Day Now!


We move forward from Day Three to Day Now! There is no past or future in now! There is no time in now! There is no space in now! The form has changed; the One Spirit stays the same yesterday, today and forever. The form of the One Essence of God changes but the Spirit stays the same: always perfect, whole, free, complete, full, unified and glorious! We may not recognize the new form yet, but take heart, it is greater than we could ever think, feel, imagine, dream or envision!


Enter the eternal now. Eternal life is the eternal, new now. The final countdown has transformed into no more countdowns: all is now!!!


“What is eternal life? It is consciousness of God” St. Isaac the Syrian

“History is replaced by the potency of life and infinity is understood as life itself” (Bergson and Deleu)


Yesterday morning I experienced a deeper dimension of an old trauma. It manifested as a very deep pain in my heart, more than a mere physical pain, it seemed to be a multidimensional, whole being pain. It arose suddenly, and I was instantly transported to a very young age, crying in pain, and observed my child self saying “owie” over and over again. I immediately recognized the core traumatic wound and began to do a variation of Advanced Integrative Therapy, an integrative, body-centered modality. I placed my stationary hand over the pain in my heart and starting at the crown, using the other hand to move through the energy centers of the body, saying the statement “this traumatic pain” being in the field of the traumatic symptoms (messages from God to bring healing and wholeness). I held each center until the energy shifted (in me it is God breathing me with the deep, involuntary Breath of Holy Spirit). The two hands seem to act like a battery, with the hands of God on mine, and through spiritual intention and attention, the energy transfigures. From crown to third eye, under the nose/mouth, throat, heart, left heart, right heart, solar, sacral, right inguinal, left inguinal, and root, I held each twelve energy centers, letting feelings, images and insights arise, letting everything held in that part of the unconscious body arise and be transformed into the Light of Awareness by Love, attention, intention and acceptance.


Let all that can be shaken, expose that which cannot be shaken within; let the Fire of Divine Love burn all that is false in our body temples and leave only refined gold and purified silver; let the Light of God illuminate all that is so that there is no more darkness left; expose the hidden splendor, reveal the hidden treasure; unveil the immortal diamond of our hearts; let the mighty, rushing wind breathe new Life into our new forms; and let the new wine be poured into our new wineskins!!!


Pow to the Ow! Bow to the ow! Bow shakey bow wow! I will praise you in this storm!

“All ate the supernatural food and all drank the supernatural drink. For they drank from the supernatural Rock which followed them, and the Rock was Christ” 1 Cor 10:3-4

Let the supernatural Power of God transform and transfigure the storm into the rainbow of peace! Pow to the Ow!!!


My “ow” turned to “wow” by coming into the now with my new saying, “Pow to the ow”!!!  The “ow” or “wo” or “woe” turns to “pow” as the power of God breaks the frozen blockage like a “fire hammer that shatters rocks” (Jeremiah 23:29). The power of God changes the blocked “ow” to flow and then to glow (the Light and Presence of God) when we are able to stay in the now!!! The key to walking through the open door, Jesus who transfigured to Christ, is coming into the eternal, new now with your whole being and awareness.

  • Recognize your “ow”; acknowledge the “ow”; feel your “ow” in the present
  • Allow the Higher Wisdom of God to bring to awareness what you need to know. There is an “ow” in know. Insight is not wholeness. To know is an “ow” and a “no”. Say the word “know” and the word “no”. They are the same sound! The tree of knowledge is the old tree, the cursed, barren tree that is at Golgotha, the place of the skull, in the past where it must be crucified. It already is dead, but we have been conditioned to keep bringing it back to life in our mind because it has been rejected, disowned, discarded, and buried in our unconscious in our body. When the “ow” or pain arises, it comes up to our conscious awareness because God is telling us that it is time to let it go. It arises, not to torture us and keep us stuck, but to be transformed in the Fires of Divine Love, to allow us to come into wholeness that exists in the eternal, new now (the tree of life).
  • “Ow” moves to “know”
  • “Know” or “no” moves to a “yes” God is always “yes” and “amen” despite the teaching of religious spirits that are not the Higher Wisdom of God
  • “Know” moves to “yes”
  • “Yes” allows God to bring our “ow” to “wow” in the eternal, new now on the tree of life
  • “Ow” moves to Pow! The Power of Love overcomes the ow and transfigures it into wholeness
  • “Pow” moves to flow!
  • Flow moves to glow!
  • Glow flows to wow!
  • Wow flows into “wowerful” = wonderful plus powerful
  • Wowerful is the flowering of now!
  • Flowering blossoms into fruit on the tree of life!


