The Kingdom of God is Stem Cells?


Do you need healing? Go directly to the Spirit of God first. The result will be instant healing and wholeness OR you will be led to the right treatment whether that is conventional medicine, complementary medicine or something else!


Do you need a fresh start? Go directly to the Spirit of God first. Be instantaneously transformed, transfigured or transmuted OR you will be led to the right next step!!!

Do you need a miracle? Go directly to the Spirit of the Living God. It will be instant OR you will be led to the next right step but KNOW that the outcome is even greater than you could ever imagine, think, ask or dream!!!


Do you have a question? Go directly to the Whole Spirit of God in the kingdom of heaven on earth in your body. The answer will be instantaneously answered OR you will be led to the answer in a myriad of ways: a book will fall off a shelf, a license plate will catch your eye, you might overhear a conversation in the grocery line, hear lyrics of a song, see a painting with a message, an image will form in the sky or any other medium in the natural or unnatural world may jump out at you as a sign to pay attention and take notice!!!


Jesus said the kingdom of God was like yeast, treasure hidden in a field, a grain of mustard seed, a net thrown in the sea to sort good and bad fish, a householder sorting through treasures for what is new or old, angels at the end of an age separating evil from righteous, and a merchant searching for one pearl of great value.  Jesus said the kingdom of God was not something external that you could say “lo, there it is” or “lo, here it is,” but the kingdom is in our midst, near, and found within. Jesus also said it is hard to receive if materially rich or if we are not able to receive like a child.


Stem cells can transfigure into any type of cell, of any organ: from brain to heart to gut, to sexual organs to toes. What is the definition of awesome: stem cells! Spirit’s stem cells in the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN) in our body can transform every cell into the Ascended Christ’s perfect cells now!


To expand on the concept of what the kingdom of God is like, I suggest stem cells!!!! The kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven, has no sickness, disease, suffering or sorrow! Stem cells can morph into anything, so ask them to morph into kingdom-perfect-bodies by the Power of the Holy Spirit in us!!! Dunamis is dynamite!!!!


Like the transformation of a tiny mustard seed to a huge, full-grown, mature plant; and like a package of yeast added to dough that grows into a risen, fully-mature, tasty loaf of Bread, stem cells in the kingdom of heaven on earth CAN transform our cells into the body of Christ. Our physical body and entire being CAN become “one body and one Spirit” with the Living Most High God (Eph 4:4)!!!!

Mind over matter is human wisdom. Our mind, one with the Mind of Christ, filled with the Spirit of God, is Mind over matter = transformation of matter into perfect spiritual matter!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to The Kingdom of God is Stem Cells?

  1. james says:

    “The kingdom of heaven is within you” , it is really all around us! But the key to unlock it is within us. It’s like a parallel dimension existing here now, heaven on earth now! We just need to go within to open the door. It takes work, meditation, prayer, forgiveness, open eyes and ears! I’m not quite there yet but I have seen glimpses of it. “Heavenly Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, and all of Heaven, please pour your waters down upon those who seek you today in a new way that opens our eyes a little wider, amen.”


  2. I love this message! Once we acknowledge and accept that Spirit of God within us, nothing is impossible.


    • james says:

      May the light of God shine down and the water of the Mother pour down upon those that can see this! Empower us to waken others!


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