Happy solar eclipse and new moon! Happy thirteenth of November! Happy 13! Happy Alchemy of 13!!!

The Alchemy of 13 by Nicolya Christi

“Contrary to the “unlucky” association that the number 13 carries, this alchemical numeric digit code represents unity, union, interconnectedness, and Oneness.

While the number 12 represents the Circle and the completion of a higher level of consciousness, and is symbolic of our individual and collective move towards unity, 13 represents the spiral and transcendence, a quality that is beyond the realm of physicality.

The Maya associated 13 with the Mysteries and Divine Manifestation.

The number 13 always holds the point of greatest power, and the digits below it take their place around the 13. This can be illustrated by Jesus and his twelve disciples. The disciples acted as twelve separate points of consciousness revolving around a single point of focus, Jesus, to blend with and become One consciousness. Similarly, King Arthur was the thirteenth among his twelve knights.

For over 5,500 years the Maya, Incas, Druids, Egyptians, and Essenes followed a thirteen-moon calendar which is still used by those who align with a Galactic system of time. In 1933, the League of Nations actually voted for a thirteen-month calendar to be the new world standard because of its reliability and continuity. The thirteenth month was to be called “Tricember,” but this was blocked by the Vatican, the very organization that imposed the Gregorian calendar on us over four hundred years ago.

While the year of 2012 is a profoundly important moment in itself, it also acts as a bridge to 2013, the year that marks the beginning of what the Hopis call “the Emergence” (humanity’s shift from duality to unity consciousness). As we research and explore 2012 phenomena, we come to discover that the digit 13 is ever present.

The Thirteenth Constellation – Ophiuchus

The thirteenth zodiacal sign, Ophiuchus, is located in the center of the Milky Way. Because of its position, it is said to govern the other twelve signs of the zodiac. This sign is known as the “Serpent Healer” or “Serpent Holder”, and is represented by a male figure holding a serpent. Today, November 13, 2012, there is a total Solar Eclipse involving the Earth, the Sun, and the head of the serpent. Could it be pure coincidence that the constellation of Ophiuchus becomes activated just thirty-eight days before the end of the Mayan calendar?

What exactly does Ophiuchus contribute as we begin the home run from the end of one Age and into the beginning of another? Could this November 13 Eclipse prove to be the shedding of a skin for humanity? Is this a transmutation of human consciousness, as represented by the serpent?

The total Solar Eclipse near Ophiuchus may well facilitate the crossing of the momentous 2012 threshold from conscious darkness to Light, a pivotal transition in human history when we shed the old and take an evolutionary leap into a new epoch.

Thirteenth Rainbow Tribe

This particular Eclipse will open a portal for the incarnation of a group of highly evolved serpent-linked souls, who can be referred to as “Ophiuchuns.” Also known as the “Thirteenth Rainbow Tribe”, their arrival was prophesied by the ancient Maya and the First Nations People. Serpents played a central role in traditional Mayan culture and cosmology, representing knowledge, wisdom, and energy.

The Mayan temple of “Palenque of the Inscriptions” is also known as the “Temple of the Gestation,” because in the upper part of its five entrances stand columns carved with figures in the shape of Mayan priestesses carrying babies. The infants are shown to have one human foot, while the other appears to be a serpent. The women are depicted holding the babies with one hand and the head of the serpent with the other. These same inscriptions were carved in the pyramid of Lord Pacal, (Votan), and the Maya wrote more than 2,500 glyphs of reference, which are found near the stucco figures.

The serpent children were prophesied to be the “children of the future,” who would bring great wisdom, knowledge, and energy to the Earth. These “serpent” beings follow three generations of consciousness transformers who have been incarnating since the 1930s (see chapter ten of ‘2012: A Clarion Call’). The first generation are known as the Lightworkers; the second, who began to incarnate in the early1970s, are referred to as the Indigos; they were followed by the Crystal souls who arrived in the 1990s.

The Rainbow souls are predicted to start incarnating en-masse from the time of the November 13, 2012 Eclipse. They were prophesied to incarnate into an era when the Cosmos and the constellation of Ophiuchus could support their arrival, at a time when the world is most in need of their unique gifts. That time is upon us.

