Profound Mystery

photo from namaste surfer

photo from namaste surfer

“The mystery is a profound one” Ephesians 5:32

I am in awe of God! I keep stepping into more and more wonder! As more and more Light pours forth from the Living Active Word of Light, the more amazed, astounded, astonished, and awestruck I become!

Counterfeit religion is an external crutch. It makes people dependent upon it. It is a band-aid that covers over people’s problems, issues, challenges, and circumstances. It preaches worldly wisdom, human tradition, human solutions, crutches to get through the day, band aids to cover over wounds and to be frank, comes from the father of lies himself. Real religion is Yeshua saying to you, “Come to Me and I will give you rest for your soul. Take my yoke/union for it is easy and light” Counterfeit religion gives you external crutches; real religion gives you Christ in your physical body!!! Arise! Walk! Shine!

The church is Christ’s Living Body. When you die to your old body that contains your old mind, heart, soul and human spirit: surrender ALL of you; sacrifice your living human body and all that is contained within it, THEN you can be born anew from Above!!!!! The Spirit of the Living One pours into your head and clears a path in your old heavens on earth in your physical body. What does that mean? You surrender all. You give up relying on all but God’s Power and Life Force. You give up all crutches and band aids and you submit totally to God to meet all your needs. You decide to Trust the Spirit of the Most High completely.


God pours his Spirit into your physical body and you allow all obstructions, blockages and obstacles in your body to dissolve in your body to create an open channel for the Spirit of God. It is the Holy Spirit who then forms Christ in your body. You allow the Spirit to get all the way down into your roots by surrendering all and continuing to exhale, empty, and empty some more until you die to all that you were before. You empty until you are completely gone, a sense of separate self is gone. Then you root and ground in Love, in Christ, and your body begins to be built up in Love. When the Spirit of Christ ascends up through your root, sacral, and solar plexus, your old earth/old body is transfigured into the new earth/new body.

When the Fire of God’s Eternal Love makes the jump from your solar plexus to your heart, you have made the transition into the new heavens: you have crossed the gateway protecting the tree of life in the garden of your secret heart. The foreskin of your heart is circumcised to remove the past emotional wounds, and allow the Light of Christ to enter all the broken places. When the Fire of God’s Spirit inflames your heart, it burns away all the old hurts, wounds and scars and you enter the new heavens in your high heart, throat/mouth of God, forehead (God’s name is written on your forehead) until the Spirit gets to your crown and your mind becomes the Mind of God. You are crowned with the Mind of Christ. Your connection to the Father is opened and you can hear the Voice of God. The Mind of Christ in you transfigures your body into the body of Christ. The physical matter, your atoms and cells, must follow the blueprint of the Spirit of God!!!!


Christ is formed in your body by the Spirit of God in your mind and heart. The Mind of Christ in your body nourishes and cherishes your body. Your 70 trillion cells all become members of Christ’s glorified body. Your cells are infused with the Light of the Sun of God. You become aglow in the Spirit. You become the Light of the world. You become a city set on a hill. You become the city of God. You become the new heavens on earth now. You become the new Jerusalem coming down from the Throne to be God’s house, God’s temple, God’s body!!!!! You become the Bride, the wife of the Lamb (Rev 21:9)

This is the profound mystery: Christ’s body is formed in you. The two bodies: Christ’s perfected, transfigured, Spirit body, becomes your physical body. They become one body. All the fullness of God in Christ becomes the fullness of God in your body. This is profound! It is so awesome that many cannot bear to hear the truth and they reject it. It is the mystery of the gospel; it is the Good News!!!!!!!!


Stop living in the old heavens on earth now. The God of truth does not remember the former troubles and they are hid from God’s eyes. “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things shall not be remembered or come to mind” Isaiah 65:15-18

When you have the Mind of Christ, the past, the old heavens on earth do not COME TO MIND! If you conform to the old earth, your mind is stuck in the past. Your mind is the mind of the father of lies. Only the Spirit of God can give you Christ’s Higher Mind, Christ’s Ascended Mind!


Be changed in a twinkle of the eye, or be transformed over 15 years as in my case!!! Just believe it is possible and receive the Spirit of God now! You must be born anew from Above as Yeshua told a religious Jewish man “Truly, truly I say to you, unless one is born anew from above, he cannot see the kingdom of God” John 3:1-16.

You can’t see the new heavens on earth and you haven’t inherited the kingdom of God on earth: peace, joy, right relationships, power, love, signs, wonders, and miracles, because you have not been filled with the Spirit of God, the fullness of God, and had Christ formed in your physical body. God is Spirit but he sent a physical manifestation of his Love, to change our human DNA back to the original divine blueprint so we could all be transformed into the image and likeness of God once again.


Don’t stay in the low vibrations of the old DNA any longer. Angelina Jolie cut off both of her breasts because she conformed to the world instead of having her mind made new in Christ and having the Holy Spirit transfigure her DNA to the original DNA of God. I know this is controversial, but all of Yeshua’s teachings are controversial, now and over 2000 years ago when they came to the earth. They are at a very high vibrational level and if you are living in the fallen consciousness/low vibrational frequency of pride, anger, shame, blame, resentment, bitterness, scorn, mockery, criticism, condemnation, judgment, etc. you cannot bear the truth or hear the truth and you will reject the medicine that can make you whole. It seems too good to be true because it is such a vibrational mismatch to your fallen vibration from being pottered by the world and circumstances. But if you let the Potter take your clay and remake you into God’s image, you will begin to see, hear, and become what God created human beings to be. It is not after you die, it is right here and now. Get heaven into your body today! Let it be on earth as it is in heaven now!


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10 Responses to Profound Mystery

  1. Felix says:

    Would you one day talk about the 15 years’ transformation process?


    • yes, I will be glad to share! Many blessings to you Felix! I feel led to say, “May the Lord bless you and keep you,may the Lord shine his face upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord lift his countenance upon you and bring you peace” Amen.


      • Felix says:

        Thank you! I really needed that tonic. Thank you indeed.


        • Drink deeply of the Waters of Life
          Breathe deeply of the Breath of Life, Ruach HaKodesh
          Let the Flame of Love be poured in to your heart through the Spirit
          “Come to Me, you who are tired and have heavy burdens and I will give you rest”
          “Come, for all is NOW ready….taste my banquet of delights”
          “Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart”


  2. limbiley says:

    Wow,that was powerful.
    It’s always hard though to completly let go and just “wait” especially if you have been waiting for your promise to manifest for a year.Its during this time that the spiritual warfare gets tough in your mind and the enemy prompts you to try things your way.
    We need help and loads of it


    • Thanks for your comment! I have found in my waiting I have grown more and more, learning to trust, rest in the promises, and had amazing opportunity to expand, and open to notice wonderful signs, wonders, and miracles all around me. Resting in my secret heart in the Presence of God, beyond any thoughts, feelings, sensations or images is rejuvenating, regenerating, restoring, renewing, and refreshing in the midst of circumstances of life.


  3. james says:

    I do believe it is a DNA change, Christ had the right blood, that’s why He sacrificed it for us so we could get under it (New Blood covenant, DNA upgrade). We can live forever when we get His new blood for ourselves, Christianity is the biggest mind blower mystery ever! Great post!


    • Biggest mind blower ever! Thanks james! The gospel of Christ perceived in the Light of the Spirit of God indwelling in my physical body is unspeakable Joy, ineffable gratitude and unending honor. All Glory to God!


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