Like A Virgin Touched For The First Time

A Crown of Righteousness for my Auntie Gin

A Crown of Righteousness (Photo credit: prayerfriends)

The truth will set you free. I used to think this meant confessing your deepest darkest secrets, divulging your issues, mistakes, sins, or sharing your darkest moments. Oh was I wrong! Confessing the dark is confessing the lies, deceptions and ways we human beings have been duped. The truth that will set you free is confessing the Truth of who you are and what you are really all about!!!


Stop dredging up the past. Stop confessing lies and deception of the enemy. The adversary wants you to believe that those were your thoughts, your feelings, and the truth of you. Wrong! The truth will set you free: you are made in the image and likeness of God! The truth of your being is Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and righteousness (right living: right being, right doing, right thinking, right mind, right relationship with God and right speaking). Right?


The truth will set you free! The truth is all you need to switch to Love and Forgiveness: for yourself, for others, and for God. Your only error was believing a lie; believing a deception; or believing the human wisdom, the way of the world that leads to destruction instead of the higher Divine Wisdom from above. The one thing needed: switch to the truth! The truth will set you free! Your true identity is divine being, divine nature, righteousness and peace! If you are not experiencing peace, you are still believing a lie.


The truth will set you free! Put on your new identity now. Put on the Christ! Put on the Light of truth! Put on your robe of righteousness now! Put on your wedding garment! Put on your white robe washed in the blood of the Lamb. Put on the Light of God! Put on the mind of Christ! Remember! You are a son/sun of the Living God, the Most High! You are a bride of the Lamb! You were created and are being constantly recreated in the image and likeness of God! Christ in you is the hope of glory. Every day that you wake up and remember that Christ is within you, you become more and more the likeness of Christ! Every day you allow the Holy Spirit to wash and regenerate you into the truth of your true identity, you become like a virgin touched by the Spirit of God for the first time. You are renewed and made new every morning!!!


Sing along with Madonna as if you are singing this song to God (there is no longer a separation of secular and spiritual: all is God)! Change your mind to the mind above and change your life! Notice that a lion is a costar of the video. Have you ever wondered why the Lion of Judah: Jesus and the lion prowling around the earth looking to devour, kill and destroy, the enemy, are the same symbol? Do you think this indicates that the world of duality is illusory and when we wake up to the truth of oneness with One Spirit and One Source, the illusory world of duality melts or dissolves into the nothingness it always was? The truth is there is only One Being or One Essence: it is in God and it is in you and me! It is Good and Very Good!

When you start to see as God sees, you will be as God is! When you begin to see as God sees, you will love as God loves. When you see as God sees, you will do as God does!!! I say “yes” and “amen.” What say you?

Begin again today. Be brand new. Be a virgin in mind and heart. Allow Holy Spirit to impregnate you with the truth of God now. Today is the first day of the rest of your new life. Be Love, beloved! I am!

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7 Responses to Like A Virgin Touched For The First Time

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    Right… Yes… and Amen…
    thank you for the reminder and the great post… for me, the timing of this is truly astonishing (but I’m starting to get used to that here) – clue: the Bride meets her Husband…
    as I think about this post, the word Holy comes to mind (rather strongly)…



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