New Life


What would a new life look like to you? Do you believe it is possible to live the life of your wildest dreams or imagination? Do you trust in the inherent goodness of life? Do you know that everything is possible?

Our thought life is determined by our belief system. If you believe that the universe is safe and inherently good, then you will think thoughts that will enforce that belief. If you think good, life-enhancing thoughts, your feelings will reinforce the thoughts. If you feel goodness, then your life will manifest in good and beautiful ways. The foundation is what you believe. How you think in your heart is your belief. The thoughts of our deepest heart are the energy that will out-picture in concrete ways in our life.


In our spiritual journey we move from what we believe about God, to belief in God, to knowing God through our direct experience of divine revelation. We have to know who we are in God before we can be who we were created to be. If we live from other people’s revelations of God or other’s beliefs about God, we are living in kingdoms created by men, rather than the kingdom of light or the kingdom of God.

  1. Believe beliefs about God
  2. Believe God
  3. Know God
  4. Be


What is your true being? Do you know who you actually are in truth? How can you truly know who you are without having a relationship with the Creator, the one who gave you life? How can you truly know who you are if you deny the Maker of the world? How can you truly know who you are if you do not take the time to get to know your oldest relatives? We are One Family with One Heavenly Father who is beyond time, space or religion!


Many people have never thought to explore our collective beginning all the way back to the Creator of heavens and earth, who is without beginning or end. We all have a common Father and Mother: God. Therefore we are all related and all a part of an extended family. All nations contain our relatives. Nature is our brothers and sisters. Every grain of sand or blade of grass are from the same atoms as we are made. We breathe the same breath of life that breathed Jesus.


The entire cosmos is created out of one common Source. Why then do we continue to see only differences instead of similarities? There is a definite family resemblance, if we just take a microscope and look at the underlying molecules and sub-molecular space. When we get to the smallest common denominator, we find empty space, stillness and silence (uncreated Light). At the most powerful level, there is simplicity and commonality. It is time to break everything down to the similar, simple, common, natural and powerful level of relationship. We are all connected and one family of One God! Go back to the beginning and know it again for the first time (TS Eliot).


O, that I might know you more, my Abba Father, and your resurrection Power in my new life!

“Glory in this: understand and know God” Jeremiah 10:23

Once we know who God is by spending time in her Presence, we can learn who we are in relationship to all things. Once we know who we are, we can begin to do what we were created to do. If we can learn to see as God sees and think as God thinks, we can start to love as God loves and do what God does. The bottom line is love. God is love without an opposite. We are love. If we see only love and if we think only love, then we will begin to do only loving things. The loving feeling, action, thoughts and imaginations can only manifest more loving experiences. Love sown, is love in word, thought and deed; and returns to us as love.


It is time to find our common roots, the Beloved, and begin to spend time with our Real Family: the Family of God. All are included unless you exclude yourself. God calls all of us to become his beloveds without partiality! All are love. No matter what the outward appearances are, the roots are the same (unless you deny your roots). No matter how different the customs, religions, skin color, language or customs, the foundation is the same: Love. The roots of all humanity, worlds, galaxies, and dimensions are the same: One Most High God who is called by different names and in different languages.


The key to new life is being born anew from above. “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born anew, she cannot see the kingdom of God…truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born of water AND THE SPIRIT, she cannot enter the kingdom of God…what is born of Spirit is spirit…you must be born anew” John 3:3-15


Know God, know his resurrection power, understand and get to know God by being filled with the Holy Spirit who teaches you all things and forms Christ in your body! Then you will see and know our common root denominator: Love. Root and ground in Love in Christ.

Once we know who we are, we can begin to live from the truth of our being and begin to share our love with our whole human family. Once we get to know our varied relatives and start to adjust to the amazingly different customs and ways, we can begin to live from our hearts of love, rather than our divided minds. We can begin to appreciate our differences and to share our commonalities. When all know that they belong and are accepted by our common family of Love, there will be peace in every heart and the peace will begin to manifest on the earth.


Do not look for another savior of the world.

“The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is within you…they will say to you, ‘Lo, there!’ or ‘Lo, here!’ Do not go, do not follow them” Luke 17:20-23.

Do not fall for the deception that is coming. It is already finished. The world is already overcome! Yoke with Christ, who has already saved the world, and receive all that the Father gave Jesus: authority (exousia), power (dunamis), wholeness, perfection, freedom and oneness! It is already done! Borrowed benefits is an energy psychology term, but it can apply even more in giving Jesus all of your burdens and mistakes and receive new life, new Love, and all the fullness of God into your body temple. What an incredible gift!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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8 Responses to New Life

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  2. Such an empowering post. Thank you!


    • You are most welcome Carolyn! The world keeps us chasing a carrot, always looking for something else, or something different, or an event in the future, when the Truth is we can enter into His Rest right now. The deception is trying to convince us to doubt what Jesus said and go by past experience, instead of what is possible when we wake up to the Truth now. The first thing Yeshua said to me back in 1998 was “Come to me, you are burdened, wearied, and heavy laden and I will give you rest” I had been questioning if Jesus was real and he manifest himself to me a short while after the Holy Spirit came upon me as fire. Now is the acceptable time to enter Rest, Joy, Love, Peace and the kingdom of God within our innermost hearts!!! Now is the time for the world to see the Truth about God and what is possible when we believe and receive what has already been given. It is greater than we could ever ask, imagine or think! May you be richly and abundantly blessed!


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