Old Moon to New Moon!

Source: Daniel Chang

Source: Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang’s photo of the old moon over Hong Kong is breathtaking! How much more breathtaking, mind-boggling; beyond what we can imagine, dream, think or intuit is the new moon of opportunity and promise of the new heavens on a new earth?

The new moon comes today, January 30, 2014, the second new moon in this month; a rarity! This new moon is called a super moon or a black moon. It won’t happen again until 2018!


“On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day. That’s why we can’t see the new moon in the sky. It is too close to the sun’s glare to be visible. Plus its lighted hemisphere is facing away from us” ~www.earthsky.org

The physical is a mere reflection or shadow of the spiritual! The Light of God is so bright that it would blind us if we were to be face to face. I realized this when I got up before sunrise and tried to get dressed in the dark. I was fumbling with my clothes trying to find the front of my shirt. I decided to turn on the light so I could see it. To my surprise, the light completely blinded me and I could see nothing at all! In fact, I could see shadows with the lights off, but once I turned on the light I could not see anything at all! We are too close to God’s Light to be visible! The Beloved is closer than our breath!!! The kingdom of God is within!!!


The new moon is moving with the sun but we cannot see it. We are moving with God but we can’t physically see it! We live, move and have our being in God. We can’t see the Spirit of God, but we can see the effects in our life! We can see the effect the moon and sun in tandem have on our tides, and we can see the effect of the Spirit in our life: it changes our affect, body, mind, heart, relationships, and life. Our tide gets bigger; our territory is expanded; our consciousness is enlarged; our sphere of influence is widened; our ability to Love is deepened; our Joy is heightened; our Peace is broadened!!!

There is a Way to be a new creation! There is a Truth that once known will set you free to live as a new creation! “From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point to of view; even though we once regarded Christ from a human point of view, we regard him thus no longer” 2 Cor 5:16.

There is a new Life that will begin to flow within your body that will wash every obstruction, blockage and obstacle away to becoming one with God! There is a fountain of Life, a geyser of Living Water, that can begin to fill and flow in us! There is a River of the Water of Life that can nourish and cherish us into rooting and grounding in Love, growing in Love, branching out in Love, fruiting with Love, ripening with Love, and dropping seeds of Love everywhere we walk on the earth, causing more Love to grow!!!! This is our destiny; our legacy; our purpose; our calling; our NEW Life as a  new creation in Jesus, in God, filled with the Holy Spirit! We are not called to be moons reflecting the sun; we are called to be like Christ, shining with the Light of God within our physical body!!!!!!!

“Be aglow in the Spirit” Romans 12:11

“If any one is in Christ, she is a new creation; the old has passed away, behold, the new has come” 2 Cor 5:17

Why not take advantage of this physical event reflecting a greater Spiritual event by letting your entire past be blackened with the old moon (die), be reddened with the old moon by letting the blood of the Lamb of God cover your old body, heart, mind, soul, spirit, relationships and life (removing all mistakes, errors, regrets, missing the mark, sin), and letting the new moon be a new opportunity to upgrade to the spiritual Truth that is far greater than the physical event, to become an entirely new creation of God! Let the morning star rise in your heart! Let the Invisible Spirit become visible in your body and life by receiving the Water of Life! Let the new moon of this rare super moon, remind you of the new Life that is possible!!!!

“With God all things are possible” Mark 10:27

“Come, take the Water of Life without price” Rev 22:17  Quench your thirst!


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