Good News of Great Joy!


Every day can be Christmas! Not the commercialized materialism, but the Joy that comes from realization that the God that Created Heavens and earth, also lives in you. Where could we go and not be in the ocean of God’s Supernal Light? How could we extract ourself from Fabric of Life? Things are not what they seem! We are ALL Jesus in different colored skins!!!!! The Word of Life manifested on earth so we could rise to its Heavenly Vibration and sing Heaven’s Songs on earth!!!

“Joy is tasted when we are drawing our sense of well-being from the presence of God in our lives” One Star, One Hope: An Advent & Christmas Devotional by Vineyard USA


I have tasted Joy and now I have a very discriminating palate! I am a Joy snob! Wine cannot hold a candle to the Joy of God’s Presence in our body!!! Physical sex pales to the true Intimacy of Union with God!!! The richest, most delicious chocolate cannot satisfy like God! The softest, most luxurious cashmere cannot touch the Touch of the Presence of God on our skin.

In one of my night vigils with God, I had the sensation of God being at my lips. I put my finger up to touch my lips in the midst of the Presence of God and I couldn’t bear the sensation as it was more exquisite a pleasure than I had ever felt. It was almost painful, it was SO pleasurable and I could not bear it. I had to stop touching my lips, even though I barely made contact with them. The air was so FULL of his Presence; my skin so ALIVE with his Love! Nothing can ever compare to God; no words can describe the unspeakable pleasure of his Presence! There is no word translatable for the inexpressible Gift of God’s Presence. It is ineffable Joy!


The ONLY thing limiting us is us! The ONLY one who can keep you from KNOWING and experiencing God’s Presence is YOU. Once we are able to stop all blame, judgment, criticism, fault-finding, or pointing at something external to ourself, we can TURN our attention within, shut the door to our physical senses, and meet Heaven on earth in our innermost heart! We commune in secret with Abba; we are intimate with Yeshua HaMashiach in secret. We empty ourself and receive Him. We are filled with Fire until all that keeps us separated is burned or consumed. We are washed by the Water of the Holy Spirit until we have no more obstacles to the free flow of Divine Life. Then we renew our vows with the Maker of Life! We remarry our First Love! We sit down with our Beloved and eat of the wedding feast! We eat and we become ONE with God.

Good News of Great Joy!!!!! God became an innocent baby filled with the Holy Spirit: his Abba, grew in stature and grace, taught Torah from a young age, got baptized by immersion, the Presence of God came down as a dove that alighted on him and STAYED PERMANENTLY, and a Voice proclaimed his mission as a beloved Son of God. The Living One was fully human and fully God: both/and. The Infinite Invisible All-Intelligent Presence of God was manifested into a finite body.550646_452662201455321_1328922083_n

The Good News: your destiny is the same; you are called to follow Jesus: follow his example. Yeshua changed EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth! When you were born you were perfect, because Yeshua made everything on earth perfect, reconciling EVERYTHING and removing all sin, past, present and future. Yeshua was given EVERYTHING from Abba and Yeshua gave EVERYTHING of the Father to us. You were born a SPIRITUAL BEING with a DIVINE NATURE and the world conditioned you to believe the opposite. The god of this world is satan and he has continued to re-condition parents and children since the fathers fell asleep again after Yeshua walked the earth. BUT GOD did not leave us alone! The Good News of GREAT Joy is all you have to do is WAKE UP and reclaim your destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right NOW, in the fullness of time, everything is here for you to inherit only by saying, “yes”. The one death, one sacrifice, finished all separation once and for all. Sin is separation. Give ALL separation to God and receive ALL the fullness of the Godhead into your body in the form of the Holy Spirit, the whole Spirit of the Lord. It is ALL possible now. All the full potential of being fully human and fully divine at the same time is already WON for all humanity. You are the only one who can reject the free gift and you are the ONLY one who can say, “yes” to the Gift of Presence of God in your body!


The only thing that can keep you from full Presence, Oneness with Abba and pure Joy is your unbelief. We have to work it out in our own mind! We have to work ourselves OUT of our conditioning of the world to let the Truth DAWN in our heart and mind more and more until the Sun is Full Noonday Light of Christ in us, as us. “Christ is all and in all” Colo 3:11. Amazing Grace! Great Goodness! Unbelievable Inheritance of wholeness, peace, love, joy, perfect health and wholeness, wellness, and perfect harmony! We have an Eternal Inheritance. Eternal is NOW and is to come! People are forgetting or conditioned or misled into missing NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eternal Life is NOW and for ever and ever! Don’t ignore NOW! Now the full Presence of the Godhead is available to be awakened within! Now the fullness of the Godhead is available to live within your body! Now the full inheritance of the Spirit of God is available to flow continuously within your body as a fountain! You can flow with the Water of Life, giving living water to all you encounter in the world! You have the choice!

You have the decision to accept the Gift Yeshua gave us all, or you have the choice to refuse the gift and remain under the god of this world: satan. The prince of the air is the negative, distorted thought forms that lead to all the poisonous emotions and thoughts of the mind separated from the Most High God. We poison ourself until we wake up and turn away from the conditioning of the world that has controlled us and into the Living One, alive forever more to heal, make whole, save, deliver, set free, transform the mind, transfigure the body and transmute the heart!


Good News of Great Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Gift! Now are you ready to unwrap it and put it on? Only you can do it. Only you can stop yourself. Take control by giving up all control! Gain a perfect eternal Life by losing your old life now! Give everything to God and gain EVERYTHING of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the Good News of Great Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven on Earth by the Platters!

Come into your right Mind: Christ’s perfect Mind! Come to your senses: Christ’s Spiritual Senses! Open your mind and your heart! Fill with the Holy Spirit and Fire! Transform! Become a little Christ! Be! = Joy! Truly Good News of Great Joy!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

“You show me the path of Life; in thy Presence there is fullness of Joy, in your right hand are Pleasures for evermore” Psalm 16:11


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. twrightlove says:

    Chocolate doesn’t even compare, and I love chocolate 🙂 really enjoyed the lyrics to the song. The group was before my time.


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