Gospel Truth


For God so Loved the world and you! God is Love and sees only what is good, true, beautiful, lovely and perfect. The gospel Truth is: God loves you unconditionally, without measure, without conditions, and chooses to not see anything but his likeness and image in you. God sees only what he created in the beginning: infinite variations of himself; unique aspects of the One: endless, magnificent creations of Love, Light, Truth and Beauty! Everything else is deception and illusion.


So you say you can’t see that. You say you are only seeing imperfections, ugliness, pain, tragedies, death, evil, or conditional love that hurts, wounds, turns off and takes offense; the kind of love your heart has to defend against.

The Solution is simple: Change your eye! Change your perception! Change your perspective! Change your view! Change your thinking! Change your mind!

Do not be conformed to the world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind! I had a dream a few nights ago of getting on a bicycle going down an unknown country road, in beautiful, unfamiliar countryside. When I went to shift gears as I came to a hill, I found that my head was raised higher and higher each time I twisted the handle bars to shift gears. Instead of going up the hill, I found myself raised up with my head high above the earth while my body was pedaling the bicycle on earth. The hill was gone and I was riding the bicycle on a level road. When I came to a downgrade, I turned around!

“Shift gears” has become a powerful Word for me as it has come to mind every day since having the dream when I become aware of a thought that is not from our higher Mind. The Holy Spirit, the Truth detector, brings my conscious awareness to the lower thought, I think “shift gears” and do the hand motion and my mind is once again “set on things above!” God is so Awesome!!!! Awe! Wonder! God!!!

The truth is we have eaten the fruit of lies. We have believed the deceptive thoughts that flow through our minds. We have been connected to the negative thought field surrounding our planet for so long that we have forgotten the Truth. We have believed the lies, and we have been duped into believing the thoughts we think, are who we are. Not true!


The gospel Truth is: we are loved beyond measure; we are made in the image and likeness of God; we merely need to shift gears to put our mind on the Truth; set our minds on the things above, transform by the renewal of our minds; and think only of these things: lovely, beautiful, good, true, and higher Thoughts of the shared Mind of God.

“We know that in everything God works for good with those who LOVE God” Romans 8:28. I missed the key part of the verse before: All things work together for good in those who Love God. I believe the opposite is also true: everything works together in a downward spiral for those who are rebelling and willfully turning away from the Love of God. In the dream when I approached a downward decline in the road, I turned around! When there was a hill or mountain, I shifted gears, my mind elevated to see from God’s higher view and the mountain was leveled.

Everything works together for an assured good outcome for those who LOVE God. The ONLY way we can love God is to FIRST receive the supernaturally-natural Love of God. Why haven’t we received the Love of God? Because we have believed the lies and deception of the adversary. We have been tuned into the collective unconscious of the planet with all the discordant, anxious, doubtful, fearful, depressed and unbelieving thoughts of the collective. We have believed the roaring lion who is prowling over the earth deceiving, fooling, devouring, destroying and killing through a negative, dark group mind. Acts of God are misnamed. It is just one of the many lies. God is Love. Period. All acts of God are Love. Period. God is Goodness only. Period. Anything that is not Perfect Love is not God.

El, the Hebrew name for the single God, is ONE: Good, Beauty, Love, Truth and Life. Elohim, the Hebrew plural for gods, is the many aspects or attributes of the One God, the Most High Living God. Elohim has destruction and rebirth, death and life, devouring lions and gentle lambs, blessings and curses, darkness and light. Elohim was the old covenant God. The new Covenant is Love and it was manifest as a son of man, Jesus. It is the True Light that enlightens every human being! The ministry of Jesus on earth was reconciliation with the ONE God, our Father, the Father who is above all, through all and IN ALL (Ephesians 4:6)!


When Christ ascended back to God, we were reconciled, restored to sonship and Love, redeemed into holiness, sanctified into righteousness, and made brand new, whole, free and one with the Father once again. “Behold, I make ALL things new!” Revelation 21:5. We were taken back to the garden and made brand new, as if the whole fruit thing never happened. We were restored and regenerated back to our original divine blueprint: Perfect, Whole, One with El, and Free! When the perfect came, the imperfect was gone!


The only problem is we kept eating the fruit of lies. Stop! Remember the gift of God is already given! Remember Grace! Remember Mercy! Remember the rainbow, the sign of the new covenant! Remember Holy Spirit Anesthesia! It is finished, once, and for ALL time! Remember that Jesus died to every sin, every mistake, every lie, and every deception (completely GONE); then he was resurrected as the Christ and ascended to heaven so he could reunite EVERYTHING in oneness with the Father and send us the Holy Spirit. God gave us everything and ALL authority on earth. If we now have ALL the authority on earth with Christ in us, then the enemy or adversary has NONE! If it is done on earth AS it is in heaven, then there is NO more disease, sorrow, suffering, pain, or death. There is NO more time, space, aging, divorce, lack of desire, or lack of anything ever again. There is no lack, no needs in God or in human beings who have the Light of the world, Christ Spirit, in them. Everything is already given and already within you. How? JUST BELIEVE IT IS SO!!!! I believe; I receive.


Perfect Love casts out all fear. What are you thinking in your heart: Love or fear?


“As a man thinks in his heart, so he is” “As a woman thinks in her heart, so she is” “As a human being things in their heart, so they are” “As we think in our heart, so we are” Proverbs 23:7 NKJV


If the fruit you are eating is lies, you think you are unworthy, unloveable, and not good enough. If the fruit you are eating is the truth of the gospel, you think you are who you were created to be. You think you are who you already are right now: a son of God, loved beyond measure, cherished by the Maker, whole, complete, a radiant bride of your heavenly Husband, the Creator of the cosmos. If you think in your heart that you are Love itself, you are Love! That is the gospel Truth!!!


What the world needs now is gospel Truth!!! What the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love! God is Love. You are Love! Return now to Love!!!

love rose

“The work we do is nothing more than a means of transforming our love for Christ into something concrete. I didn’t have to find Jesus. Jesus found me and chose me. A strong vocation is based on being possessed by Christ. He is the Life that I want to live. He is the Light that I want to radiate. He is the Love with which I want to love. He is the Joy that I want to share. He is the Peace that I want to sow. Jesus is everything to me. Without Him, I can do nothing.”
Mother Theresa


Receive the peace of the gospel truth: God is Love. God loves you so much! God is Awesome! God is Love, and is romancing you now: give in! God is Perfect, Glorious, Radiant, Perfect Love and is wooing you, and pursuing you right now! Surrender to Love!


“A tranquil mind gives life to the flesh” Proverbs 14:30 Receive the Life and Peace of God now!!!

Believe and receive the peace of the Life of God within you right now. Give God your life and receive God’s Life now. God is Love. Period. What the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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10 Responses to Gospel Truth

  1. Even though I often have difficulty in aspiring to such high ideals as the ones you propose … especially in the face of so much of this world’s hatred and madness… I do love your message of Love… and especially the Yoda quote! 🙂 Thank you!


  2. Now that is some good news!! Be blessed mighty woman of God.


  3. LizzieJoy says:

    Wonderful!! Thank you, my dear friend, for bringing joy, love, light and peace into my world through your inspired writings. You touch my heart in so many ways. Bless you. Have a wonderfully peaceful and joy-filled Christmas season. Love always.


  4. Love to you Lizzie Joy! May God’s Light shimmer in you and light your path always!!!


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