you only have to do One thing

You only have to do ONE thing:

submit to Beloved Creator: the infinite Mystery, Divine Architect, Beloved Choreographer of Life, Master Conductor of multidimensional symphony

You only have to arm yourself with ONE thing:

Love: real Love, not worldly love, not sentimental, emotional love, but a deeper, higher divine Love


You only have to see ONE view:


from the vantage of Oneness with God, not the world’s idea of God but the Real, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, unified field of God, obscured to all but the deeper, higher spiritual senses


Reverse all wrongs within yourself:

especially denigrating the feminine: of God, of yourself, and of earth


You only have to be ONE thing:


who you were created to be…….unique and one with the Creator of the Cosmos. Remember.


Be ONE with the Beloved

Be still and know that I am God

Be Love:


then and only then can you take dominion in Love; look from Love; speak from Love; Act from Love; Be Love



Bow only to God; all is God. Everything came from God and will go back to God. Amen.



Veni Sancte Spiritus


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to you only have to do One thing

  1. ellieevensong says:

    so inspiring !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. ellieevensong says:

    Reblogged this on mindscapes and galactic travels.


  3. Magnificent! Thank you! Your holy work inspires.!
    I’m linking another of God’s creations for you to experience:

    Blessings –


  4. almondog says:

    Thank you for the beautiful post.


  5. Julie says:

    My little girl (6) and I have a saying, “what makes the world go around?, Love!” xx


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  7. Deb Clemente says:

    I wish to share an with you a bit of my own Divine Love experience and awakening to this Voice of Love within. The following is an excerpt from my book: Listen Hear, A Divine Love Story
    by Debra Clemente

    It’s also true that prayer had lost its power and magic over me. I had continually turned to “the Church” for answers and comfort and left at a loss for all. My needs were not met. My answers were not coming. But God, or the idea I had always held of God, had a hold on me and said “Keep looking, seek and ye shall find.”

    One very important thing, actually I know it was the most important thing I have ever found, proclaimed and received is a Divine Love prayer titled, The Prayer Perfect. I found on the internet, happened upon, as it seemed while on this truth quest. The person that posted it challenged the reader to pray the prayer twice daily for fifteen minutes and that whoever did so would never experience life again the same. There would be a wondrous, internal and permanent change.

    So as is always my way, I didn’t follow his prayer outline to the letter or even the word. Just as I can’t seem to follow a recipe as written, I cannot pray someone else’s prayer. So, I created my own inspired by the given prayer. Mine was simpler and flowed gracefully from my lips. Most importantly, I could remember it and creatively embellish it with flourishing concepts as I prayed and desired in prayer.

    Divine Love fill me

    Divine Love flow through me

    Divine Love be me.

    That’s pretty much the gist of it. So I did it, every time I remembered about it I stopped and said it. I wasn’t even sure what “Divine Love” was. It didn’t really feel like a prayer or sound like one, almost like an incantation or a spell.

    I remember shortly there after things changing for me. More and more my actions, my seemingly thoughtless actions, surprised me. By “thoughtless,” I don’t mean not considerate of others. I mean I didn’t pre-think my actions and they were so amazingly thoughtful of others it was if I knew beyond my own mind how to be of the right help at the right time. I would continually say and do the right thing. “Hold on a minute,” I heard a voice inside me say, “You are surprised at your actions but haven’t you just been praying for God’s Love to flow through you and become you?” Was I? Did I? Is that what Divine Love was? I needed to know, for I had never heard it spoken of that way. Divine Love, what was it really? What was happening to me and had any other experienced such and written about it?


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