Source of Love


The Source of real true Love is God! The aspect that fills you with Love is the Spirit of God that wants to indwell you with Love. Have you made space for Love?

love rose

We are the only one who can make space. God is a gentleman and a very gentle woman and will only come if invited. If you invite Love but still are full of the past hurts and mistakes, then your mind is too full of yourself to be filled with your Higher Self. If you are still nursing old wounds, the Nursing Amma Mamma (Isaiah 55:1-3; 66:10-15) cannot nourish and nurture you with the priceless free spiritual milk. If you are still holding on to past hurts, offenses, resentments, and shame, Christ, the Honey Sweetness, the Golden Luminous Light of Healing, Restoration and Forgiveness, cannot remove the negative, distorted emotions and fill you with the Light of God’s Love.


Do you want to enter the land of milk and honey? Do you realize that the land is the awareness or consciousness of spiritual nourishment and golden Love-Light of Christ?


Do you want to be Loved unconditionally? Do you want to Love others with unconditional Love?


Do you want Beauty?


Do you want Truth?


Do you want Goodness?


Do you want all your relationships to become right?


Drink in Beauty!


Drink in Divine Love!


Return to the Source of Love! With open expectancy, fill, renew, restore, rebuild, regenerate and become Love!!! Return to the Source of Love and allow Love to return to you!!!


Do you believe? Then Receive!!! I Believe; I Receive!!! Let Love like a fountain flow, and overflow!!!


white rose

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Source of Love

  1. What a love filled post! And I adore your Andrea Bocelli video – such a talent. Joining you in receiving and giving Love. x


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