What is Real Spiritual Religion?


There is a plethora of false religion and counterfeit spirituality in the world. I have come to believe that there is only One God of gods or One Father who is above all, and through all and in all (Ephesians 4:6). Let us stop demonizing gods, religion and spirituality, and rise above to sit in the heavenly places with the God of gods right here and right now. If Jesus said “ye are gods, sons of the most high all of you” then let us rise to our true identity and stop denigrating and judging other gods. Rise above to the perspective of the One!

We are never to worship the creation, only worship the Creator!!! True Religion and True Spirituality are simple and natural with Super added to both!!! It is super simple and super natural!!! There is One God of gods and we are also that!!! The many are in the One and the One is in the many. Now start loving and stop judging. Find the Christ, the manifest Presence of the One God, in all people and it will start to grow! Stop looking for devils and antiChrists. Find the good in others, even if it is a microscopic particle, and watch it grow. Use Godly yeast and the person will rise to the occasion! Infect everyone with Joy and the viruses of hate will be choked out. Respect individual interpretations of the One; all views add to the beautiful mosaic of the One Infinite Goodness, Beauty, Truth and Love tapestry!


If your eye is single and full of light, your whole body will be full of light. God is Light and in God there is no darkness at all. Light has infinite frequencies but we see only a tiny spectrum with the physical eye. There are seven colors in the rainbow; there are infinite colors in the reflection of spiritual Light in the new heavens on earth!


Let God open your single spiritual eye and a whole new world opens to you. True spiritual religion is getting hooked up on earth as it is in heaven with the One Most High, the Maker of all, the Creator of all creation. Get aligned, attuned and reconnected with the One. We have had enough years of differentiating, disputing, theologizing, theorizing, separating and making distinctions. It is time in 2013 to do a new thing; perceive new things; be a new creation. Reunite with the One and be one. Allow others to be their version of the One. See the One in the midst of diversity. Become equally yoked with Jesus and let the rest fall away. Jesus was not a christian, he was physically Jewish and universally One with the Father of All! Rise above distinctions to the One!!!!


My old testament advice to you is “Do not fret” (Psalm 37). My new testament advice is “Do not worry” (Matthew 6:25-33). Seek first the kingdom of heaven on earth now and trade your worries for Jesus’ righteousness (being Christed now) and ALL will be given to you. There is only One Most High God and we are all chips off the old block!!! All will be given to us if we just stop worrying and start living as the human being God created us to all be. Bring forth your unique divine creativity. Humans are all made in God’s image and likeness; one with the Father; in Christ and Christ is in us. We are all in the One and the One is in us all. What more could anyone need? It is already done. It is already finished. Just start living it! Be it!!! Just Be who God created you to be: unique and one with the One!!!


Here are words from a christian that I can support:

“I still believe in the Law… the Law of liberty and of Love. I still believe in breakthroughs… the manifestations of personal victories that happen by trusting he has completely broken through. I still believe in fasting… I’ve been fasting every day for the last 21 years of my life… between Midnight through 6Am… and I recently started to fast the real important things in my life… like religious abuse and manipulation.

I still believe in deliverance… I’ve been delivering the Good news of how he delivered mankind from sin…
I still believe in outpourings… every time I get jacked up on the Gospel, I’m bursting with rivers of joy and pleasure from my inner most being…
I still believe in revivals… I love seeing people revived and awakened to the reality that the greatest revival happened at the resurrection of Christ… where you and I experienced the greatest revival…
I still believe in opening the heavens… I just open my eyes and see that the kingdom is all around….
I still believe in interceding for the nations… I just jump on Daddy’s Lap and rest in the fact that he is the Desire of all the Nations…

I believe in oppression… I’m constantly tormented by his goodness.
I believe in possession… I’m completely possessed by the spirit of the living God.
I believe in nightmares… I’m haunted by Papa’s kindness and his overwhelming favor.
I believe in a stronghold… I’m locked tight into his strong hold.
I believe in a principality… He is the prince of Peace.
I believe in a dominion…. The king and his domain have trampled on the illusion of the dominion of darkness once for all.
I encounter legions every day… They are just called the Trinity and the heavenly hosts…

I’m no longer interested in warfare… I just know for a fact that the enemy was stripped naked and publicly humiliated with all his accusations…
I’m no longer interested in the realm of the demonic…I just know for a fact that Light has utterly consumed darkness in one act of obedience.

And I’m definitely no longer interested in participating in the ministry of death while I have the opportunity to stuff my face for all eternity with the person of Life himself.

Love you all you glorious Sons of Papa!!!” Jung Hwan Kim


The past is dead and gone; long live the everlasting, eternal, new now!!! All things are possible with God!!! Strip away the old world and step into the new heaven on earth now. There is nothing to do; there is everything to be!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to What is Real Spiritual Religion?

  1. msuzanneb says:

    WOW! Very uplifting and great pictures, Namaste, mary


  2. lancaster7 says:

    Wonderful, and what I have always felt in my heart, but, could you now do a post on how to remember this daily, and how to run our lives with this knowledge. Thank you x


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