Presence of Presence

The masculine principle of God is invisible, infinite, unseen, darkless dark, vast, and spacious. The feminine principle of God is the manifest presence of Presence, visible, seen, felt, heard, touched, sensed, light, energy, and all felt sensations. The feminine principle of Presence is the presence of the Shekinah Glory!

The invisible Presence is made present in the visible presence of God! The branches of the tree of life are so high, so vast, so infinite in scope that they are unseen. The tree trunk, however, is seen and can be touched and felt. The roots are also hidden; the deep well of Love that knows no boundary is hidden. The trunk is visible, touchable and real to the five senses. The trunk is the Shekinah Presence of Glory!

The masculine and feminine of God are not genders! They are aspects of the One Presence. Masculine is the outer, upper, invisible, vast, and sky-like infinity of God’s Eternal Essence. Feminine is the inner, lower, visible, touchable, hearable, felt presence of God’s Presence on earth, here and now.

God loves us so much. We are God’s beloved! The masculine invisible of God wants to have an intimate, love relationship with us! The visible, felt Presence of God, the Shekinah Glory, is the feminine aspect of God that we can see, touch, hear, feel, taste, smell and experience here on earth. Come Holy Spirit! Maranatha! Come Shekinah Glory! Come feminine of God!!! The time has arrived!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Presence of Presence

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  2. Brook says:

    Glorious blog! Magnificent trees! *Thank you.*


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