inconvenient uncomfortable truth

a closed, dark, hurting heart cannot see

a wounded heart chooses death by not being able to bear the truth

pain is a cruel teacher,

but brokenness lets the light in

once you know the truth it will set you free

i was once blind but now i see

forgive me

i am forgiven

I am set free…

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to inconvenient uncomfortable truth

  1. rahkyt says:

    Very poignant ….


  2. thank you for your comment
    It is a very polarizing topic that makes blood boil, judgments flare, sides taken, passions rising, with condemnation thrown like stones, and yet there is the Living One who gets down into the dirt and pain and emptiness and brokenness and heals the wounded child in every soul…


  3. “a closed, dark, hurting heart cannot see”

    Is not that the truth!

    The heart that gently opens is always at risk of further shame or even intimidation, but once the opening begins, once a little light or love creep under our door, once divine love starts to filter on down pass all our pain and fears, there seems to be no turning back.

    I know…I was this castle locked up in dogma and doctrine alone – the worship of ‘correctness’ – but now I hold hands with Love (despite those dualistic overtones – lol)

    ‘brokeness’ indeed ‘lets the light in’ and a beautiful and paradoxical wounding is that!




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