Spiritual Tea


What do you get when you add green tea to hot water? Green tea. What do you get when you add Oolong tea to hot water? Oolong tea. What do you get when you add black tea to hot water? Black tea. What do you get when you add Christ-iani-TEA to hot water? Christ  tea!


When I was in hot water, my world was falling apart, I added Christ and I got something entirely new in my life: peace, joy, love and wellbeing. What I just realized this morning is  Christianity, or Christ-I Am-it-TEA, is putting Christ in my body of water and getting new Christ tea every time! It may be in a different cup, but it is indeed truly new Christ tea every time. Jesus sowed the whole world, below, in and above, with the seeds of Christ, so that we may reap what he sowed; so we can become it!!!

Being in hot water allows the seed of Christ in us to break open and begin to grow until we too become a mature Christ being!!!! Don’t try to fix the problem; become the solution!!! Don’t try to cool the hot water; let it be the medium to become Christ Tea!!!


Put Christ in hot water and get new Christ tea. I am a cup of water that when Christ is added I get new Christ in me!!! I am a new Christ! I am not a Christ-like-ity! I am a Christ-I Am-ian! I am spiritual tea!!! I am not religious; I am Relational! Christ-I Am-it-tea is not a religion, it is a Relationship! The tea is one with the water, yet two! I and my Father are One! Christ is in me!!! What is in you??? Got Spirit???

When you add tea to hot water does it become tea-like? NO! It becomes new tea!!!! Become a new christ; not The Christ, but a new christ!!!!! When tea is added to hot water you cannot separate the tea from the water; it is new tea!


What heat are you packing? What struggle, challenge, difficulty, problem, trauma, illness, loss, suffering or hot water are you experiencing? Suffering heats our being until we can’t stand it any longer and we begin to cry out to God: “Help me!” Don’t stay in the heat! Add Christ to your body and make Christ tea!


Don’t just clean the outside of the cup. Cleanse the inside of your cup and bring Christ into your hot water. Become a new cup of Christ from the inside out!!!

The only way a fish can thrive is in water. The only way a human being can thrive is in Christ. You can take yourself out of Christ; but you can’t take Christ out of you! Christ fills all; Christ is above the highest heavens, down to the lowest depths of earth, and fills all in all.


Be who you were created to be: a little christ! Christ tea added to your body of water does not make Christ-like-i-tea but full on Christ tea!!! Be the tea; be the real deal!!!! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free! Be free and share the Truth until the whole world is tea…..I mean christed!!!!


Seeds of Christ can only grow into christs. There are no more Adams. Jesus was the LAST Adam. Be who you were created to be: a little christ! Spread the Word! Spread the Fragrance! Spread the Aroma of Christ! Be Christ-I Am-it-TEA!!!!! Be a new cup of christ! Be!!!

Do not conform to the world; be TRANSFORMED by the renewal of your mind. Grow UP into the Mind of Christ. “Behold, I make all things NEW” Rev 21:5


Quit trying to put out the fire and add Christ tea to your hot water instead! You will be made into a new fountain of Living Christ Water! Now go and give everyone you meet a sip from your cup!!!

Squeeze a Christ tea bag and what comes out? Christ!!!!

I am so in LOVE with you Lamb of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get out of hot water by making Tea: 1) Add Christ by asking Abba to fill you with ALL his promises, your inheritance of ALL Christ has done, and All the fruits of the Spirit! 2) steep 3-5 minutes by holding your hand over your heart, close your eyes, breath deeply three times, imagine ruach, the holy breath, the Holy Spirit, the Wind of God, flowing in and out of your body. Breathe in Christ. Breathe in the aroma of Christ; breathe out everything but Christ. 3) Drink deeply of the sweet tea of Spirit!


You are what you drink! Drink deeply of Christ! Be!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to Spiritual Tea

  1. james says:

    Great analogy and that reverberated deep, great to feel words penetrate like that!


  2. james, I had Chai Christ Tea with added cinnamon and nutmeg…so flavorful and aromatic!!! I love the depths of God! I am a 7 life path and I love spirituali-tea and especially Christ-I Am-i-Tea, the deeper and higher the more richness I feel! O taste and see that God is good!!!


    • james says:

      Like you said, we really can even smell the beauty of Christ, there are times I come across the most beautiful fragrances and the Holy Spirit reminds me that they are the gift of the Mother. I believe that when these great aromas come it is the presence of the Spirit in our 3d worlds. Can’t wait till the “shift” comes! Blessings to you. What is a 7 life path? Thanks!


      • Tonight I was feeling the holy ruach wind and wafts of a beautiful sweet fragrance like orange blossoms during worship. So wonderful! A 7 life path is from numerology: adding all the numbers in your birthday month, day and year and ending up with a number from 1 to 9.


  3. james says:



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