Transpersonal Listening

My what big ears you have. The better to hear you my dear.

Listening with your whole body is a gift to yourself and to the other. 70+ trillion cells attuned to Infinite Wisdom and Divine Presence is healing. It is hard to listen with full presence until you are a still pond within.

You cannot give the gift of transpersonal listening without receiving exponentially more in return. In remembrance and union with the Living One, you can be totally present to listen. One of the most loving gestures you can do for someone is to deeply listen.

Listening with the whole body, 70+ trillion telomeres giving and receiving the Light of God, is sacred.

English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif

English: Telomere caps he:תמונה:Telomere caps.gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giving and receiving Light and information through every pore in the body is divine communication. Allow every atom to transfigure in the illumination.

Bone Marrow

Resting in stillness and silence together is divine communion. Spiritual food is shared in the sanctuary of the heart and is circulated to every cell. Commune with Christ in your atoms and blood. Be penetrated to the core of your bone marrow with light. The center of your 206 bones is a rich River of Life, nourishment, sustenance and regeneration when in remembrance and union with Christ. The bone marrow is a Living Stream connecting to the Life of the Living One. Receive the new wine in the silent stillness of Presence and pass it on to all you meet.

It is the relationship we maintain with God that produces the atmosphere of God (Oswald Chambers). Deeply connect, develop an intimate relationship, continually notice and feel the atmosphere of the Most High, and meet others from this still, powerful place. Listen with your whole body….

“Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10

Light of god

Light of God (Photo credit: Tohtouf)

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1 Response to Transpersonal Listening

  1. Jason Frost says:

    Beautiful message here… thank you… there is nothing more soothing to the heart than to be seen and heard at the same time… Grateful! ~ jason


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