I Want To Know What Love Is


I want to know what Love is. Don’t you? Every time I think I know, God shows me I haven’t even scratched the surface. Remember a time when you felt so overwhelmed with love that you thought you might burst. Or remember a situation where you knew without a doubt that you were safe, loved, protected, and enveloped in an embrace of love. Or remember a moment of passion that rocked your world. God’s Love is infinitely greater than that!

God is Love. The Beloved manifested Love on earth to show us what Love really looks like. To know how to Love and be loved, just study the life of Yahushuah HaMashiach. Better yet, ask Yahushuvah to show you! Say to God, “I want to know what Love is; I want you to show me.” I want to know you Lord. Say, “I want You to show me what Love is; help me to Know what Love is”


If you have made a mess of your life, if you have loved and seemingly lost, if your heart is in ruins, if you are settling for good enough, or if you are broken-hearted, let it all go. Let the ruins of your heart die. Lay down your arms, artillery, defenses, excuses, stories, ignorance and blame. Die to the past. Die to your old life. Give the broken pieces of your heart to God. Give the broken pieces of your life to the One who gave you life. Surrender all.

Give everything up; deny yourself. Give up everything to gain your life; give up everything you thought you were, to gain who you really are: Love! All that you have to give up, is everything that you never were created to be to begin with. To know what Love is, look up! God has never given up on you!

We all want to know what Love is. We all want to know who we really are. We all want to know what our purpose is. The answer to all these questions is the same one and it is found by asking the One who created you in Love’s image and likeness. Ask the One who wants to indwell you with Love, teach you everything, guide you, help you, comfort you in an uncomfortable world, and fill you with Love that defies explanation! God is Love. You are Love. Your purpose is to Love!!!


God is Love. You are Love. You are here to Love and be Loved! You are God’s beloved! Holy Spirit, set our hearts on fire! Holy Spirit, kiss us with your fiery Love! Romance us! Come Holy Spirit, baptize us with your holy Fire! Burn away everything that is false! Set fire to everything that is not Love! We will rise from the ashes to be the image and likeness of Your Love. Refine us into pure gold! Bring your heavenly Love to earth! Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Fill earth with your Love! Fill every body temple with your Love! Love reigns!!! Love rules!!! Love never fails….


Lay everything at the altar of your heart. Let the Fire of Divine Love consume you; it will only burn away what is false or what is not Divine Love within you. Holy Fire, burn away all in me that I was not created to be. Consume my wounded self, my survival self, my defended self, my false self, and my wounded nature. Holy Spirit, raise my divine nature from the ashes!


Burn away all but my hidden splendor, Holy Spirit! Reveal the diamond of God’s radiance at my core! God, put me on like a glove! Clothe me with your Light, Christ! Possess me Holy Ghost! Let my clothing be your magnificent, luminous, radiant Light! “Christ in me is the hope of Glory”

Glory me! Light me!


Come Holy Spirit, unite Yourself with my spirit! Open the seals in me to reveal your promises. Anoint me with your divine nature! Our free gift of Grace is the same anointing that Jesus carried: all the fullness of God is our real nature as we allow the Holy Spirit to come as Divine Fire of Love and remove everything but Love in our body temple. Holy Spirit “makes us christs in Christ” (Jean Corbon).


Transform my earthly self: broken, disfigured, the living-dead, wounded, marred, and not recognizable as who God made me to be. Transform me into your divine likeness. Transfigure me into your divine image.


“The Holy Spirit uses arrows of fire in restoring our disfigured image. The fire of love consumes its opposite and transforms us into itself, which is Light” Jean Corbon

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I want to know what Love is. Show me Lord!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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