How could you?

Forgiveness: The Real F-Bomb

Forgiveness: The Real F-Word (Photo credit: bangart)

How could you?

Angry, bitter tears of disillusionment, disappointment and despair…

How could you?

Instead of pointing our finger out in blame as victims, turn within to healing. We can  stop the flow of bleeding on earth and stop the generational inheritance of darkness and suffering by turning within and calling on the Light of Spirit. We can end the vicious cycle of wounding and being wounded. No one hurts another without having been hurt, wounded and closed their heart as a result.

The feminine has been wounded, in both women and men. Men wouldn’t be hurting women if they were not wounded within. Women wouldn’t be re-wounded by men, religion, culture, society or other women if they were reconnected to the Source of Love in their secret, sacred centers.

“My grief is beyond healing, my heart is sick within me. Hark, the cry of the daughter of my people from the length and breadth of the land..for the wound of the daughter of my people is my heart wounded, I mourn, and dismay has taken hold on me. Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Why then has the health of the daughter of my people not been restored?” Jeremiah 8:18-22

The answer is the heart. The healer of the heart is Christ. The key is dropping from our heads into our innermost hidden, secret, sacred heart centers, close the door to our physical senses and external world, and open to the Source of Love and healing. Strip off all burdens, emotions, thoughts, images, or troubles and get naked before God. If you have not yet done so: ask, seek and knock. If you have: receive, find and open. Be still and know that I am God. Be silent and listen for the still, small voice. Rest and be lifted up, restored, rebuilt, renewed and regenerated. Trust. All is well. The physician is Yeshua and the balm is soothing, healing and you will find wholeness, peace, and joy. Receive the Light of the world; the true Light that enlightens all human beings. It is yours for the asking. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come and live in your heart.

Love ? I love love love you.

Love ? I love love love you. (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

There is no purpose-less pain; there are no meaningless tears, unless you do not come and receive healing in your heart. Everything is leading us back to the secret, sacred center within and our reunion with our Beloved Creator through Jesus. The world’s wisdom says we are self-sufficient, independent and can buck up and just keep on keeping on through will power. This is no longer sustainable. It will no longer work to just keep carrying on and sweeping issues under the rug. It is do or die time; we have to die with Jesus to be resurrected with Christ. It is decision time. It will no longer work to have “zeal for God without being enlightened” Romans 10:2. The Light is Christ who comes to live in you by the Holy Spirit.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I will punish all those who are circumcised yet uncircumcised” Jeremiah 9:25

Anyone who practices the outward form of religion without their heart being circumcised, healed and transformed will not be able to live in the new heaven on earth. Arrogance, hubris, egoic pride, blame, partiality, distinctions and division will not survive. The Word comes as a Sword of the Spirit to divide you from this world to unite you to Christ Jesus. The rock that makes men stumble is Christ. The rock that wounds is the Rock that heals you. If you ignore the rock or sweep it under the rug, it will just continue to irritate you. The healing is in the wound; the violent Cross turns into resurrection into the tree of life! The flow of Love from a transformed, healed heart is the calling card of Jesus. If there is the Love of God and love of one another, God is present. God is Love. Religious zeal without enlightenment is false religion that is stained by this world.

“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you a spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him, having the eyes of your heart enlightened” Ephesians 1:17-18

Enlightened heart-eyes can see with spiritual perception. En-light-enment is being filled with the Light of Christ and the Spirit of God. Enlightenment is seeing with the eyes of Christ. There is no separate self to be enlightened; we die to our old nature and put on the new nature of Christ. We are one with God in Christ and Christ in us, seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, the likeness of God. True enlightenment is being able to see with anointed eyes, think the thoughts of God with the mind of Christ, an open, redeemed mind, heart and will in a body that is a temple of God filled with the Holy Spirit River, overflowing fountain of life, sending rivers of glorified Christ Spirit from you.

An enlightened heart does not ask “How could you?” when hurt by another, it says:

how could you receive the soothing balm of grace unless your heart had been ripped in two, or broken…

how could you learn compassion without desperately needing it and feeling the arm of mercy or loving-kindness reaching down…

how could you know freedom without once being in prison in your mind…

how could you know joy until pain has seared your soul…

how could you know peace until chaos destroyed your world…

how could you know love unless fear and condemnation ruled your life…

how could you forgive until you have been forgiven for your deepest shame…

how could you really love until you were forgiven the unforgivable….

How could you hurt those you love? only because you have been hurt and haven’t come to Jesus yet to be saved, healed, delivered and set free to love by your First Love.

