Manifest Your True Self


“The Life that was in Jesus can also be manifest in our mortal flesh” 2 Cor 4:10



When we forget who we really are, we are living a lie. When we fail to remember who we were created to be, we are blocked from our higher essence. When we remember our original divine origin, we can rise in consciousness to our true self.


Ascension of Mary Magdalene

Ascension of Mary Magdalene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are created in the image and likeness of God. Stop and really breathe that into your body and feel the import of this amazing truth. Feel the wonder of the implication. Ask your inner being “what would I think, feel and do if I lived in the truth of being made in the image and likeness of God?”


Scenes from the Life of Mary Magdalene: Mary M...

Scenes from the Life of Mary Magdalene: Mary Magdalene Speaking to the Angels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Are you ready to allow the Life of Christ to be manifest in your physical body? Are you willing to receive the transformative Love of the Beloved into your flesh?


Scenes from the Life of Mary Magdalene: Mary M...

Scenes from the Life of Mary Magdalene: Mary Magdalene and Cardinal Pontano (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before we wake up and remember our original divine blueprint, our physical body is blocked to the spiritual realm. The example of this from the bible is Mary Magdalene before Yeshua opened up her seven energy centers by removing the blockages or obstructions (seven demons or unclean spirits). Mary Magdalene’s physical body was reconnected with her spiritual body, or in other words, the Life of Christ was manifest in her body!


St. Mary Magdalene, end of the 14th cent.(?), ...

St. Mary Magdalene, end of the 14th cent.(?), SS. Johns church, Toruń (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  1. Reconnect with the Light of God above your head
  2. Ask to be cleared of any blockages, obstructions, obstacles or barriers to Love
  3. State out loud “I am willing to release all barriers to divine Love now”
  4. “Be still and know that I am God” Sit in stillness with open expectancy
  5. Receive the Life, Light, and Love of Christ into your whole body by using your attention, intention and hands to direct the Light and energy of Spirit to each energy center. Start at your head by placing your hands one on your forehead and one on the base of skull. Breathe into your hands, feel, sense and let go on the exhale. When you feel a shift or just feel complete, move the hand at the base of your skull to your mouth and jaw area. Again breathe into your hands, feel, sense and let go. Take your hand from your forehead and place it over your throat. Continue to breathe, feel, sense and let go at each center as you bring your top hand below the lower hand until you reach your root or perineum.
  6. Give thanks!
  7. Speak out loud “I now choose to manifest the Life of Christ in my physical body”
  8. Now reverse the journey of your hands installing the Love, Life and Golden Christ Light into each center of your body.
  9. At your crown state out loud” “I and God are one” “I am Divine Love” “I am fullness of Joy” “I am abundant Life”
  10. Raise both hands above your head and do a happy dance, sing and praise God!
  11. Journal your experience or anchor your opening by stating your new intentions.
  12. Take one action step in the direction of your new Life!




English: mary magdalene

English: mary magdalene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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6 Responses to Manifest Your True Self

  1. Reblogged this on In Love With The Lord and commented:
    This is a great post. I think for me it took some time to realize I was not living the life I was created to be, then still longer to believe I was entitled to do so and could be enabled to do all things in Christ. Important message here.


    • thank you for sharing Martha!
      All things are possible…..not some things……all things are possible with God!
      Keep your equanimity in the midst of trials or challenges, trust that everything is meant for good….everything that is not real will fall away or be destroyed to reveal our true divine nature and grow what is true, beautiful, real and lasting!


  2. Julie says:

    Wow, that was wonderful, thank you xx


  3. your most welcome Julie! thanks for commenting!


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