Fountain of Life

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There is a fountain in the center of your being. Abundant flow of Living Water is always available but we have to turn the water on.

English: Water fountain found in a small Swiss...

Water fountain found in a small Swiss village. They are used as a drinking water source for people and cattle. Almost every Alpine village has such a water source. Français : Une fontaine dans un petit village suisse. Ces fontaines sont comme point d’eau, par les gens comme par le bétail. On en trouve dans tous les villages des Alpes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just like electricity is always available as we are pre-wired but have to plug in the cord to use it, we must also plug into the Source to receive what is already given: power, light, love, wholeness and peace.

English: Drinking water fountain

Drinking water fountain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The water is always available, all is given, but we must do our part and drink! All is already given but we need to be receptive, open, and learn to relax our body, release tension and constriction, and allow ourself to receive.

English: Disused Drinking Fountain The water h...

Disused Drinking Fountain The water has long since ceased to flow from this drinking fountain dedicated to the memory of Walter Field, Associate of the Royal Watercolour Society. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask and receive. If you don’t ask or if you don’t have faith that you will receive, or if you give up before you have the direct experience of receiving, you will live in lack, scarcity and fear. Do not waver, distrust, hesitate, fear or doubt. Ask and trust that you will receive.

Water Drop

Water Drop (Photo credit: Isolino)

Let your drop rejoin the ocean!

Source: Shutterstock

If you allow free-flowing of this living water, it will clear any obstructions, obstacles or blocks in your body and life.

Melt in the ocean of Light. Dissolve and dissipate into formless oneness. When you return in consciousness to your physical form, you will be brand new if you believe it is possible. All things are possible with God. All things are possible if you join your consciousness with God!


Sculpture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you allow yourself to receive the fullness of God within your being, you are able to be a blessing to the world.

“The plan for the fullness of time [now], is to unite all things in God, things in heaven and things on earth” Ephesians 1:10

There is a fountain in the core of your body. Let it flow! Let there be flow of living water in your body. Let your body become an oasis in the desert wilderness. Become a watered, green, flourishing garden blooming with fragrant blossoms of love!

Water Lily - cornflower shade

Water Lily – cornflower shade (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

Let if flow! Come Holy Spirit!


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2 Responses to Fountain of Life

  1. Your beautiful spirit is expressing itself freely! How wonderful! Your are joining the flow of the Heart as a part of it and augmenting it!

    I see that you like Gangaji’s meditation that I posted ~ should you want more info on a great tele-webinar she will be starting soon, here is the link:

    with Love and Peace,


    • Tomas, I love Gangaji, especially in person! I love her and Eli’s story. Thank you for your lovely comment! My heart sends you love and blessings! I pray that the Fountain of Life flows in every heart, overflowing and flooding the earth with Love!


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