The ancient Maya knew that humanity would enter a long and sustained period of ignorance and darkness. This is the time that we are now living in. Mayan experts have established, through interpreting ancient Maya inscriptions, carvings, and hieroglyphics, that ancient Mayan initiates learned about these serpent-race prophecies and it is probable that many of those initiates, who lived thousands of years ago, will reincarnate among the waves of Rainbow Beings arriving from post 13.11.12.

On December 30, 1999, Pluto, the planet representing transmutation, regeneration, death, rebirth, and renewal, met Chiron, the Healer (ruler of Ophiuchus), in the thirteenth constellation and downloaded specific codes into the Earth’s Grids in preparation for activation around the time of the 13.11.12 Solar Eclipse, and the Winter Solstice of 2012, when the first major wave of Rainbow souls will incarnate and fulfill the Mayan prophecies.

The total Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012, will also initiate consciously awakened individuals, and the Earth, into the mysteries of Ophiuchus, activating a Portal through which new information, Light Codes, and higher vibrating frequencies will be transmitted. This new information, pouring into the grids, will permeate our consciousness and our energetic bodies at multidimensional levels, as well as penetrating the energetic structure of all living matter. We can think of this as similar to what takes place in the neural pathways of the brain at certain key points in our development. There is a natural closing of old neural pathways to allow other neural pathways to open in response to the new information they are receiving.

These new Galactic Codes will anchor into the Planetary Grids to further the collective evolutionary journey for humanity and the Earth. As the Earth’s grids are upgraded with new codes and information, this also affects the overall evolution of the Galaxy, the Cosmos, and the Universe. Ophiuchus, the heavenly shaman/healer, acts as the catalyst for the activation of vital codes to accelerate and raise our consciousness and vibration, as well facilitate our personal and collective healing. These codes will be specific to the frequency of 13, the numerical digit that represents the Mysteries. They will bring advanced information, as yet unknown to humankind, which will be begin to release from the Planetary Grid in 2013 – the year of the Unknown, yet all knowing, for this stage of collective conscious evolution.

2013 – The Blank Slate

It appears that, aside from the prophecy of a new “Golden Age” and a “Thousand Years of Peace”, as predicted by several ancient wisdom cultures to begin post 21.12.12, there are no specific or detailed ancient prophecies of what will unfold post 2012. As such, the year 2013 presents humanity with a “blank slate”, a slate upon which we can write not ‘his’ story (patriarchal history) or ‘her’ story (matriarchal herstory), but ‘this’ story – OUR story.

In the year 2013, we will find ourselves in a unique and extraordinary position, one which liberates us from the past and allows us the opportunity to create a new now and a sustainable vision for the future. Ancient prophecies speak of a “Star Gate” opening in 2012. They tell us that there are thirteen of these Gates in our Galaxy. Star Gates are often described as “wormholes” or “portals”, and it is prophesied that a great Enlightened Being or a Group of Enlightened Beings will emerge from one that will open on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

The Maya refer to these openings as “serpent ropes” on which Enlightened Beings are said to “ride in.” These ropes are linked to the kundalini energy within the human body; when they are fully activated via the heart/mind connection, they open up portals and wormholes within the human system, making it possible that we ourselves are also the Enlightened Beings that are, to “ride in,” fully anchoring our Souls into our bodies, and re-aligning our consciousness in order to elevate our vibration to an unprecedented exalted state.”

More Thirteen Information: The trinity plus you is 1 + 3 = 4. Four is completion. In alchemy we are not three, not four, but both 3 and 4! Three plus four is seven. We have seven energy centers that are associated with seven nerve plexus and seven endocrine organs in our physical body. We are now expanding to twelve energy centers and the 13th may be the unknown-known Divine Beingness. When I climb in awareness up through my energy centers I have always found great joy and laughter in my 13th! The sky is the limit!!!

