It Is Lover-ly!


Isn’t it lover-ly!!! Is it True Love? If it is Real, True, Lasting, Pure Love, it is of God! It is you in God, God in you, and God in your spouse! “God is Love” 1 John 4:8. Without God being involved, I can guarantee it is not Real Love!!!!

Love is probably the most misunderstood word in the whole world. It is attributed to feelings, thoughts, attitudes, states, levels, bodily instincts, lust, sex, images and passion. The Greeks had many words for love: mania, epithumia, eros, philia, storge, agape, among others.


Mania is translated as madness or being beside yourself, like an obsession that takes you out of your right mind, or an addiction to love or sex, a mad crush, an fierce infatuation that is not really love at all, that wants to control or use another, and is narcissistic and self-serving. Lust is epithumiaEros is erotic love that comes and goes, feeling sexual, our libido, animalistic or instinctual, insatiable desires of the flesh, the excitement at the beginning of a new relationship, the “I love the way you make me feel” and does not appear in the bible. I believe eros is romantic love that brings two people initially together, as well as the love that tears people apart when feelings change or needs change. If we make eros our god, our marriages will fail. Philos is familial love, affection, loyalty, friendship, brotherly love and is displayed in Matt. 10:37, John 12:25, and Revelation 3:19. Storge is love we have for family members, or a dependent child.

Agape is love without an opposite; it transcends, yet includes, all the other types. Agape is love without expecting anything in return, no strings attached, the ideal of Love, self-less, not dependent on circumstances, concerned with the highest wellbeing of another, love that never fails, love that is so big that it can love its enemies, unconditional love, love that is beyond feelings, thoughts, actions, words, images or external differences. Agape Love sees only the best and highest good. Agape chooses to always love in all situations, and all people, and does not depend on the other’s actions.


I believe God as Love transcends, yet includes all of these Greek words or descriptors. Love is bigger than a word or description! God is beyond words or names or attributes. Love is bigger than any finite thing! If you make God your Love and Love your God, you will receive all the Divine Love that makes it possible to give and receive love in the natural.

The best love descriptors in the bible are Song of Songs and 1 Cor 12:31 – 13:1-13. It is time to “sing a  new song” of Real Love! Bringing a new vibration of divine love, a new song of agape Love, is the solution to all the ills of the mind, body, and world! Love dissolves all lesser vibrations.


God is Love. To know God you must know Love from the Source! We cannot give what we do not own. Go to the Spirit of Love, the Fountain of Love in your innermost heart of hearts, get filled, and then we can fulfill Jesus’ new commandment “love one another” which he stated three times in John 13:34-35.


Key to Life: Know God. God is Love. Therefore, Know Love! The vibration of divine Love is more powerful than any germ, disease, problem, situation or issue: it will dissolve in the Presence of Love!!!!!!!

This is the mystery of the ages: Christ in me and you is the hope of glory (Colo 1:27). In Yeshua dwells ALL the fullness of God bodily (Colo 2:9). Therefore, when you KNOW and ACCEPT that Yeshua is IN you, ALL the fullness of God dwells in your body, including Perfect Love!!!!!


We have a litmus test to see if all the fullness of God lives in our human body: there is no more fear (perfect love casts out all fear) and we are able to love one another as God loves: unconditionally, with unconditional acceptance of ALL, including enemies or those who have done you wrong.

Examine yourself: Do you not realize that Yeshua HaMashiach LIVES in your body? Wake up and be the Real Love that is everywhere present, yet still hidden in most people. If you begin to become Love and be Love, you will begin to see only Love (you will see only God)!


God is Love. We are made in the image of Love and the likeness of Love. Christ is in us. Christ is the fullness of God in physical matter, therefore, the fullness of God is in your atoms, cells, organs, systems, body, and life. Wake up and agape!!!!!!!!!!!

Real, true Love is already here on earth, in every atom! It is up to us to manifest it! Make it real! Demonstrate it! Give it! Be it!!!! Be Love, beloved! The Beloved LOVES you! You are to be the lover of the Beloved, as a result of RECEIVING the Love from God who is Love Without An Opposite! Know, receive, be and then give Love to all you encounter!!!!!

heart of God in world-siriusnetwork.files

If you are less-than-agape, or in an agape-less marriage, do not fear. Do not lose heart! God says, “Behold, I make ALL things new”. Know that God is Love without an opposite.Return to Love! Receive this Higher Pure Love. Become this Love. Be this Love. Give this Love and NOTHING can move you, nothing can harm you, and fear will be banished forever from your body, relationships, and life!!!! Love never fails! Love is undying!

God is Love. Love is all that exists; all else is a delusion, illusion and a lie. See as God sees, through the lens of Love, and you will see that God is Only Love, and you are Love and all humans are Love, whether it is still hidden because of unbelief or because they are still asleep (without the Light of awareness)! See it and it will manifest! Trust God’s Love and you will take wings and soar!

Be Love, beloveds!!!!!!

“Do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” Romans 12:2

Eliza transformed: a metaphor for our transformation in God by Love!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. Divinity dwells within all of us. We are never alone. Peace, Barbara


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