As I turn my attention from my mind and thoughts to my innermost heart, I enter the stillness and the peace that passes all understanding in the midst of a challenge. To empty is but one phase. To embody fullness is but one phase. As I am open, willing, and receptive, light is able to shine above, in, through and as me. Divine Light dissolves everything.

When all is one, One is all there is.

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Clear

  1. Amazing words…there are days when it is difficult to get to that state…but always worht striving for:-)


    • thank you earth changes for your comment!
      the state of naturalness and peace is always there, it is our attention that moves away to something on the outside and thoughts take it from there
      there is only peace; thoughts, feelings, or images arise from the stillness as waves upon the ocean and if we do not attach to them, they naturally recede back into silence and peace
      if we don’t attach, cling or avoid, we can just rest in the underlying peace as we receive life in all its fullness, joy and pain, as it appears and recedes
      resist nothing
      welcome all
      remember we are the underlying joy, love, peace, light and harmony
      storms come, waves crash, and then all goes back to stillness if we simply and naturally remember we are the embodied presence
      even in the midst of challenge we can be aware of an underlying stillness and peace


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