Oh, my goodness! Have you noticed that everyone has a method, technique, healing system, religion, spirituality, way to be healthy, way to be prosperous, way to be successful, etc., etc., etc., to ad nauseam? Are you seeing the subtle message that there is something so wrong with us that we need complex solutions to fix, change, heal or get ahead?

The Truth of God is simple and natural: I choose to let go of all the systems of the world, and go to the Source for everything. It is done once and for all. It is finished! The finished product is our very being becoming transfigured. All that we need to do is say, “Jesus, Yeshua HaMashiach, I say “yes” to your once and done! It is finished! Now Be it! Just Be it! Doing comes out of being! Do not do, to be. The order is wrong; be to do!

Simply, naturally, extraordinarily Jesus!!!! Get intimate (no more religious babble) with the Source of all created things and you will come to know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!

Get Real!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to OMG

  1. JK says:

    Can something be too true ?


    • Great question! My way of looking at it is, if the Source of Life, the Whole Spirit of the Most High is in it, it is true and you can trust it implicitly. There are many facts that are true in objective reality, true by physical appearances: like the sun rise and sun set. They are observable facts, true in the physical realm of appearance. But in Higher Truth, the sun never sets, it is always there and we are revolving around it on the earth! There is the truth of physical reality and the Higher Truth of spiritual Reality! (my two cents!). What do you think? Blessings and love to you JK!


  2. sanora1 says:

    Love how you get cranked up! Yes, everyone has a method, technique, healing system, religion, spirituality, way to be healthy, way to be prosperous, way to be successful, etc., etc., etc., to ad nausea? And it does get wearing after a while. Everyone is an expert, or professional, or consultant or technician or associate. It’s just people trying to carve out a niche for themselves and make a living in this western society. I feel God is the correct foundation for belief, and your future creations in life, however, we all come to that conclusion in our own time. Can you drive people to God like a herd of cows coming into the barn at milking time? We want peace “now” but that is our desire. Should we make “our” desire , everyone’s desire?


  3. But aren’t we all One Spirit at heart? Is Truth everyone’s desire? peace? Love? acceptance? belonging? If we are in bondage in our mind and we are set free; miserable and get filled with Joy, we want to shout it from the roof tops.
    Does misery love company? yes
    I have found many people bond over problems, bond over putting others down, bond over diseases that they share, bond over life circumstances that they share: alcoholism, divorce, hating religion, etc.
    What is the Way to happiness? there could be millions of answers, but I think they all fall short of waking up to our True identity, our True Beingness. If we just work on ourselves, try external things, go to counseling, doctors, experts, do these steps or those practices, we are just rearranging the furniture on the deck of the Titanic as someone astutely said.
    I don’t think the answer is to just take our new found awareness, ahas, inspiration and revelation and enjoy them on a deserted tropical island, and just forget about the rest of the world. Love has to be shared, it is too big to keep to oneself. It is bubbling and flaming and cannot be quenched!!!!! It is like champagne that is shaken the slightest bit and comes bubbling over the top of the bottle. You just can’t keep it in the bottle!!!!!!


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