What do all these words have in common? “Ow”

If we want to get to our garden paradise, the highest, deepest state of unity consciousness, we have to make our “ow” conscious, acknowledge it in the present, and bring the Light of Presence to it! To enter the Promise Land, the consciousness of milk and honey, we need to allow God to transform our “ow” so we don’t keep walking around the mountain for 40 more years! The mountain, frozen blockage, obstacle, challenge, issue or problem, will move if you bring the Light of God to it!


The day after the third day is Day Now: the new dawn of the eternal, new now! It is day now, the night has gone, and the darkness has transformed to Light! Open your spiritual eye and see! “God is light and in the Beloved there is no darkness at all” 1 John 1:5

“If your eye is single and full of light, your body will be full of light and sound” Matthew 6:22


Go from Ow to Know to Yes Power to Flow to Glow to Wow to Flower to the Tree of Life! Tree of Life Living (TOLL) is the potential or possibility within you in the new heaven on earth consciousness/awareness. Get on the holy highway to the new heaven on earth now by paying your toll, your “ow”. Pay the toll and obtain access through the open door on the holy highway to the Tree of Life, located in the eternal, new, now! Wake up to the Awareness that all is ready and complete now! The banquet is ready! Put on your wedding garment and Come! It is here now, not in the past or future! Miracles are normal, simple, and natural in the now.


God makes Perfect Love out of nothing at all in the infinite now!


There are two ways of looking at miracles. One is that they are very rare. The other is that everything is a miracle. In the new, eternal now, everything is miraculous! The Presence of God is accessed in the eternal now. The promises of God are in the now! You are already perfect, whole, complete and filled with all the fullness of God in the now. You are one with God in the now. You are aglow in the Spirit in the new, eternal now! You are one with God, in communion, in right relationship, in unity, and inseparable in the now! Love-without-an-opposite is accessed in the now. Miracles are now!


How do you get to the now? Set your mind in the Mind above (higher in consciousness; Christ awareness), get your mind out of the past and the future; be here now! The past is history, the future is a mystery; now is a present!!! Accept the gift!!! Set your mind on the things above (higher in vibration/frequency/consciousness/awareness). God keeps you in perfect peace if your mind is stayed on Adonai and you trust in the Beloved. The Higher Mind of God is located only in the present, in the eternal now! That Mind is your mind now if you come into your right Mind, now!


Now is the time! “Behold, now is the acceptable time; behold, now is the day of salvation: healing and wholeness and wellness” 2 Cor 6:2


Inspired Wellness: Tree of Life Living in the New Heaven on Earth Now! All is well! All is God! All is good and very good. All things work together for good for those who love God, who first loved us with Perfect Love: Love-without-an-opposite!!!


Now, in the eternal, new now, everything is possible! Now, everything exists in potential and possibility for you to bring into the physical realm. Everything is energy and uncreated light to be transformed into physical matter now if you return to your true state of being: Love without an opposite! Now, you can see the invisible manifest in the visible world! Now, your calcified, rock-like pineal gland can transfigure into the waters above heaven (heaven=our heart) and your barren, rocky, desert wilderness of the womb can become flowing with the Living Water of Life, the waters below heaven (our sacral energy center), together can birth the new creations of our highest, God-given imagination!


“With God all things are possible” Mark 10:27. “For with God nothing will be impossible” Luke 1:37 “With men this is impossible, but with God All things are possible” Matthew 19:26    NOW, in the present, NOW, not the past or future, NOW!


“Delight in the Lord and God will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4



“Behold, I make all things new” Rev 21:5   Now! Pow!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Day Now!

  1. I love your transition from Ow to Wow! And I totally agree that everything is possible. Especially if you are prepared to go through the pain of the past and lay the foundations for a future that is built on strength and courage.
    Lovely post. Thank you!


    • Thank you Carolyn! We really are amazing, incredibly created beings, with depths and heights that we might explore and discover the riches hidden within! Every time I think life couldn’t get more surprising and exciting, new life happens! May we all stretch, grow, expand and have the courage to forge new trails of glory!!!


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