He Reigns!!!!!!!

Snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem

I woke up this morning with doves singing and the words “if we forget the death of Jesus, we forget that disease is dead”!!! Let us never forget again!!!! Be healed and made whole!!!!

sombrero galaxy

sombrero galaxy

If we forget that Jesus resurrected from the dead, we forget that he also resurrected our wholeness!!!! If we forget that Jesus raised humanity up when he was raised, we live a lie that says we are less than we were created to be. If we listen to the wrong voice in our head, we are led on the wide path of human wisdom ruled by the god of this world, the prince of the air, the thoughts in our head that are not coming from God. Be transformed by the renewal of your mind!


If we forget that Jesus ascended, we forget that our mind and heart were ascended into the higher thoughts and ways of God. “You are the light of the world” “You are a city set on a hill” “You are made in the image and likeness of God” “We no longer view anyone as a human being” “Christ in us is the hope of glory” “Be filled with all the fullness of God”

If you are raised with Jesus’ ascension, you are the New Jerusalem, the new heavens on earth, the Mother, the kingdom of God on earth, the jewel, the pearl; a tree of life watered with the Water of Life from the Highest Throne of Heaven!


If we forget that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to live inside of our body, we will look for God externally and miss the Real One Living One in our very being!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If we forget that the Source of all Life is the Godhead, we may live a life of quiet desperation or accepting of a limited, dead-end life. If we forget that the Source of All is also an intimate Friend and Spouse and Father, we miss the most important Relationship of our life; the one that enables and empowers us to have satisfying, fulfilling, deep, passionate relationships in this world!


Jesus is the visible manifestation of the Invisible Godhead!!! Christ in you is the manifestation of the Invisible Godhead!!!!!!! Christ expressed through you is the manifestation of the glorified kingdom of heaven on earth!!!!

Go back to our First Love! He Reigns!!!


The ONLY thing that can limit you is you! The ONLY one who can keep you from the whole inheritance of God and the fullness of the Godhead in your body is you!!!! The only one who can keep you from living an abundant, unlimited Life is you!!!!!!!

Go back to your First Love! He Reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She Reigns!!! Love Reigns!!!! He Reigns!!!!!!! God in us Reigns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norway Midnight Sun

Norway Midnight Sun

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