The Altitude of Being

I just have to share. If I don’t the trees will start shouting it from the roof tops, the stones will start singing it, and the grass will proclaim it. I have to share the real gospel; the true good news. I was slayed with it this morning; the Spirit of Truth pierced through to my marrow.

I have good news! I am a new Bride! I got married this morning. I became a Son of God and a new Bride of Christ all in the same moment. I went from not belonging with an orphan spirit to a new Daddy: Abba Father! For REAL!!! I thought that I loved God. I thought that I knew the truth, but I found myself in the last few weeks feeling like I was dying. I got very sick. It started with the flu and morphed into pneumonia. In my weakness, a man named Todd White spoke the Truth of God into my life. He spoke the real gospel to me. As soon as he started speaking, I started crying. He said it is because the Truth of the Living Word washes the heart. The gunk washes out as the Truth dawns and the Truth will set you free. Todd’s tree of righteousness bears fruit and the fruit is full of seeds that reproduce after its own kind. Like squeezed oranges, orange juice comes out, when Todd is squeezed, Jesus comes out! He reminded me and I remembered who I was and who God was and both were Love!!! He not only taught and preached but he also has you immediately go out in the world and act on it you become it! I am no longer sick or tired, I am alive!!!! I am squeezed Jesus juice now! I am a tree and I am very fruity!!!!

I realized that I had been dragging around a dead corpse with me and wondered why the burdens kept returning as heaviness. Jesus said let the dead bury the dead, just follow me. I followed and I am running now and I will never get wearied again because it is no longer me who is running!!! The old is dead and buried once and for all. The person born Yvonne Ilene Halverson and rejected her name because it represented pain, lack and limitation, reclaimed the name in 2008. But today I declare, proclaim and decree that Yvonne is dead and a new person has been born. It is my new birthday!!! It is my new wedding date!!! I am a Son of God and I am a new Bride!!! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Anniversary to me!

I am a new being! I am a new creation! I thought I knew before, but it was a little truth mixed in with a bunch of human wisdom. Go direct! Go to the Father of us all! Do not stop at go, do not collect 200 dollars, RUN to Daddy!!! Now my eyes have opened! The veil is gone. The scales have fallen. I have a single eye and my body is full of light. The eyes of my heart are opened and shining with the Light of God. I am amazed that I have had yet another rebirth, but this time I am on solid rock foundation of Love, the real Love that came down from heaven and walked the earth. The Unconditional Love that took every sickness, mistake, error, enemy, adversary and darkness into the incarnated body of a perfect man, fully human and fully God, and killed it on a tree, and destroyed it for all time.

The finished work of the cross is that: It Is Finished! It is already done! We have only forgotten who we are: Sons of the Living God! God is Love and we are made in the image and likeness of God. Jesus took all of our burdens and gave us righteousness; we just didn’t get the memo. Consider this your memo! You are not who you think you are! You are love. God loves you more than you could ever know. He is pursuing you, wooing you, romancing you and you just did not know. Give in!!! Turn around and run with open arms to the one who has been patiently waiting and wooing.

You have believed a lie and now I have to shout the truth from the roof tops: God loves you!!! You only forgot what your real identity is: a precious, loved, child of a Father who wants and yearns to give you everything. All you have to do is change your thinking (repent) and the kingdom of God is upon you, in you, around you and pouring through you. Just say “I am precious to you God” Let your heart receive the truth of the completed work of the cross: freedom, oneness, wholeness, sonship, clear seeing and Love! If your eye is single your whole body is full of light. The kingdom of God is here now!!!

Jesus is the King of kings and we are all the kings! You just didn’t remember! Every good gift comes down from the Father of lights and we are the lights!!!! We are the light of the world and we merely forgot!!! Arise, shine for your light has come!!!

The true gospel is a one step process: know your identity!!! Let your old false identity go, kill it, and let the corpse fall behind you. Never look back! There is no rear view mirror for a follower of Christ! The gallery of your past consists of blank, glowing white walls! The blank canvas of your future is being painted anew each day by the Holy Spirit who is revealing Christ to you: in your own eyes, in others, and in every living thing!!!

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

The first beatitude knocked my socks off this morning with a bolt of lightning!!! I realized that the only thing we lack is God’s Spirit in our spirit; the ONLY thing! In our realization of our dependency on the Spirit of God, we are given everything. Everything, every good gift, is given to us in our spirit as we allow the Living Spirit of God to unite with our poor spirit. God can only witness to his nature within us. All we lack is the fresh anointing of Spirit into our spirit every moment. Every morning it is brand new. The Spirit of Life creates a new being in us every morning. The Spirit is the Creative Force that brings what does not exist into existence. We already have everything we need supplied by the Father, the provider. We only have to realize we are poor in spirit and allow the Spirit of the Living God to fill us constantly with the creative flow of divine Life. The ONLY thing we ever need is the Living Spirit of God!!!!! On the blank slate of our surrendered life, the Holy Spirit paints anew every morning!!!! I can’t wait to see the infinite masterpieces!!!! Now that is something to get out of bed for in the morning!!!!!

