Joy Journey


I fell in love with JJ the minute I laid eyes upon him! The more I looked into the eyes of his picture on the shelter’s website, the more I fell! I sent an email with my intention to come in the next morning when they opened to adopt JJ. The next morning I found the return email saying he had already been adopted…

I realized that JJ stood for Just Joy. The Joy inside me as the embodied Presence of the Spirit of God is not affected at all by outward circumstances. In the midst of disappointing circumstances, the inner Joy is unaffected! Because CJ is in me, my JJ, my Joy Journey, is unaffected. I am Just Joy! All else is mere appearances. I do not judge by outward or physical appearances! The Spirit within me is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent: both within and without! I am Christ’s Joy and Just Joy on a Joy Journey!! I am CJ and JJ! I am in CJ and CJ is in me! We are JJ! I am never alone; I am all One!!!

The Truth about our Joy Journey is Joy does not depend on outward circumstances or physical appearances or anything outside of ourselves. JJ is an inside job! JJ is found in the midst of difficult circumstances; it is higher and deeper than any physical circumstance or appearance. It is the alive Presence of Spirit within!!!


It is not physical things that I love, nor doing physical things that bring me joy. It is the Presence of the Invisible Spirit in all things that is my joy and my love! It is not just dance that makes me happy; I Love the feeling of the Presence of Spirit moving me. I love the fullness of Presence in the air making it dense and water-like as my hands move fluidly through it. I love the powerful, invigorating, freshness of Joy as spirit dances in Spirit! The expression of this alive Presence, the deepest part of me, the Spirit moving my limbs, my spirit emoting, the Life of God in me moving me, breathing me, being me, is Joy manifest!

I love the feeling when I am fully aware that God is in every molecule of the air I breathe. I inhale the fullness of the air and feel the dense Light particles penetrate every cell of my respiratory system. I love to listen to my heart beat as the Light circulates to every atom of my body. I love to smell CJ’s sweet fragrance living in me. I love to look through his eyes and see the landscape explode into vibrant heavenly colors; light magnifying; sometimes blinding with its Glory exposed!

Theology separated from the living expression of Spirit, the felt experience in the body, is dull, lifeless, devoid of Spirit; an intellectual pursuit leading to division, conflict, judging, partiality, bias, religious prejudice, hatred, war and death. Ah, but the body who feels the Spirit, moves in the Presence, lives in the Fullness, expresses the Aliveness, loves the variety: the many faces, tastes and colors of the manifest Presence of the Spirit; Just Joy! Like a child before the ego is formed,  just Love with child-like wonder: Just Joy with curiosity and awe! Wide-eyed, open-hearted, mind set free, reveling in Beauty and expressing the Invisible Presence of Spirit in myriad, infinite, limitless ways from glory to Glory! This is the Journey of Joy!!!!

Children are taught religion to their mind. The Spirit of the Presence of God teaches our heart as it lives in us, moves our body, breathes in us, expresses its Being within our physicality: a felt, direct, intimate experience in our whole being! Just Joy on a Joy Journey!!!!

The cat is out of the bag!

All creation rejoices when the sons of God wake up!!!!

All creation rejoices when the sons of God wake up!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Joy Journey

  1. Jann says:

    Yes. it is a joyful journey with Jesus!


    • Yay Jesus, the Fullness of Joy, incarnated, embodied, and manifested in the visible world for all to partake! A visible manifestation of the Invisible Spirit of God. I love to be Joy in Your Joy! EnJoy!!!


  2. james says:

    Joy is truly a Grace that we receive from God the Father Son and our Holy Spirit Mother. You are blessed!!!!!!!!!


  3. Holly Ice says:

    I love the kitten picture, too!.. And the rest of your blog. Christina, Jason, Andrea and Lucy recently adopted a young cat/ kitten a little older than your picture , but looks very similar. They named their new kitten Simi. Holly

    Sent from my iPhone


    • The kitten in the picture is not JJ! I searched for the pic of JJ at the adopted pets portion of the shelter’s website but it was gone 😦 He was a snowshoe mix with the bluest eyes and soulful presence. I searched for kitten pics and this was cute, eyes gazing up to the heavens with a paw extended and in a lamb-skin like blanket so I chose it! Looking Up with a hand out to the world: symbolism!!!


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