Bear the Truth

article-2110957-120C1C0A000005DC-713_470x666 (01202 558833)
Picture: Svetlana Petrova

pictured: “Pallas and the Centaur” by Sandro Botticelli

Artist Svetlana Petrova must have been feline funny when she decided to recreate some of the world’s finest paintings – with her cat in them.

Portly ginger moggy Zarathustra is now immortalised in works by some of the great artists including Botticelli, Dali, Da Vinci and Monet. Svetlana from St Petersburg, Russia, got the idea after pals told her that the cat was so fat and funny she ought to use him in her work. The hilarious results created with photoshop have now become an internet sensation through the blog “Great Artist’s Mews”.

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