If you have a problem and you can’t see past the issue, we have a very limited view. If you have a problem and you look up for help but all you can see is grey cloudy skies, we are separated from the Higher Truth. If we try to see from inside the cloud, our view is obscured by the density of the cloud and we have no idea there is blue sky, or crystal clear awareness, above and below. If we stay in the clouds long enough we will see water forming and soon it will be raining on our parade. Our perspective will darken. If we stay in the storm too long we may get hit by lightning and be killed or severely injured. If we rise and view the world from the clouds we may feel we are better than others; smug and content to enjoy our view and pity those who are on the earth. But if we rise far above the  levels of problems, into the blue sky awareness of clarity and unlimited possibilities, we can be absorbed into oneness with it, be it, and begin to see from within the Higher Perspective of the one Living One!!!!

sombrero galaxy

sombrero galaxy

When viewing everything from the Highest Level of divine Love, there is only being and becoming Love; there is only the kingdom of God and yet to be kingdom of God!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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