You could because you agreed to play the hardest, darkest role before we were born, so we could both wake up and remember God…

I thank you from the bottom of my healed, whole heart

Forgiveness lesson from flowers

Forgiveness lesson from flowers (Photo credit: juliejordanscott)

Jesus said it well, “For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little” (Luke 7:47).

“First, we have to face the notion that in order to consider forgiving someone we must have been blaming them for something. We must have anger, resentment, blame, even hatred going on in order to feel the need to forgive. Forgiveness is really an act of letting go, releasing the anger, the hatred, the bitterness, the thoughts of revenge that we have been carrying around. We can do this letting go without even encountering the person we want to forgive. We forgive by releasing all resentment, anger, and bitterness, and from the negative feelings that weaken us” [by coming to Jesus; asking and receiving forgiveness. Forgiveness does not mean what they did was okay; forgiveness means you forgive the debt you held against them that was hurting you. Jesus is the Healer, Deliverer and sets us free through forgiveness and redemption. First we have to get past blame by asking Jesus to help you through the power of the Holy Spirit]….Forgiveness is the most powerful thing that you can do for your physiology and your spirituality, and it remains one of the least attractive things to us, largely because our egos rule so unequivocally. To forgive is somehow associated with saying that it is all right, that we accept the evil deed. But this is not forgiveness. Forgiveness means that you fill yourself with love and you radiate that love outward and refuse to hang onto the venom or hatred that was engendered by the behaviors that caused the wounds. Forgiveness is a spiritual act of love for yourself and it sends a message to everyone, including yourself, that you are [a child of the Most High God who sent Jesus for the forgiveness of our sins] of love and that that is what you are going to impart.” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Asking For Forgiveness

Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

“Okay–now for a hard step…a real step of courage and will. We must forgive those who hurt us. The reason is simple: bitterness and unforgiveness set their hooks deep in our hearts; they are chains that hold us captive to the wounds and the messages of those wounds. Until you forgive, you remain their prisoner. Paul warns us that unforgiveness and bitterness can wreck our lives and the lives of others (Eph. 4:31, 32; Heb. 12:15). We have to let it all go (Col. 3:13)…Forgiveness is a choice. It is not a feeling–don’t try and feel forgiving. It is an act of the will. “Don’t wait to forgive till you feel like forgiving,” wrote Neil Anderson. “You will never get there. Feelings take time to heal after the choice to forgive is made.”…We acknowledge that it hurt, that it mattered, and we choose to extend forgiveness to…those who hurt us…Forgiveness says, ‘It was wrong. Very wrong. It mattered, hurt me deeply. And I release you. I give you to God.” Jon and Stasi Eldridge

How many times do we have to forgive? 7 X 70! Only Jesus can forgive you and wipe your slate clean so you can forgive and be set free to love in the overflow of the Love of Christ that fills you with all the fullness of God who works in you greater than you could ask or think (Ephesians 3:14-21). Ask and receive forgiveness; then begin to forgive others as you have been forgiven.

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3 Responses to How could you?

  1. Thank you, Yvonne for a beautiful article and photos. Only those who know the Beloved, know the Beloved and finding words to express that love is difficult, His love is perfection and clearly expressed by the Living Word in a deep, deep, silence needing no word nor translator. May you be blessed.


  2. Mark Nielsen says:

    Thanks so much. I hobbled over here from the *asimpledesire* blog, which I have occasionally contributed to. Seems I was following the Spirit down a nice rabbit hole, as this exact type of “self-freeing” Forgiveness was also the central topic of our pastor’s sermon yesterday (Pastor Fred Nelson … …if you’re curious and/or from Chicago area… plus the sermon itself might get posted at the website in a week or two).

    Forgiveness has been the difficult work of my life the past two years, especially with regards to my wife, who left me. It’s cyclical… I keep thinking Jesus has brought me to a new healthier place, and He in fact has. But it’s like weeds in the garden of my heart: I see there’s still some leftover weed seed or root of the injury, a pain that we didn’t get all of, so we have to go back out and weed again. I suppose time and new blessings will make this maintenance work on the “old” garden less frequent or difficult, but I want grace to make it unnecessary right NOW, and forever. Not how God works… I know. But I’m not “sweeping it under the rug”, as you’ve said, and I trust God to get me there slowly but surely.

    The strangely surreal song/poem I wrote this morning and posted at my blog [ ] is even about forgiveness, in a way. About the struggle between the masculine and feminine, within me and in the world, and the challenge of reconciling with certain people, powers-that-be, or ideas that are ultimately mysterious and elusive.

    Keep making that Mystery a little more clear, dear. We need it…


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