I have a new attitude!!! I have the attitude of being. Thanks to Todd White I now know that the beatitudes are not the do-attitudes. All I have to do is be who I already am: LOVE. All we are commanded to do is Love God (who loves us first) and love others as ourself. When we wake up and realize that God LOVES us and let it flow into and through us, we can just BE it!!!

I have a new attitude of being that is at a new altitude of being. I have grown up into the head of Christ and the view is incredibly, marvelously awesome!!!!! Come to me and I will give you rest, replace your darkness with Light, and take your burden and give you peace!

I have new eyes! I have new clear vision. The veil is gone! The Light has come! I have been taken from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light and I am never moving!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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26 Responses to The Altitude of Being

  1. Felix Labinjo says:

    Congratulations Yvonne!


    • Thanks Felix. God is so awe-some, so beyond anything I could imagine. He has to keep widening my tent stakes, expanding my borders and increasing my capacity to hold the infinite enormity of his Grace, Mercy, and Love. It is overwhelmingly incredible! I am grateful beyond measure. Just when I thought I knew what love was, he came down and blew the doors wide open again!!! Hallelujah!!! May all be a Holy Spirit target for the tasting and seeing of Christ revealed in his glory here, now, within and without! Let Love rain and may we all get absolutely soaking wet!!!!!


  2. JK says:

    But that you may know that the son of man has power on earth to forgive sin …..


    • Thanks JK!
      ” Jesus breathed on them, and said to his disciples, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any they are retained” John 20:22-23. I forgive you!!!


  3. mydailey says:

    I am very surprised by this post. Who is Todd White? How did you meet him?
    I thought you already knew the love of God.


    • Words cannot explain what is ineffable mydailey. I wish I could put it exactly into words, but they fail me. Its a whole new expansion and level of Love! Every time I reach a new height and depth, my capacity to hold light increases. This rebirth I have experienced as finally dropping a dead corpse that I had been dragging around with me. I know that the past is gone forever and I am never looking back. The flame that is within me is shining brighter and is a pure flame as the world fell away. I let go of levels of human wisdom that seemed good, to open to a new level of knowing! I was told that I had only tasted a tiny sip of Love, but it was overwhelming. Divine Love is infinite and ever-expanding and each glass ceiling that I break through reveals another higher dimension of Life, Color, Beauty and Deepening Love that blows my mind and takes my breath away! May you be blessed and filled with Love!


      • I went to the School of Power and Love in Carlsbad this week Wednesday to Saturday. Todd White was one of the presenters. When he spoke all I could do was weep. His presence is powerful in person, his being filled with Love, and his words are blazing with divine fire. On Sunday when he spoke I trembled and quaked and soon I was crying again and then the peace, laughter, wholeness and joy came. I started singing this morning and the illness left, the weakness was replaced with great energy and I was set free. I had a radical encounter with the Truth! The truth will set you free!


      • mydailey says:

        Sorry, I didn’t see the Youtube link you had posted. I watched that video and loved it. Thank you.


    • Felix Labinjo says:

      The love of God always invites us to come up higher; as Jesus said, “There are many mansions in my Father’s house.”


      • I see that verse in a whole new light, thank you Felix! “O taste and see that God is good” just opened up in a new light as well. I have tasted and seen Jesus as spouse and he is, but he is so much more than that. I have tasted and seen the Mother or feminine aspect of God and felt so loved and nurtured and melted. I have tasted and seen the amazing power and teaching of the Holy Spirit. But this week I met and got to know the Father, the aspect of God that I had rejected because of religious wounding. I saw two men, Todd White and Dan Mohler, who KNOW the Father intimately and personally and directly and they rocked my world and the rest of the dominos fell. They are living, teaching and being from union with the Father and they are living as Jesus did on this earth!


    • Felix Labinjo says:

      The love of God always invites us to come up higher; as Jesus said, “There are many mansions in my Father’s house.”


      • O yes! There is so much more to God than we could ever think or imagine or possibly know! There is so much more than any experience, or feeling, or thought, or belief. Love is so magnificently giving and abundant. All limiting descriptors fall away and I’m free just to Love and Be Love!!!


  4. lizziejoy10 says:

    I am in tears. I feel the Truth in your words and it is touching my heart right now.


    • Thank you Lizziejoy, sometimes we think we are free but there is something we are carrying in our unconscious that even we have forgotten. When that is washed away the gratitude and love is overwhelming. The past would come bite me at times and I would just carry on and love would move me forward. But now, the past has been washed away and I am overjoyed and thankful. It really is gone and dead and the corpse is dropped and I am free! I love you Lizziejoy!!!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! I love you! I am leaving this morning for Thanksgiving plans so I wish you all great thanks giving! May you be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations!!! Thanks be to God! Sooo Good!!!! I am sooooo thankful!


  6. Onleilove says:

    Thank you for your inspirational post! I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award and Beautiful Blogger Award because I love your blog. To share this little bit of blogging kindness: 1. Display the award image on your blog. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. State 7 things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to their sites. 5. Notify the bloggers that they have been nominated and link to the post. Be Blessed!!


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