Third Day

wisdompaintings.comIt’s a new Dawn! It’s a new Day! Now is the time! Don’t keep cycling through the same story. It is already finished! It is already done! This is the third day now! Awake! Arise! Come Forth! The manifestation of the Power that resurrected the Christ in Jesus will resurrect the Christ in you right now if you will just receive it! Wake up and realize and receive the healing presence of Love now!!!


The manifestation of the Presence of God can and will manifest in your body now if you will just say, “yes.” Get out of the story; wake up from the fairy tale; and Live the Life that was promised, foretold, and predestined!


Now is the time! 2013 is the year of miracles, wonders, awe, angels, heaven united with earth, embodiment of God, manifestation of Love, Victory, and all things becoming new! Now is the time! Just do it! Let go, surrender, yield, let it all go and step up into your full potential as a human being. Jesus said, “ye are gods, all of you are sons of the Most High.”

Embodiment of Light

Humble yourself, surrender the old you, bow your mind to your heart, open and receive the new you. “Do you not realize that Christ Jesus lives in you?” “Do you not realize you are the temple of the Holy Spirit?” Do you not realize that your body is the new heavens on earth, with the Most High God making his home in your heart and providing all the light of your new awareness, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, counsel, power and spirit?

Now is the third day! Today is the Third Day: the release of the Promises of God! Today is the resurrection of Higher Love! Today is the day to take off the old garment of the old world and put on the new white garment of redeemed Love, new Life of God in our body, mind and soul, and new infinite possibilities and unlimited potential to step into our brand new risen lives!!!

Colorful Orange Sunset-tw2011

I call you forth into your potential!!! The new dawn has risen. Let the morning star rise in your heart (Rev 22:16)! Let Venus, the planet of Love, rise in your soul! Let Christ, the manifestation of Love, manifest as Love into your body, heart, mind and soul!!! Arise, Come Forth, Awake, Arouse….Walk……..Be Love!!!

The Sun of righteousness has risen with Healing in its Wings!!!


Behold, I make all things new!!!


The stone has been rolled away. The old way has died. The new form of Love has risen. Will you recognize it? Will you acknowledge it? Will you step up into the new Awareness now?


Let the dawn of the new Awareness of the Presence of God arise in every atom, cell, organ, and system within you. Arise! Let the appearance of the Bright Morning Star (Rev 22:16) rise in conscious awareness in every mind! Arise! Awake! Every day is a new dawn of the awareness, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and revelation of the Truth of Christ in us as Love, Light, Peace, Joy and Harmony! Christ in us is the hope of Glory! Christ is all, and in all!!! Be filled with the fullness of God!!! No one can have another bad day when the Truth is in you!!! Arise, Awake!!!

Love is unity of Light

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let him who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let her who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the Water of Life without price” Rev 22:17

hand in hand with the sun

“Hallelujah! For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and his Bride has made herself ready; it was granted her to be clothed with white, fine linen, bright and pure…You are all invited to the marriage feast!!!” Revelation 19:6-9

I heart the sun

The sound of many waters and the sound of mighty thunder peals is the union of fire and water (Rev 19:6). The living Water and Fire of Divine Love have united and the tree of Life is planted in us and ready to bear much fruit if you will just wake up and accept it (Rev 22)!


Ask and receive the refined gold, purified silver, milk and honey, white garments of God’s pure Light, and anointing of your eyes to see as Christ sees (Rev 3:14-21)! Open your heart and know the Truth of God. Let the flow of Living Water and the fire of passionate Higher Love cleanse, clear, wash, purify, refine, transform, transfigure and regenerate every cell and fill it with the golden Light of the perfected human being: Christ!, the perfected Love: Christ!, the perfected Joy: Christ!, the perfected Peace: Christ, and the reconciled, restored, reconnected, perfected relationship with all that is: Christ! Be anointed! Be a christ in Christ!!! Be love in Love! Be!


Every day is NOW! Let go of the past and future inhabitation and come into your right Mind, the Higher Mind of Christ! It is your inheritance if you would just wake up and realize you are no longer an orphan! Your real Daddy is Abba Father! Your real blood line is royal! You are really a purebred but you mistakenly thought you were a mutt! You thought you were a victim, but you are victorious! God is already within you in potentiality! You are within, what you were looking for! You are already what you have sought! You already have everything you thought you lacked! God is not the fake wizard of oz behind the curtain. God is the Source of all Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Happiness. Awake! Arise! Receive your inheritance! You must be present to win! You must come into your right Mind to win! You must re-enter the NOW, the eternal life now, to receive all the promises of God!!! Wake up now!!!


Today is your new, covenant marriage day if you would just have eyes to see, ears to hear, an open heart to understand and a willing spirit to turn and be healed, made whole and receive the Bridegroom!!! Come!!! The marriage feast is waiting!!!


Come! Today is the third day! Now is the third day! Resurrect! Arise! Awake! Receive the Promise! Receive the Gift! Receive the Present! Remarry the Bridegroom and live happily ever after (this is no fairy tale!)! The union of Spirit and physical matter is heaven on earth! Let if be done unto you! Nothing is impossible! Everything is possible with God!

This is the third day, Arise! This is the third day, Awake! This is the third day, Now! What are you waiting for?

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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11 Responses to Third Day

  1. Holly Ice says:

    I love your pictures along with your post today…especially the Healing Love one!
    Happy valentine’s Day , sister!


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Holly!!! Sending healing Love to you, sister Love!!! Ice plus the Fire of Love is a river of Love!!!


  3. james says:

    I can feel the spirit moving in this one! You are a pure spirit at this time! You are so correct, and sublime. Let us all raise ourselves spiritualy now for it is truly the only thing worth doing! God bless.


  4. God bless you james. Yes, now is the time!!!


  5. james says:

    One more thing i noticed in this. Where you said “bow your mind to your heart”, i was given a picture of that last week while praying/meditating taking in the light of the sun. The Spirit showed me that once your heart has been filled with light (love), raise it above your head and let that guide you instead of your head (mind). It’s like you have all the love/light of your heart shining like a beacon all around your head but now it is the thing that guides you in everything and not your thoughts which can be deceptive. Maybe that is where the whole halo thing came from? And i like the pic of Michael, she’s beautiful and her garments are what i would imagine them to be. The butterfly, that is how i picture the love that comes out of our hearts, streaming forth. Nice!


    • Thank you james for the wonderful, powerful words! I love the picture you were given, so true, so awesome, so awe-inspiring. Yesterday a baby seal came up out of the ocean walking towards me on the beach; today a hummingbird hovering at my spiritual eye. God is amazing and our new creation and imaginings are manifesting; the invisible is becoming visible! Amazing Grace! Amazing Awe! Amazing Wonder! Amazing Joy! Amazing new world! “Behold, I make all things new” Now!!!


      • james says:

        Yes words aren’t enough when these things begin to unveil. Lord, give us more until we become like you, beacons of light in a dark world! “Darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people, but the Lord shall arise on thee and the Glory of the Lord shall be seen on thee”. Isaiah 60:2.


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