“The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings” Malachi 4:2

Jesus said “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” Matthew 10:16

Moses put a serpent on a brass pole and raised it to heal the Israelites from being bitten by poisonous snakes. The Caduceus is the same idea and is the symbol for Medicine. Jesus was raised on a tree to heal us and raise us up in consciousness with him. “By his wounds we are healed” Isaiah 53:5. Christ is the Great Physician. In Kabbalah the gematria or numerology of the serpent is the same as the Christ. The poisonous snake that wounds is the resurrected Son/Sun that heals as was reflected by the serpent on a brass pole raised by Moses. Christ as Healer is the resurrected solar being, the Sun/Son of God. The caduceus is the “angel of healing rising”. Christ is the Angel or Spirit of Healing and Love. God is love  (1 John 4:8). “Love is the Master Physician…the philosopher’s stone combined the four elements in an ideal balance to heal dis-ease…fire, water, air, earth…the true physician can only heal through the power of love…perfect healing must begin with perfect love and even in the darkest night of the soul, Love is the Master Physician” James Muir. Christ’s message was Love and Love! “Perfect Love casts out all fear” 1 John 4:18. The serpent is nothing to fear for Love has risen, resurrected, and the poisonous venom has been alchemically transmuted into the Medicine of Christ’s Love. The serpent has been resurrected and alchemically transmuted to healing love if you just have eyes to see and ears to hear. The serpent only remains evil and poisonous if you insist on living in the past; if you insist on living as the walking dead instead of allowing yourself to rise and resurrect with the Living Christ and be One with God.

James Muir’s Caduceus Angel of Healing

“The Sun of righteousness [right connection or right relationship] will rise with healing in its wings” Malachi 4:2

English: Ophiuchus as depicted in Urania’s Mir...

English: Ophiuchus as depicted in Urania’s Mirror, a set of constellation cards published in London c. 1825. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Further information on Ophiuchus from David Malin: “Ophiuchus, with most of Serpens
Best seen in the early evening in July
Ophiuchus was originally Ophiuchus vel Serpentarius, the Serpent Bearer, and was represented by a male figure with a serpent wrapped around him. The name is derived from the Greek for ‘man holding snake’, and the figure is generally identified with Asclepius, a physician and the ship’s surgeon of Argo Navis, who was later made into a God. He is often depicted as the seated figure of a man holding a stick around which is wound a snake — the Rod of Asclepius. This distinctive symbol for physicians survives today, and was one of the first professional icons. Unfortunately the symbol widely used for this in North America shows two snakes around a rod and is known as the Cadeucius, which has a quite different connotation.

The constellation of Ophiuchus is located between Serpens Caput and Serpens Cauda, two parts of the constellation of Serpens. The southern part of Ophiuchus contains one of the darkest and most visually distinctive dark clouds of the Miky Way. It is popularly known as the Dark Horse nebula — the body of the horse runs north-south and its legs point towards the bright star Antares. The hind quarters of the horse make up the (smoker’s) Pipe nebula, with the stem pointing to Antares. The dust of forelegs reaches a long way in the direction of Antares, where it is illuminated by stars associated with Rho Ophiuchi to make a distinctive reflection nebula visible on the color images mentioned below.

The dusty clouds of the Dark Horse nebula hide the northern part of the Milky Way’s central bulge. The southern part (in Sagittarius) is relatively unobscured. Without this dust the extent of the Milky Way’s bulge would be much more apparent to the unaided eye and without it our understanding of the nature of our galaxy as a flattened disk might have come sooner. The large but surprisingly little-known red emission nebula around zeta (ζ) Ophiuchi is clearly visible in the image below.”

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  1. Your means of explaining everything in this article is really pleasant, every one
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  2. everyone knows a bit of everything, but until you factor in the alpha omega land of the rising sun aotearoa new zealand cause its over for the gregorian calendar of death. The spinning ball theory and gregorian artificial28,29,30,31 4 year leep year and mary had a little lamb 28days 13 times was the calendar most voted for by the league of nations that was taken over by the united nations, they shut down calendar reform of 1933 tricember was to be 13th moonth


    • I am so glad that Jesus the Christ conquered the final thing to be conquered: death, and NOW every day can be the new eternal Day of Christ, the morning star rising in our heart anew and a new dawn of the kingdom of God! There is no time nor space in Christ! no external distinctions! no Jew nor Gentile, no male nor female, no slave nor free but ALL ONE in Christ Jesus! Truly something to celebrate every day, even moment to moment! thank you for adding to the discussion! ~Yvonne


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