with the company). In Sanskrit “hu” stands for the mind of spiritual being and man means the mind of an ordinary physical human. Melt your being in God! Remember God breath to breath and moment to moment!

There are two principles of being: physical and spiritual. The invisible part of our being is our true nature. Our divine nature is destined to be revealed. Our “hu” is our true self; our man or ordinary mind is just training wheels that we are meant to remove when we learn what it is like to be a new creation! We are to transform from an external physical locus of control to an internal spiritual locus of control. Open and become receptive to Spirit!


We are meant to awaken to our true divine nature now. We are to wake up and realize we are immersed in a sea of God. The only thing that is external to us is the vast infinite being of God that is above and below all, in all and through all. We exist within the infinite field of God; all that we are is God! Nothing is as big as God; the Beloved is always bigger than any challenge or problem. We can rest and abide in peace knowing we are surrounded and completely saturated with God. There is no where that God is not present. Let go, relax into the loving eternal arms of Divine Love! Melt into the ocean of Love!!!

The Holy Spirit works and lives within our body. Angels work in spirit on the outside. Don’t let any spirit but the Whole Spirit, the causal Spirit of God in your sacred body temple. We are covered in Divine Love, inner and outer, if we just allow and accept it! Like Jacob (physical self) when we become Israel (our spiritual self) we wrestle with God until we are touched physically, changed physically and transformed into our spiritual divine nature. Israel means “wrestle with God” and it also represents the triune nature of God (feminine Holy Spirit, Son/Sun, Father/El) and the triune nature of human beings (body, mind and spirit).

Don’t use the name of God as a magic word. It is not the name or label that has the power, but the spiritual nature. Jacob’s lower nature became the higher spiritual nature of Israel. Jacob also stands for Yacob or Yeshua, fully human nature that became the higher spiritual nature of Christ. The higher nature is the only begotten Son, the One Spirit that is in all living beings. We must transform to our higher spiritual nature to become one with the Father, the invisible, formless Spirit of God. Just as the risen Christ was lifted up in consciousness, we must be lifted up. The wings found within our physical anatomy represent the movement or motion of Spirit in our body. Let go! Let the One Spirit move within! Come Holy Spirit!!!

Below normal, waking, ordinary consciousness is meditation. Below meditation is true unceasing prayer, contemplation or oneness with Spirit. The stages of spiritual development start with awakening, purification by water or purgation, illumination, refined by fire, union and finally oneness. Surrender! Yield your old nature. Conquer your ego and dive deeply into your spiritual inner nature. Allow the Holy Spirit, the Whole Spirit of God, to blow, stir, wash, refine, heat, revive, breathe, move, transmute, rise, regenerate, power and restore your original divine blueprint! It is an inside job! Let go and let God! Surrender, yield, allow and give up control. Now is the time. Come Holy Spirit!

Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all. I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or in the next, did not descend from Adam and Eve or any origin story. My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless. Neither body or soul. I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathing human being.  by Coleman Barks in Essential Rumi


I searched for God among the Christians and on the Cross and therein I found Him not.
I went into the ancient temples of idolatry; no trace of Him was there.
I entered the mountain cave of Hira and then went as far as Qandhar but God I found not.
With set purpose I fared to the summit of Mount Caucasus and found there only ‘anqa’s habitation.
Then I directed my search to the Kaaba, the resort of old and young; God was not there even.
Turning to philosophy I inquired about him from ibn Sina but found Him not within his range.
I fared then to the scene of the Prophet’s experience of a great divine manifestation only a “two bow-lengths’ distance from him” but God was not there even in that exalted court.
Finally, I looked into my own heart and there I saw Him; He was nowhere else. -Rumi

I am neither Christian nor Jew, neither Zoroastrian nor Muslim,
I am not from east or west, not from land or sea,
not from the shafts of nature nor from the spheres of the firmament,
not of the earth, not of water, not of air, not of fire.
I am not from the highest heaven, not from this world,
not from existence, not from being.
I am not from India, not from China, not from Bulgar, not from Saqsin,
not from the realm of the two Iraqs, not from the land of Qurasan
I am not from the world, not from beyond,
not from heaven and not from hell.
I am not from Adam, not from Eve, not from paradise and not from Rilwan.
My place is placeless, mytrace is traceless,
no body, no soul, I am from the soul of souls.
I have chased out duality, lived the two worlds as one.
One I seek, one I know, one I see, one I call.
He is the first, he is the last, he is the outer, he is the inner.
Beyond “He” and “He is” I know no other.
I am drunk from the cupof love, the two worlds have escaped me.
I have no concern but carouse and rapture.
If one day in my life I spend a moment without you
from that hour and that time I would repent my life.
If one day I am given a moment in solitude with you
I will trample the two worlds underfoot and dance forever.
O Sun of Tabriz (Shams Tabrizi), I am so tipsy here in this world,
I have no tale to tell but tipsiness and rapture.
The religion of love is separate from all forms of religions
Lovers are of one nation and one religion – love
And that is God.


Listen, O drop, give yourself up without regret,

And in exchange gain the Ocean.

Listen, O drop, bestow upon yourself this honor,

And in the arms of the Sea be secure.

Who indeed should be so fortunate?

An Ocean wooing a drop!

In God’s name, in God’s name, sell and buy at once!

Give a drop, and take this Sea full of pearls.’


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7 Responses to Are You A Human?

  1. Thank you James! There is simply nothing as magnificent as the indwelling Spirit of God within our human body. What a precious gift…….priceless!!!


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  3. majzoob says:

    This is really well written article but according to my knowledge there is a little misconception. The word “HU” was first used by Bulhay Shah (The famous sufi poet and saint) The term when he used that word was of the concept that “ALLAH (GOD 1and only (monotheist view) HU (Exists). So the word Hu is when used by Muslims that does not mean that they are relating something to “Sun god”. But totally opposite to that is the real meaning. It is used by sufi’s in their chanting. Hu basically used for acceptance of the existence of one and Almighty God. i Hope this little clearification would be not minded by you. Thanks


    • Thank you for your comment! I welcome and appreciate all comments and discussion! Words or labels for that which is beyond words, thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc are limiting and reductionistic, but necessary for communication on the physical level. Of course that is the beauty of nonverbal communication and silence, for the words do not separate or get misconstrued. In the silence, the heart to heart communication is pure and the Spirit of Truth is directly transmitted without limitation. I believe there is only one Creator and all that exists is a manifestation of the One Source that is beyond labeling of God or Spirit. There are infinite aspects of this One. All are beautiful and meaningful to the one who is yearning for the One. If God were just one aspect or quality how could everyone relate since there are so many cultures and diversity? I love that the One can be interpreted in infinite ways, and the infinite possibilities of manifestation are all emanating from one source, one pure awareness, one vast Presence and Power that can unite us all as one family. The “hu” of huna; the “hu” of human; the hu of kahuna; the “hu” of the owl’s hoot (who who)!; the “hu” of chanting in all cultures and religion; the “hu” of humility; the “hu” of God; the “hu” of ???? are all one Hu!!! Many blessings to you!


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